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(2021) Power of Stain in My Hero Academia Explained

Last updated on February 22nd, 2022 at 12:26 pm

My Hero Academia’s Hero Society has given us a fantastic collection of heroes throughout the years, but the series definitely doesn’t lack any number of chaotic villains stirring the fans’ excitement. What once had started with Tomura Shigaraki and Kurogiri’s minor disruptions has now taken a tremendous pace, with the increasing influence of All For One’s evils. But between these occurrences, we had one extraordinary antagonist of the Vs. Hero Killer Arc, who had just as quickly made his name known – the Hero Killer: Stain.

Born Chizome Akaguro, Stain is a villain who is of the opinion that justice can be served by eliminating ‘fake-Heroes.’ He ended up becoming the most significant threat and horror of the pro-heroes, notorious for his count of prey – 40 wrecked and 23 crippled beyond recovery – all being Pro Heroes.

Hero Killer: Stain

Stain’s villain activity is driven by his morals and ideology which has started gaining popularity, embedded a substantial impact on the Hero Society, questioning its foundation.

Stain was recently seen making a comeback in the manga with the Prison Break Arc. An escape from the prison after Shigaraki freed Tartarus prisoners, Horikoshi made him, not anyone, to cheer up a despairing All Might amidst the chaos.

Power of Stain in My Hero Academia-

Stain believes in serving justice by eliminating ‘fake heroes’ who work for fame, glory, and money instead of selflessly sacrificing themselves for others as ‘true heroes,’ like All Might. Therefore, his villain-name, Stain also signifies, that someone needs to ‘stain’ their hands for the sake of justice.

Chizome, on realizing the notion of a ‘true hero’ as a kid, had tried to verbally preach it, but failed. So he decided to resort to violence using his quirk ‘Bloodcurdle’ – which allows him to paralyze his targets by ingesting their blood – and amplifying his attacks with his bladed weapons and adept combat skills.

Stain’s obsession with his ideology is strong enough to have him work unconsciously and injured. In Hosu city, using Bloodcurdle, he saved Midoriya from a Nomu and then gave off such a frightening murderous intent that every Hero present there was immobilized, including the No. 2 Hero Endeavor (currently No. 1).

His ideology questioning the actual value and intent of a hero later appealed to many other villains who further elasticized it to justify their criminal activities, just like Shigaraki, who formed the ‘League of Villains’ upon this foundation.

Quirk of Stain in My Hero Academia-

Dealing with Stain’s quirk is pretty troublesome for any Pro Hero. Not only he can immobilize his opponents, but he also possesses excellent combat skills. He wields skillful expertise with his weaponry. During the Hosu City attack, we got the most extensive showcase of his abilities.

  • Bloodcurdle –

Blood Curdle
Image Source: @sulfurarts(deviantart)

Stain’s quirk is called Bloodcurdle that allows him to immobilize his opponents by ingesting their blood. The only shortcoming being, the limited time duration. A person can be paralyzed for a maximum of eight minutes, depending upon his/her blood type, the order being B, AB, A, O (from highest to lowest).

Using his sharp weapons like knives, daggers, and katana, Stain inflicts a cut upon its target and ingests his/her blood.

Abilities of Stain in My Hero Academia-

  • Super Speed –

Stain’s actions and movements are powered by immense speed. Shoto was having a hard time landing a hit on him using his fire and ice. He was swift in dodging the attacks. Rapidly, advancing forward to cut short the distance and he would find openings for making close-range attacks.

  • Swords Ability –

Stain's Weaponry
Image Source: myheroacademia.fandom

The Hero Killer is extremely skilled in his weaponry. He carries sharp-bladed tools like a knife, daggers, folding knives, and a Katana. Stain would mostly handle his katana to graze his opponents and lick their blood from the blades. As Shoto kept making his attacks, we could see that Stain could even shield himself from flame attacks and cut the ice using his katana.

  • Strength –

With a tough-built, Stain possesses excellent physical strength and force to drive his opponents into a corner. He depends on fighting with his katana alone and gaining dominance in close-range combat. When Todoroki attacked, he skillfully used his katana to slice the ice.

  • Durability –

Stain has impressive durability and stamina. He was hit by Deku’s 5% Detroit Smash with Full Cowling and Iida’s Recipro Extend at full power. But that didn’t easily take him out. And once again had to be attacked by Iida’s Recipro Extend and Shoto’s Flames to finally get shut down.

Even when being in an unconscious state with his lungs stabbed by his broken ribs, he was able to make insanely flexible moves to save Midoriya from the Winged Nomu.

  • Agility & Quick thinking –

Image Source: myheroacademia.fandom

Combining with all the above abilities, his attack power is solidified with his excessive control over his own body and quick reflexes. This makes him a strenuous adversary. He is quick to read his enemies’ attack and react.

In his unconscious state, even with many pro-heroes like Gran Torino assembled as Midoriya was being taken away by a flying Nomu, Stain was the first to act. The Nomu who was already injured by Endeavour had dropped his blood on the cheek of one of the heroes.

Stain quickly estimated the situation. Licked the blood. Paralyzed the Nomu. Took out his hidden-folding knife from under his sleeve and bam! with immense speed caught the Winged Nomu. Not to mention, his weapons were all confiscated, but he still had a folding knife hidden shows his tactical intellect.

Dabi My Hero Academia
Image Source: u/Lqvism (Reddit)

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Stain’s powers are potentially terrifying and thoroughly suitable for a villain-character, especially when he is out to hunt down Pro Heroes. If we notice how he is consistent with his ideals and equally despises both ‘fake heroes’ and criminals we can realize that overall, he is not a hopeless antagonist.

What if his ways could be reformed? What if he had decided to spread the true value of a hero without giving in to violence? He is waiting for a ‘true hero’ like All Might to catch him. So, it makes us to expect if we will be seeing All Might in his hero state again.

Will he fight Stain and stop him? All these questions can only be answered by the upcoming chapters. Keep updated with the series, reading the My Hero Academia manga on Viz or MANGA Plus by Shueisha and watch the anime on Crunchyroll, Netflix or any other paid platform.

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