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Top 10 Current Most Powerful My Hero Academia Characters | 2023 Manga Story

Last updated on January 4th, 2023 at 12:37 am

Kohei Horikoshi’s My Hero Academia is notably among the few series to have appeared in almost every anime or manga lover’s watchlist.

It follows a roller coaster journey around the life of a young boy Deku, an exceptional case where he was born without any Quirks or special powers.

However, through sheer endurance and willpower, he manages to climb all his way up to be one of the strongest Heroes. Spread over 33 volumes so far, My Hero Academia is a culmination of many characters, each contributing to the series.

After multiple fights, many of the characters have succumbed to their injuries, and many are still standing strong. Therefore, the question of Top 10 Current Most Powerful My Hero Academia Characters keeps surfacing.

In this article, we present before you a ranked list of the Top 10 Current Most Powerful characters in the manga, among the ones who are living and have a significant holding on the story.

10) Shoto Todoroki-

Shoto Todoroki

The youngest son of Endeavor, the current No. 1 HeroShoto Todoroki, has proven himself multiple times throughout the MHA timeline that he rightfully deserves his position in the list of the strongest characters.

His Quirk is highly versatile and powerful, half-hot-half-cold, granting him dual-element abilities.

He can produceice and mold them into various shapes and clones to his advantage with his powers.

He also got quite adept in using his left side of the body that houses the Fire quirk like his father.

Shoto is a person who possesses immense power, but due to the past negligence of his left side, he is yet to unlock his full potential, thus earning him the tenth position on the list.

9) Best Jeanist-

Best Jeanist

Tsunagu Hakamada, better known as Best Jeanist, the Fiber Hero, is the current No. 3 Pro Hero.

He is quite proficient with his Quirk, Fiber Master, which enables him to transform clothes into fabric strings that act as immensely powerful restrains for his opponents.

Tsunagu has proven time and again of his capabilities and has fought head-on with extremely powerful villains.

A notable mention incident that shows his quirk mastery was when he restrained the ever-powerful villain, All for One.

His quirk demands great concentration, and even the slightest loss will lose control over the fibers. It makes him highly unpredictable, therefore earning the 9th position.

8) Hawks-

Hawks from MHA

The current No. 2 Pro Hero, Keigo Takami, better known as Hawks, is the Wing hero of Japan. Keigo’s finesse over his Quirk, Fierce Wings is incredible, which has made him thefastest hero to rise to spot no. 2 pro Hero.

His wings are used forflight, high-speed combats, and supporting his allies by providing them with mobility.

He is notably one of the swiftest members and can take on his opponents in the blink of an eye. Since his wings do not guarantee physical strength, he combines them with razor-sharp blades on his wings that can slice through enemies.

His lack of physical strength limited feathers that do not protect against elements like Fire, placing him in position 8.

7) Dabi-

Dabi from MHA

Along with his younger brother Shoto on this list, Dabi comes up too in the 7th position of the Strongest My Hero Academia characters.

The eldest son of Endeavor, Dabi, assumes a major antagonist in the series. He is one of the strongest members of the Villain’s Vanguard Action Squad and has massacred 30+ people, earning him the title of a mass assassin.

Dabi’s Quirk allows him to control his self-generated blue flames, which are much more devastative than normal flames.

During the Vanguard Action Squad Invasion, he easily overpowered some strong Heroes like Haws and Best Jeanist, including his brother Shoto.

Dabi’s flames are self-engulfing, i.e., it starts eating him away after prolonged use, thereby marking a question on its durability. For this, he has been placed in 7th position.

6) Edgeshot-

Edgeshot from MHA

Confused right as to why did we place him in a position higher than Heroes above him? Well, let us clarify again; as you have noticed, this list is not solely based on brute strength.

It considers mastery of their respective quirks and abilities. These factors strengthen Edgeshot’s position in this list, above Hawks and Best Jeanist.

Shinya Kamihara, better known as Edgeshot, is a Ninja Hero and the current 4th Pro Hero.

What makes Edgeshot so strong is his unique Quirk Foldabody which gives him the ability to manipulate his body into any dimension at the speed of light.

He can transform his body parts into razor-sharp stings and blades that can pierce right through his opponents, cutting their blood flow to their brain, knocking them unconscious.

5) High-End Nomu-

High end Nomus in MHA

Nomus are Artificial creatures made from the bodies of deceased people incorporated with multiple Quirks.

Created by Dr. Kyudai Garaki, they serve as major antagonists. Among Nomus, the strongest ones have a designated category, called High-End Nomus.

They have superior capabilities and may even house up to 6 Quirks. They have impressive skills and can overwhelm even the top-ranked Pro Heroes.

These Nomus have outstanding deductive skills and can analyze and deduce their opponent’s Quirk and its weakness, thus using those as a loophole. Some remarkable Quirks include superfast regeneration and Liquefaction.

4) Endeavor-

Endeavor from MHA

The Flame Hero Enji Todoroki, a.k.a. Endeavor, is the current No. 1 Pro Hero. He is notably one of the strongest heroes with intensive mastery over his Quirk, Hellfire.

He has proven his position countless times, especially during the fights with the League of Villains. His Quirk enables him to produce large amounts of intense fire and manipulate them at will.

He can decimate his opponents with various flame techniques and intense heat that can turn them into ashes.

Endeavor even fought head-on with the infamous antagonist All for One, along with Edgeshot, and emerged unscathed. 

Endeavor cannot fight prolonged battles as it will overheat his body, causing him immense physical damage therefore he relies on Rei’s Ice quirk to cool his body down, hence gaining the 4th position.

3) Gigantomachia-


Gigantomachia, another antagonist in the series associated with the League of Villains, was assigned to be a bodyguard to Tomura Shigaraki.

He is immensely powerful, directly serving the All for One, and is one of his most loyal servants.

He remained undefeated even after fighting the combined force of the six remaining members of the League of Villains nonstop for a month.

Gigantomachia possesses 7 Quirks in total, which include Endurance, Gigantification, Energy Saver, Dog, Fierce Gains, Pain Blocker and Mole.

His immense strength, size, and durability, coupled with his quirks, make him the 3rd strongest on this list of most powerful My Hero Academia characters.

2) Deku-


Izuku Midoria, popularly known as Deku, is one of the most powerful characters in My Hero Academia. He is the primary protagonist of this series.

He was born without any Quirk, but his sheer determination and willpower earned him a position as the 2nd Strongest Character in My Hero Academia.

As an individual without a Quirk, he inherited the One for All from the former No. 1 Pro- Hero, All Might.

Deku possesses one of the most powerful Quirk, the One for All, which has attracted various villainous organizations and individuals, including All for One.

Apart from the Quirk he inherited, he also possesses the Quirks of the previous One for All holders bringing his total quirk count to 7.

1) Shigaraki (All For One)-

Shigaraki from MHA

Tomura Shigaraki is the most powerful character in My Hero Academia with All For One powers. He is the primary antagonist of this series. He is the current leader of the League of Villains and the current user of the infamous Quirk, All for One, which he has inherited directly from his master.

All for One allows the user to steal the Quirk of his opponent and wield it as his own. It makes him one of the most powerful villains.

Apart from All for One, Shigaraki also possesses his original Quirk, Decay. It allows him to decay whatever solid he touches, be it of organic or inorganic origin.

Apart from these two, Shigaraki houses 11 more quirks which add up to make him unimaginably powerful. These various aspects couple up to make Shigaraki number 1 in this list of most powerful My Hero Academia characters.

Here we conclude the list. Hope this article has answered your queries. Tune in for more such exciting articles.


Image Source | Comicbook, Wiki Fandom

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