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15 Strongest Mob Psycho 100 Villains Ranked

Mob Psycho has been one of the most popular anime series so far as psychic powers and espers are concerned. It can even be said that Mob’s power levels are well beyond any psychic abilities projected in the series so far.

In fact, Mob has to keep his emotions well under control because if he lets loose, then he has the power to level an entire city in minutes. Nonetheless, the show creators have tried to provide Mob with a tough challenge, although its success of it is still speculated. After all, Mob keeps on winning relentlessly.

Therefore, in this post, we will discuss the top 15 strongest villains as projected in Mob Psycho 100. So if you are interested in knowing the most powerful antagonist that Mob ever faced, stick on till the very end.

15) Dimple-


Dimple may be funny now, but because he sides with Mob now does not mean he wasn’t a formidable threat. Also, one essential thing to keep in mind. Mob is literally the most powerful esper globally, so all villains have already been defeated by this. This is just the list of those who troubled him the most.

Dimple has the ability of hypnotism. She began his own religious cult where people had to put on weird masks and pretend to be happy. That is until Mob put an end to it. Now he accompanies Mob in his adventures.

14) Mukai-


If the movie ‘Anabelle‘ or ‘Chucky‘ creeped you out, this esper will surely get on your nerves. And this is because Mukai extensively uses dolls in her battles. She can control therm telekinetically and over a pretty long distance.

Do not go by her childish face; her strength lies in her art of deception. She can smile sweetly and make you drop your guard before overwhelming you with her army of dolls. She is one of the scars in Claw’s service.

13) Terada-


Terada is a powerful air whip user, although maybe he was a bit overhyped. He lost to Mob’s team twice and received the blunt for his actions every time. Terada is a selfish man who primarily takes care of only his self-interest.

After being defeated by Mob and his team twice, first during his revenge time and secondly while he was trying to ambush them, Terada reappears in the World Domination Arc and tries to help out Ritsu in battle. Although his motives were unknown, Terada is still a powerful force to be reckoned with.

12) Miyagawa-


Miyagawa was an extremely strong Pyrokinesis user until Teruki defeated him. Miyagawa had the ability to generate fire through bare fists by simply combining oxygen in the air with heated elements to create and generate fire.

He could give severe burns to his opponents. The only way that Teruki defeated him was by turning Miyagawa’s technique against him by reversing the vacuum. Since Miyagama lacked the ability to comprehend and was more of a brute force fighter, he was left burning in his own fire.

11) Megumu Koyama-


Megumu gives off serious street punk vibes, both by how he dresses and his behavior and appearance. He was initially sent to capture Mob’s brother, mistaking him for Mob. However, when it comes to fighting, Megumu is no slouch because he can land a punch.

He is trounced by Mob twice, but since Mob passes after using 100% of his powers, Megumu is able to run away. Later on, however, when Mob and his team infiltrate the claw headquarters, they fight Megumu once again, and he is badly defeated. Megumu later decides to fight against Claw to prevent World Domination.

10) Matsuo-


Matsuo is an evil spirit trainer– he captures the evil spirits and uses them according to his wishes, much like Geto from Jujutsu Kaisen. When he is not a powerful esper alone, his formidable collection of evil spirits is what sets him this high in the rankings.

He can become a force to be reckoned with if he chooses to free all of his spirits at one go, making him difficult to deal with. He later meets Mob and join forces in the World Domination Arc.

9) Yusuke Sakurai-


Sakurai has a really tragic backstory which makes the audience empathize with him. He was abandoned and lonely as a child, and he used curses to make his weapons stronger. The Katana that he uses initially started off as a toy sword.

Yusuke wears glasses and can use various attacks that make him a formidable force to be reckoned with. He was a member of the Claw’s 7th division until he fought Reigan and lost. After that, he left Claw and turned into Mob’s ally. He also assists Mob in the battle against World Domination.

8) Ishiguro-


Ishiguro had a peculiar way of dressing- a bodysuit with a tight bomber mask. Under that bodysuit is a short old ill-tempered man drunk in his own powers. However, do not take Ishiguri lightly; his highly volatile attitude is backed by immense power. After all, he was not the Claw’s 7th division leader for no reason.

After his defeat to Reigan, Ishiguro tried to destroy the entire world. His unique pyrokinetic abilities made him prone to excessive anger and childish behavior, which he threw down upon his subordinates. However, when Ishiguro tried to kill everyone, he met a swift end at Shou’s hand.

7) Hiroshi Shibata-


Shibata is quite the brainless but extremely strong buffoon and one of the strongest members in the ultimate 5 of Claw. He used his telekinetic abilities to increase his muscles and was one of the most powerful fighters in hand-to-hand combat.

He was also one of the very few people on whom Sakurai’s cursed spray did not work. Instead, it made Shibat stronger as Shibata’s muscles absorbed the cursed energy from the spray. He fought Dimple in Mob’s Body and the bodybuilding club before finally being taken out by Mob.

6) Teruki Hanazawa-

Teruki Hanazawa

Teruki was an immensely powerful esper who held the entire world in contempt and could be classified as a bully. He did not know the value of pulling back his punches and was one of the strongest known espers in Mob’s region.

However, that was all until Mob stepped in. The fight between Teruki and Mob blew up an entire school, so you can only imagine the extent of the battle. However, after Teruki was defeated, he let go of his resentment and decided to work with Mob to bring down the mysterious organization known as Claw.

5) Ryo Shimazaki-

Ryo Shimazaki

Ryo was one of the aces in the hole for the entire claw division. He usually is in a state of rest and keeps his eyes closed; however, he has the ability to predict the future. He was tasked with securing the headquarters of Claw, where he single-handedly fought the 7th division scars, Ritsu and Teru together.

Shimazaki was a force to be reckoned with when he decided to use his most powerful attack: Mind’s Eye, with which he can not only predict the opponent’s attacks but also deflect them.

4) Shou Suzuki-

Shou Suzuki

Shou is the son of the Claw’s leader Touichirou Suzuki and one of the most powerful espers in the entire plot. Although still a kid, his powers are extensive, so much so that it allows him to go near invisible.

He was initially responsible for burning down Mob’s house. However, all of his evil actions were an affront. In the background, he was searching for ways to bring down his father’s deadly organization. His powers are so extensive that he was able to catch the 7th division’s leader’s destruction orbs without any difficulty.

3) Katsuya Serizawa-


A socially awkward esper, he is the second most powerful esper in the entire claw organization. He was so afraid of his powers that he refused to leave his room and go out. Touichiro went to his room and gave him an umbrella which became the main focus channel for all of his psychic abilities.

Sherizawa still refused to fight head-on battles and served almost as the personal bodyguard of Touichiro until the World Domination Arc. After the arc, he joined the Spirits and Such consultancy firm.

2) Keji Monogami-

Keji Monogami

Keji was known as “The Greatest Psychic of the 20th Century” when he was alive and was one of the strongest villains in Mob Psycho 100. He was an extremely popular esper who initially tried to help all with his powers.

Unfortunately, his faith in humanity deteriorated to the extent that after he passed and returned as an evil spirit. He was the only opponent who genuinely gave Mob any trouble and therefore takes the second spot on the list.

1) Touichirou Suzuki-


Touichirou Suzuki was one of the strongest Mob Psycho 100 villains. He was the founder and leader of Claw, who tried to take over the world. He was the strongest esper in the world after Mob (we are not taking Keji since he passed) and quite strategic in his own way.

Suzuki could use his psychic abilities to fuel others, which gave birth to the world tree; he could control his power output and was by far one of the most formidable opponents that Mob ever faced.

So here is a complete list of the strongest Mob Psycho 100 villains. Mob Psycho is available for streaming on Netflix, so go check it out. For such similar posts, keep following us.

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