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One Piece Road to Laugh Tale Volume 2: Kaido’s Previous Look (Chapter 1053.2)

This week One Piece is back with Road to Laugh Tale Volume 2. In the former Volume, we witnessed many interesting rough dialogue and storyboards that did not make it into the manga series. One of the most attention-seeking was Rocks D Xebec’s panel, where we witnessed the raw discussions and conversations between Kaido, Big Mom, Edward Newgate, Golden Lion, and many more.

Besides this, many fans loved to read Poneglyph’s part, too, where they get to know the difference in “the locations of the Road Poneglyphs” at Roger’s time and the Straw Hats’ time.

In accordance with many fans’ discussions, the raw sketch segment of the Straw Hats in the Wano dress and Oden’s look were the least engaging ones. There was nothing creative to witness; all the rough designs were exactly the same as the official appearances, and that’s the primary reason behind the downsize interest.

However, One Piece Road to Laugh Tale Volume 2 arrives with something opposite. The spotlight will be the initial sketches of Kaido (hybrid form). It was totally different from the one we witnessed in the official One Piece anime. So how was it? Let’s see and discuss the other panels of Volume 2 too.

One Piece Road to Laugh Tale Volume 2 (Chapter 1053.2)

Presently, only some of the raw panels of Road to Laugh Tale have surfaced on Twitter as usual. The official translated ones will be released this Sunday, i.e., on July 30, 2022, with Shonen Jump Issue 31. Therefore, meanwhile, let’s deep dive into some raw panels.

As mentioned above, the center focus of the next Volume will be the sketches of Kaido’s hybrid form. In the beginning, Oda sensei designed Kaido’s transformation into a human body with a long Dragon neck in his hybrid form.

Everyone is stunned to glimpse Kaido’s old appearance. And after many modifications, Oda sensei came up with the final appearance of Kaido, which is a unique and best one.

Below, we have attached all panels of One Piece Road to Laugh Tale Volume 2. It is presently in the original Japanese version.

Apart from this, many fans will love to go through the panels of Shanks and Teach. They both are mysterious characters in One Piece. Therefore, everyone is eager to comprehend anything about them. In addition, the images of the Blackbeard Pirates will also be displayed at the downside of the panel with some information.

Basically, Road to Laugh Tale is more like a collection of many sketches and storyboards that are already available in the official manga. Everything in it can be found in the manga, but in the updated version, these are basic ideas.

Now back to Volume 2, one of the eye-catching panels will unveil the swords of the strongest characters. From Kaido’s Kanabo to Roger’s sword and from Mihawk’s sword to Katakuri’s Mogura, everything is displayed in Volume 2.

Therefore, in a nutshell, One Piece Road to Laugh Tale Volume 2, or we can say Chapter 1053.2, will be much better and more informative than the previous one. To read Volume 2 in official English translation, fans have to wait 2-3 more days until it gets released.

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