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Overtake Ep 2 Spoilers-Predictions & Release Date(Haruka’s Past)

Overtake anime series is for the fans who have been waiting for an anime that focuses on Formula racing. There are many racing anime out there, but this one is more special because it specifically focuses on Formula racing. 

The series starts on a very comedic note, as we are introduced to two different reporters, Saeka and Kouya Madoka. Especially, their work involves taking photoshoots of the famous racers in the world of Formula racing. 

Kouya is a washed-up photographer who seems like he lost all interest in his life. Just when Kouya is working to take photos in a Formula 4 racing event, he meets some of the top drivers at F4, Harunaga Satsuki and Tokumaru Toshiki. 

We get to know more about F4 Racing in this process and how things are different over here when compared to F1 Racing. This is also when he meets the protagonist, who sounds like a calm and collected person. 

Later on, Kouya gets a special pass from one of the official members of Komaki Motors. With this, he can view the F4 race much more closely. The race is almost beginning, and we get to know that the protagonist’s name is Haruka Asahina

The race starts grandly, with Haruka starting in the 10th position. He slowly reaches the top four positions with his skills. Unfortunately, his tire burst, and he had to forfeit the race. 

Overtake Ep 2 Spoilers & Predictions

Overtake Ep 2 Spoilers & Predictions

It seems that Kouya’s hidden passion was reignited after watching Haruka race in this Formula 4 tournament. At the end of the episode, he also goes ahead to the location of Komaki Motors. 

He says that he wants to support them from now on, and wants to be their official photographer. Most probably, he will become the official photographer for them, as he wants to follow all of Haruka’s races in detail. 

Especially after witnessing Haruka cry after the race, he is more interested in seeing Haruka win a race. The next episode most probably might not feature a race as we get to know more about Haruka and his past. 

There would be a surefire reason he wants to win any cost, which might be revealed to us in the next episode. Before entering the next race, they should also fine-tune their car more, so that the previous accident will not take place. 

Haruka would also be training himself harshly ever since this loss. He almost made it into the Top 3 racers but lost the race in a very bad manner. 

Overtake Ep 2 Release Date

Overtake Ep 2 Release Date

Overtake Ep 2 will be released on 8th October, after four more days. The release time is pretty early, around 6:30 PM IST, but you might have to wait for some more time to watch the episode. 

The series is available on Crunchyroll for streaming on some select locations only. Since this is an original anime series, we will have to wait till next week’s episode to know what will happen. 

These are all of the theories of the incidents that might happen in Overtake Ep 2. Check out some of our other articles down below till the next week’s episode.  

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