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(Updated) One Piece Road to Laugh Tale Volume 4: Everyone’s Bounty (Chapter 1053.4)

One Piece Road to Laugh Tale finally arrives with its final booklet, i.e., Volume 4. Road to Laugh Tale series has delivered much information from every sword’s identity with its owner to every devil fruit’s name and user. Likewise, Volume 4 will unveil another factor, i.e., the Bounty of every main character in the One Piece series.

Every time One Piece Road to Laugh Tale booklet comprises something exciting. Have you ever wondered what fans love the most about the Laugh Tale booklet? They love the collection of all significant knowledge in one leaflet.

Yes, neither raw scans nor storyboards; everyone values reading the most delicate attributes of the series like every sword’s specification, every devil fruit’s identification and now current bounties. These details are already revealed in the series, but now we have its collection in one place.

In Volume 3, we witnessed the names of all three types of Devil Fruits along with the explanation. From Paramecia, which grants superhuman abilities, to Logia, which offers the power of a fluid body, to Zoan Devil Fruits, gaining the traits of wild creatures. Volume 3 provides the knowledge of every known devil fruit.

Parallelly, Volume 2 comprises the deets of all swords from ungraded to supreme Wazamono Blades. It also cleared the doubts regarding the grades of some most potent blades like Napoleon.

Enough about previous Volumes; now, let’s deep dive into the original scans of the next one. As we discussed above, booklet 4 will reveal everyone’s current bounty.

One Piece Road to Laugh Tale Volume 4 (Chapter 1053.4)

Finally, entire booklet of Road to Laugh Tale Volume 4 has released in Shonen Jump Issue 33. We have discussed reagrding this below the scans.

One Piece Road to Laugh Tale Volume 4 predominately focuses on the Wano arc. Fans who love Wano arc the most will relish reading this too. It begins with a cover page where Luffy in Gear 5 welcomes us.

After that, we will witness the bounties of every main character in the series. The first page will display the Bounty of all Yonkos from Roger to Luffy. And then, it will advance to the right and left hands of Yonko (first commanders/mates).

Unfortunately, nothing about Shanks’ crew. Below, we have attached all panels of One Piece Road to Laugh Tale Volume 4. It is presently in the original Japanese version.

After that, the booklet will reveal the raw sketches of Monkey D. Luffy in Gear 5. It seems like it took a lot of time and designs to finalize Luffy’s Gear 5. In the beginning, Luffy’s sketch was much more like a cartoon, but the original composition comprises a glimpse of both cartoon and anime, which everyone loves.

In addition, Oden’s rough sketch will also unveil in this Volume. And then, we will witness Wano members one more time.

One Piece Data Bounty Rankings:

The final booklet surfaced the bounties of all top characters from legendary great pirates to the rookies of the new age. An up to date list of the top 66 highest known bounties. The world scrabbles to respond to the dethroning of the two Emperors. Will anyone surpass Roger’s bounty and become the most wanted pirate of all the time? Let’s see the list of Top 66 Highest Bounties in One Piece.

1) Gol D. Roger: 5,564,800,000 berries

2) Edward Newgate: 5,046,000,000 berries

3) Kaido: 4,611,100,000 berries

4) Charlotte Linlin: 4,388,000,000 berries

5) Shanks: 4,048,900,000 berries

6) Monkey D. Luffy: 3,000,000,000 berries

6) Trafalgar Law: 3,000,000,000 berries

6) Eutass Kid: 3,000,000,000 berries

9) Marshal D. Teach: 2,247,600,000 berries

10) Alber (King): 1,390,000,000 berries

11) Marco: 1,374,000,000 berries

12) Queen: 1,320,000,000 berries

13) Charlotte Katakuri: 1,057,000,000 berries

14) Jack: 1,000,000,000 berries

15) Charlotte Smoothie: 932,000,000 berries

16) Charlotte Cracker: 860,000,000 berries

17) Charlotte Perospero: 700,000,000 berries

18) Sabo: 602,000,000 berries

19) Charlotte Snack: 600,000,000 berries

20) Portgas D. Ace: 550,000,000 berries

21) Oars Jr. 550,000,000 berries

22) Who’s Who: 546,000,000 berries

23) Chinjao: 542,000,000 berries

24) Izo: 510,000,000 berries

25) Black Maria: 480,000,000 berries

26) Edward Weevil: 480,000,000 berries

27) Sasaki: 472,000,000 berries

28) Belo Betty: 457,000,000 berries

29) Jinbe: 438,000,000 berries

30) Baron Tamago: 429,000,000 berries

31) Ulti: 400,000,000 berries

31) Karasu: 400,000,000 berries

33) Pedro: 382,000,000 berries

34) Scratchmen Apoo: 350,000,000 berries

34) Capone Bege: 350,000,000 berries

36) Donquixote Doflamingo: 340,000,000 berries

37) Sanji: 330,000,000 berries

37) Pekoms: 330,000,000 berries

37) Cavendish: 330,000,000 berries

40) Roronoa Zoro: 320,000,000 berries

40) Basil Hawkins: 320,000,000 berries

40) Gecko Moria: 320,000,000 berries

43) Lindergh: 316,000,000 berries

44) Charlotte Oven: 300,000,000 berries

44) Charlotte Daifuku: 300,000,000 berries

44) Caesar Clown: 300,000,000 berries

47) Bartholomew Kuma: 296,000,000 berries

48) Morley: 293,000,000 berries

49) Page One: 290,000,000 berries

50) Fisher Tiger: 230,000,000 berries

51) X Drake: 222,000,000 berries

52) Sai: 210,000,000 berries

52) Caribou: 210,000,000 berries

52) Squard: 210,000,000 berries

55) Usopp: 200,000,000 berries

55) Killer: 200,000,000 berries

55) Bartolomeo: 200,000,000 berries

58) Bellamy: 195,000,000 berries

59) Coribou: 190,000,000 berries

60) Orlumbus: 148,000,000 berries

61) Jewelry Bonney: 140,000,000 berries

62) Nico Robin: 130,000,000 berries

63) Charlotte Mont-D’OR: 120,000,000 berries

64) Urouge: 108,000,000 berries

65) Bobbin: 105,000,000 berries

66) Dorry: 100,000,000 berries

66) Brogy: 100,000,000 berries

Major Characters with Unknown Bounties:

  • Rocks D. Xebec
  • Silvers Rayleigh
  • Monkey D. Dragon
  • Buggy Clown
  • Boa Hancock
  • Dracule Mihawk

The bounties of these characters will change the list. Also here, the booklet displayed the old bounties of Straw Hats. The new bounties will unveil in the official One Piece manga. You can read One Piece Road to LaughTale Volume 4 from the below attachment.

Here, we conclude our article on, “One Piece Road to Laugh Tale Volume 4.” We hope you like. Also, we will be back with One Piece Chapter 1054 spoilers next week. Till then stay tuned with us and read the article of One Piece All Devil Fruit designs, mentioned below.

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