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Top 15 Best Manhwa/ Manhua/ Manga Like Solo Leveling Including Read Source

Solo leveling is a top tier webtoon creating huge waves in the webtoon community recently. Written by Chu-Gong and illustrated by Dubu,  the art and design are surely a spectacle for being one of its kind, and the story is spreading the craze like wild-fire. The webtoon started serializing in July 2016 and entered its popular phase recently in early 2020 as its 1st season came to an end.

Moving on to the plot premise, the story follows Sung Jin-Woo, in a world where Dimensional gates started popping up, which connected this ethereal reality to an unbelievable barbaric dungeon full of monsters. Along with it, some ordinary people awakened to unrealistic powers and recognized themselves as the “Hunters.

Sung Jin-Woo was an E-rank hunter and came to be known as the “weakest hunter in the world .” Being too weak, Sung Jin-Woo barely earned anything and still had loads of responsibilities. One day, facing a parlous enemy, losing his whole crew, and nearly accepting death, he got a log ping: an option to become strong, an option to LEVEL UP. Keeping up the hype, read further for the top 15 best manhwa/manhua/manga like Solo Leveling.

Top 15 Best Manhwa/Manhua/Manga Like Solo Leveling-

  • Tomb Raider King (Manhwa)-
Similar to solo leveling
Source: Scenome.com

God’s Tombs started to appear around the world. A Tomb Raider appears with the purpose of robbing these relics—the Tomb Raider King. What you own belongs to me? What I own, of course, belongs to me, is his say for everyone. This is the story of a revived Tomb Raider who will do whatever he can to claim all the tombs and relics for himself!

– a) Similarities with Solo Leveling-

A solo player who doesn’t depend on others for support and takes all the items for himself.

Special means and ways around the tombs that only he knows about, due to some unexplained phenomenon.

Unnatural tombs like gates appearing randomly across the world, attracting tomb raiders like hunters.

– b) Total no. of chapters- 178

– c) Where to Read- Tachiyomi

  • Omniscient Reader’s Viewpoint (Manhwa)-
Similar to solo leveling
Source: Tvtropes.org

Kim Dojka kept on reading a book for more than 10 years, with only 1 read count, till its end. On the day of its end, the world got converted into the descriptions of the book. Although he is the singular omniscient reader of the events yet to come, his success in the scenarios is not guaranteed, but perhaps his advantage will empower him to step into the protagonist role that never suited him before.

– a) Similarities with Solo Leveling-

The most similar art and design with Solo Leveling, along with the system favoring the MC.

Credit system according to the level of the hurdle and time constraints on tasks.

The upcoming apocalyptic world with only one person who has the means to set it right.

– b) Total no. of chapters- 39

– c) Where to Read- Webtoons.com

  • That Time I Got Reincarnated As A Slime (Manga)-
Similar to solo leveling
Source: Uhdpaper.com

A man is stabbed by a robber on the run after pushing his coworker and his coworker’s new fiance out of the way. As he lays dying, bleeding on the ground, he hears a voice. This voice is strange and interprets his dying regret of being a virgin by giving him the [Great Sage] unique skill! Is he being made fun of? It doesn’t seem so tough, right?.

– a) Similarities with Solo Leveling-

Weakest MC grows as the strongest by his own skills.

Dedicated system appearing in front of and helping only the MC.

Single-handedly completing missions and defeating bosses.

– b) Total no. of chapters- 64

– c) Where to Read- Tachiyomi

  • Tower Of God (Manhwa)-
Similar to solo leveling
Source: Webtoons.com

The tower summons chosen people called “Regulars” with the promise of granting their deepest desires. Whether it be wealth, fame, authority, or something that surpasses them all, it awaits those who reach the top. Thus begins the journey of Bam, a young boy who was not chosen by the Tower and opened its gates by himself. They call his kind “Irregulars,” beings that have shaken the Tower many times.

– a) Similarities with Solo Leveling-

MC being the weakest, grows into the strongest with great loss and endurance throughout.

The reason for growing powerful is a girl, be them a sister or mother or friend.

Unexplained circumstances with no answers, full of suspense until the ending of the arc near.

– b) Total no. of chapters- 485

– c) Where to Read- Webtoons.com

  • Hardcore Leveling Warrior (Manhua)-
Similar to solo leveling
Source: Wallpaprcave.com

Hardcore Leveling Warrior, real name Ethan Gong, is the protagonist of the story. Once the number one ranked player on the online game Lucid Adventure, he is ambushed and killed by a mysterious enemy with a bugged weapon. Almost universally despised for his arrogance yet admired for his skill, he is forced to start again from level one, aiming to find the person who killed him and take revenge.

– a) Similarities with Solo Leveling-

MC is the weakest around, so it has to grow from Zero with no help at all from others.

Final boss unknown and surprisingly stronger than the MC, as per the similar setting.

Favored armors and items, attainable and usable by the MC.

– b) Total no. of chapters- 259

– c) Where to Read- Webtoons.com

  • Metropolitan System (Manhua)-
Similar to solo leveling
Source: Magadex.org

Jiang Bai was killed in a truck accident when trying to escape from a high-risk casino in Macau after winning a huge amount of money. But instead of dying, his soul was transported into a parallel world called Aquamarine, which is similar to Earth and was merged with his alternate pathetic self. Over there, he met the mad god who granted him a powerful BUG ability in this new world.

– a) Similarities with Solo Leveling-

An unknown system favoring the MC and giving another chance in life.

Favored abilities and items are usable and attainable only by the MC.

The MC is very popular among other girls but is not interested in it, himself.

– b) Total no. of chapters- 360

– c) Where to Read- Schenzen Tencent Animation, Tachiyomi (English)

Top 20 Dark Manga like Berserk
Image Source: reelrundown

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  • Seoul Station Necromancer (Manhwa)-
Similar to solo leveling
Source: Tvtropes.org

A player is known as “The Immortal” on Alphen planet, the battlefield of the most powerful Dimensional Lords, came back on Earth to find that his old enemies are also trying to attack his home planet. Feared by every living being and known to all as the Monarch of Alandal or the King of the Dead, he is a man who faced gods and slaughtered a hundred million people.

– a) Similarities with Solo Leveling-

A necromancer with overpowered abilities on a galactic level.

Endless army of undead, which keeps on increasing on more discovery.

Solo MC with no help and support, trying to win over everything by himself.

– b) Total no. of chapters- 2

– c) Where to Read- Webtoons.com

  • A Returner’s Magic Should Be Special (Manhwa)-
Similar to solo leveling
Source: Scenome.com

The world is on the brink of destruction after a devastating ten-year war in the “shadow labyrinth.” Desir Herrman is the last one standing, with all his friends dead and lost. Just when he’s certain the end has come, he is sent back in time to his early days of studying magic at the prestigious Hebrion Academy! A chance to defy fate as he knows the future this time.

– a) Similarities with Solo Leveling-

An unexplainable power was delivered to the MC, making him strong out of nowhere.

Knowing cheats and ways around the liars due to favor from the system.

Growing strong from the weakest in the community.

– b) Total no. of chapters- 131

– c) Where to Read- Tachiyomi

  • A monster who levels up (Manhwa)-
Similar to solo leveling
Source: Mangadex.org

This is a story of a man named Kim Sae-jin, who one day inexplicably wakes up as a Monster. The story follows him and his perilous journey to get his life back as a Human, all the while growing even more versatile as a Monster in the process. The dance of his conscience as other humans despise him, but still, he thrives to become the same thing.

– a) Similarities with Solo Leveling-

Leveling up tremendously over specially arranged tasks and missions.

Lone MC overpowering everyone but actually being framed into a bigger hurdle, unknowingly.

It makes his minions do most of the fighting like undead and golem monsters.

– b) Total no. of chapters- 174

– c) Where to Read- Tachiyomi 

  • D.I.C.E (Manhwa)-
Similar to solo leveling
Source: Wallpapercave.com

The story follows Dongtae, an unlucky boy who has problems with almost everything, including a girl that he cant get. Looks, grades, and even getting bullied makes him hate his life. But everything changes when Taebin, a Dicer, transfers. Upon obtaining mysterious, iridescent dice, his life becomes a little more interesting. The dice is a magical cube that can transform anything about you.

– a) Similarities with Solo Leveling-

Week MC grows stronger due to a dedicated system favoring only him.

The weakest loser in society becomes the strongest and popular.

Taska and missions assigned solely, giving huge power-ups and items.

– b) Total no. of chapters- 346

– c) Where to Read- Webtoons.com

  • The Ranker Who Lives Twice (Manhwa)-
Similar to solo leveling
Source: Tachiyomi.com

Yeon-woo had a twin brother who disappeared five years ago. One day, a pocket watch left by his brother returned to his possession. Inside, he found a hidden diary in which was recorded “By the time you hear this, I guess I will be already dead.” In this world, his brother had fallen victim to betrayal while climbing up the tower. After learning the truth, Yeon-woo decided to climb the tower along with his brother’s diary.

– a) Similarities with Solo Leveling-

Rebirthing as the chosen one to grow as the strongest from the weakest.

Otherworldly circumstances favoring the MC as he is drawn deeper into the mess unknowingly.

Sole MC with a cheat book left by his brother giving him a hand over the others.

– b) Total no. of chapters- 376

– c) Where to Read- Tachiyomi

  • FFF Class Trashero (Manhwa)-
Similar to solo leveling
Source: Scenome.com

Kang Han Soo killed the demon king after 10 years of being summoned in the fantasy world. Now it’s time to be sent back to earth. What’s this? the fantasy world’s god appears along with his report card. Because he removed all the obstacles that prevented him from killing the demon king, his personality score came out as F. The regression that follows is that he has to return to the start and begin again.

– a) Similarities with Solo Leveling-

Growing as the strongest from zero, although this was deliberate in this story.

Knowing the way around as the system favored him and gave him to repeat things.

Unknown phenomenons even to the MC, and lots of suspense, all to be explained near the end.

– b) Total no. of chapters- 70

– c) Where to Read- Copincomics.com

  • So I’m a Spider, So What? (Manga)-
Similar to solo leveling
Source: Hqwallpaper.com

I was your average, everyday high school girl, but now I’ve been reborn in a magical world…as a spider?! Wait-this isn’t how these stories are supposed to go! Can I get a do-over? …No? But how am I supposed to survive in this big, scary dungeon as one of the weakest monsters? It’s “every spider for herself ” in here! I gotta figure out the rules to this QUICK, or I’ll be kissing my short second life good-bye…

– a) Similarities with Solo Leveling-

Weakest MC grows as the strongest by his own skills.

Able to see and sense more than others giving better information to level up faster.

Special items and armors easily attainable and favored by the system.

– b) Total no. of chapters- 39

– c) Where to Read- Shosetsuka ni Naro Website

  • Versatile Mage (Manhua)-
Similar to solo leveling
Source: Webnovels.com

It seems Mo Fan has traveled to a parallel universe, where his neighborhood is still the same, but magic and magicians are the norms. With a new slate, Mo Fan wants to learn the magic arts and hopefully lead a better life in this new dimension. But first, he has to pick back up his mediocre school performance.

– a) Similarities with Solo Leveling-

The Weakest grows as the strongest gradually and alone.

Unexplainable pre-knowledge gives him an upper hand over others.

Favored by the system, he gets rare potions and items for himself.

– b) Total no. of chapters- 629

– c) Where to Read- Webnovel.com

Top 30 Best Korean Anime
Image Source: Line

Must Read – (2021) Top 30 Best Korean Anime of all time Ranked

  •  The Gamer (Manhwa)-
Similar to solo leveling
Source: Scenome.com

Jihan Han is your typical high school student, just the fact he’s acquired the special ability to view the world around him like a video-game. Not long after this discovery, he stumbles upon a hidden world filled with others just like him. Now, amidst juggling homework and completing quests, Jihan must learn how to navigate his newfound power in order to level up in life.

– a) Similarities with Solo Leveling-

Favored by the system, knows the way around better than others.

Levels up quite fast and alone, taking up all the items and prizes for himself.

Family problems, keeping him from encountering more dangerous missions.

– b) Total no. of chapters- 355

– c) Where to Read- Webtoons.com

Solo Leveling Chapter 157 Spoilers and Release Date
Image Source: CryptoTvNewsNetwork

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These are the top 15 Best Manhua/Manhwa/Manga similar to Solo Leveling with their read sources and chapter count. Subscribe to our website for more updates on the charts and lists like these. We will be back soon with more recommendations and similar titles to the most popular anime and manga titles. Until then, stay tuned, stay hyped.

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