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(One Piece) Luffy Gear 5 Awakening Power & Abilities Explained

One Piece has been one of the longest-running anime series, and it is only in the latest chapter that Luffy’s true powers have been realized with the awakening of his devil fruit.

In this post, we will analyze Luffy’s powers and abilities based on the latest chapter. We will continue to update the post as subsequent chapters come out to explain Luffy’s power in greater detail.

Luffy’s Gear 5 is the final awakening of his devil fruit, the Nika Nika no Mi, which was earlier misrepresented by the government as the Gomu Gomu no Mi. Luffy was defeated by Kaido in the last chapter, and his body started converting to melting rubber with the awakening of his devil fruit.

Luffy kept on laughing, and it was remarked that Joyboy had returned. The current chapter takes it up from this part where Luffy undergoes a substantial physical transformation in his gear 5 form.

Luffy Gear 5 Awakening (One Piece)-

With the awakening of Luffy’s fifth gear, it was shown in the manga that his hair was in some fire as Joyboy seems to have taken over. In the current manga chapter, after Luffy was completely defeated last time, he sits up and states that he can go on fighting for some time more.

Gear 5 awakening

This symbolizes the awakening of Luffy’s fruit which Oda sensei show as Luffy completely reforms from the puddle, and Kaido remarks that he is happy that Luffy has recovered since he did not want a dishonorable victory. There is a complete change in his facial features, too, as his eyebrows now are excessively curly like Sanji.

Gum Gum Fruit or Human-Human fruit (One Piece)-

Since it is finally confirmed that Luffy’s devil fruit is the Nika Nika no Mi, we can speculate on its abilities in greater detail. Nika is the reference to the Sun God. Luffy will now gain extensive control over his powers of rubber. Luffy will gain the ability to use resin.

As it was recently revealed in the latest chapter, the five elders realized and knew the threat that the Gum Gum fruit possessed and hence wanted to eliminate Luffy. They also clarified that for over 800 years, the World Government had chased this fruit without much success.

It could be made out from the recent chapter that Luffy has awakened a new power state that, according to Oda Sensei, is only restricted by his imagination. Rubber will continue to be the basis of his fruit abilities. In chapter 1045, even Kaido accepted that Luffy’s transformation was typical of a zoan fruit and not a paramecia fruit.

Luffy Gear 5 Awakening Powers & Abilities-

Luffy’s gear five has provided a different scope for exploring his newer powers. Luffy’s attack of using Red Hawk always contained fire, and fire is not considered the property of rubber; it’s considered the property of resin. It is one of the newer abilities that Luffy gains, although much is still left on speculation.

One Piece Chapter 1046 Spoilers

1) Gear Transformations:

Earlier, Luffy’s gear transformations were considered to be extensions of his rubber abilities. However, since it is now confirmed that Luffy is actually a mythical zoan fruit, he can add a lot to his abilities. He already had the transformations until gear four of Snakeman and Bounceman, and now he was the powers of Sun God Nika in Gear 5.

2) Increased rubber abilities-

In the latest chapter, there has been a reference to an increased ability to use rubber. Earlier, Luffy could only use rubber as part of the extension of his body.

Even his transformations included substantial changes, such as pumping more blood or air into his heart, which would make him strong and increase his offensive power when infused with Haki.

However, with the awakening of his devil fruit abilities, Luffy can now control and convert his surrounding to rubber and use it for his defense.

It is shown in the current chapter, where when Kaido blasts Luffy with fire breath; he can turn the road in front into rubber and use it for protection. This is a clear indication that Luffy can now not only control his own body as an extension of his rubber abilities but also control his surroundings.

How does Luffy’s Gear 5 work?

It is still speculation about the real type of Luffy’s fruit. Early on, it was speculated to be a paramecia-type fruit, similar to Katakuri’s Mochi Mochi no Mi. However, according to the recent chapter, it is speculated that Luffy’s Gomu Gomu no Mi is a mythical zoan type fruit, probably the strongest of all.

Sengoku’s Human-Human fruit allowed him to transform into the golden buddha. In contrast, Luffy’s fruit allows him to transform into a representation of the sun god Nika and harness all his abilities. The only future chapters will tell the extent of Luffy’s abilities.

Luffy Gear 5 Transformation

Luffy’s gear five works much similarly to Chopper’s Human-Human Fruit, and his gear transformations are just extensions of transformation like Chopper. It means the Brain Point, Walk Point, and Giant Point that Chopper achieves or uses the Rumble Ball for are all transformations in gear that Luffy achieved through training.

Human Human Fruit Users in One Piece-

  • Monkey D. Luffy- Hito Hito no Mi: Nika
  • Chopper-  Hito Hito no Mi
  • Sengoku- Hito Hito no Mi, Model: Daibutsu
  • Onimaru- Hito Hito no Mi, Model: Onyudo
Human Human Fruit users One Piece
Human Human Fruit users One Piece

How fast is Luffy in Gear 5?

No specific data is still available that shows how fast Luffy is in his awakened devil fruit form. However, it is speculated that Luffy has becoem slower in Gear 5. He can maipulate the environemnet and it lessen his speed. 

Luffy increased his speed in Gear 2 by pumping more blood into his heart. Since his heart was also rubber, it could take effect and pressure off it. However, it can be also estimated that now Luffy can gain a substantial speed boost.

How strong is Luffy in Gear 5?

Luffy=Yonko>=Fleet Admiral>Admirals

In the awakened state of his devil fruit and Gear 5, Luffy is finally Yonko level. While it remains to be seen if indeed he will be able to defeat Kaido in battle or not, Luffy’s substantial power boost now truly makes him the emperor of the sea.

This post is just the first explanation f Luffy’s powers. As more chapters are released, we will continue to update the post. Meanwhile, the manga is available on VIZ, so check it out. And keep following us for posts similar to this.

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