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Please Go Home Akutsu-san Wiki, Characters & Plot Review

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Imagine you are a high school student who lives alone, has no friends, and is always busy with studies. Suddenly, the most famous delinquent in your class spots you outside your premises barges in, and refuses to leave. That is the story of Kota Ooyama, whose apartment has become a secret hangout place for Riko Akutsu, a delinquent classmate.

At first, Riko just saw Ooyama as a servant and used to tease him when she wanted to play. However, over the period, her feelings towards her started to change as he noticed the qualities of Ooyama, who still treated her with respect even after causing so much trouble for him.

Please Go Home Akutsu-San written by Taichi Nagaoka and published by Kadokawa Shoten. It has 120+ chapters and is still ongoing; the series began its serialization on July 29, 2019, and had six volumes.

Please Go Home Akutsu-San Wiki


Name:Please Go Home, Miss Akutsu!
Writer:Taiichi Nagaoka
First Serialization:July 2019
Genre :Romantic comedy, Slice of Life


The series’ story is based on Riko Akutsu and her behavior of causing trouble to Kota Ooyama, her classmate. He is timid and introverted, has no friends, and lives alone, making his house the perfect spot to hang out and chill.

At the begging of the series, she just wanted a spot to let out her frustration of the day, and Ooyama was the main target as he used to obey her orders. The reason behind his obedience was that she caught all the er*tic CDs he was hiding in his room and did not want to be labeled as a pervert at school.

From Ooyama’s perspective, she was just a demon using him for entertainment, but eventually, he discovered her actual behavior. Surprisingly, she is also timid and wants attention from him.

Although she used to hang out at his place sometimes, due to being in a fight with her parents, she used to sleep at his home, which used to cause Ooyama many difficulties as he never had any such experience with any girls.


One of the significant threats he faced was that someone might catch them and he would be removed from the school due to engaging in such activities as a minor. Akutsu quickly noticed the issue and assured him that she would not tell anyone about this spot, as she likes to keep her things to herself and not share them with anyone else.

During the early stages, she used only to read manga and eat ice cream the whole day, and sometimes she stayed as well. Unhurriedly, they commenced regular conversations where Ooyama was still getting teased, but at least he could know her traits.

Akutsu always looked for opportunities to seduce and tease him, but she used to become Blush and hit him with little to no force whenever she was caught or responded. Eventually, she trusted him and began talking with him like regular friends.

Relationship Growth:

Their relationship began to pick up pace when the landlord’s daughter noticed them, as Ooyama was a minor and was prohibited from having anyone of the opposite gender at his place. Despite the rules, Aoi, the owner’s daughter, took a significant interest in their relationship, as she had never ventured into love.

She tries every method she knows to set them up for a movie or to reduce the distance between them. Due to her help, Akutsu was slowly starting to realize her true feelings for him.

Their connection reached a point where Akutsu was comfortable taking a bath at his place and could sleep anywhere in the house without complications. However, some of her friends followed her one day to see where she went after school.

Not long before their secret was released, Ooyama had two more people crash into his place unintentionally. Although she teased him whenever they were alone, Akutsu told them they could not make fun of him.


When Ooyama felt ill due to a cold and could not attend school for a few days, she cared for him by cooking, cleaning his sweat, and keeping the house clean. Everything was going alright until Akutsu’s mom found her hideout one day.

Ooyama breathed a sense of freedom as he expected her mother to scold and take her away. He could live his everyday life peacefully, but he missed her presence. Surprisingly, her mother fought with her dad and ran away from home.

Out of all the available scenarios, this was the worst that could have happened, and now Ooyama was clung with nowhere to go. Akutsu gets angry at her mother for following her and tells her to leave instantly.

Being her mother, Reiko instantly tries to do Ecchi’s activities to get permission to stay. Seeing her mother doing such activities, Akutsu gets fired up and starts doing the same, with none of them paying any heed to Ooyama.

After some time, Reiko decides to return home as she starts missing her dad, and she apologizes to them for causing such inconvenience. After reaching home, she mistakenly tells her dad she is staying at Akutsu’s boyfriend’s house.

Understanding her grave mistake, she immediately tries to correct it, but it’s too late, and Mr. Akutsu tells her to take him to his place. Although she refuses at first, after being forced, she has no alternative but to take him there.

As they arrived, Ooyama was sweating buckets, as he could not imagine her father’s wrath as he prepared for worst-case scenarios. Miraculously, he was the most intelligent and sensible person in the household who had the same situation as him when he was younger.

Please Go Home Akutsu-San Main Characters

1) Kota Ooyama


Ooyama is a high school student with a loner personality. He wishes to spend most of his time watching anime, but that is not possible due to the constant teasing by the school’s most well-known delinquent, Riko Akutsu.

In the early phase, he used to get irritated by her but now likes to spend his free time with her and wants her to stay with him and have fun together.

2) Riko Akutsu


Riko Akutsu is the reason why Ooyama is having troubles in his life. Her favourite work is to tease him and make him also work, always looking for an opportunity to make him do his work and read all his manga and sleep in his bed.

She has grown tremendously compared to the start of the sequel and now has fallen in love with Ooyama and wants to have a relationship with him.

3) Mr. Akutsu


Father of Akutsu and one of the funniest characters in the series. He had the same high school life as Ooyama; one day, a delinquent barged in and took over his home, and that woman was none other than the mother of Akutsu.

He had a similar start to his life to Ooyama, but he ended up having a crush on her and later got married to the same woman who he wants wanted to go away.

4) Akutsu Reiko


The mother of Akutsu and a former delinquent used to cause many problems for all her teachers at her school. She used to occupy Mr Akutsu’s apartment for her leisure activities and tease him but ended up falling in love with him.

Akutsu is the exact copy of her, and they are almost identical many people are unable to recognize their differences and often consider them sisters.

5) Aoi Ooya


She is the daughter of the landowner of Ooyama and a major shipper of them. Her goal is to make them both confess their love to each other. She is trying everything in her power to make them start dating.

Their relationship started developing quickly due to her being involved. As she could not enjoy love, she now hopes to find happiness by making sure they start dating.

6) Tanaka Misaki


Best Friend of Akutsu and her constant partner in causing problems for the others surrounding them. Tanaka Misaki used to dislike Ooyama due to being a loner, but after becoming friends with him, she starts to respect and adore him.

One of the people who like to tease Ooyama and Akutsu both and wants them to start dating quickly but, on the other hand, does not want to lose her friend.

7) Ms. Ooyama


Mother of the victim and a massive supporter of Ooyama. Due to their first meeting being a disaster, she is very wary of Akutsu and her activities but later gives up on his suspicions and accepts Akutsu as part of the family.

Her unique ability is always to need clarification on simple things. She is very attached to his son and wants him to attend a top university that can secure his future.

Please Go Home Akutsu-San Plot Review

The series plot is based on Ooyama trying his best to make Akutsu leave his place for good and stop teasing him so he can enjoy his life like an ordinary high school student without the constant fear of being caught.

On the other hand, Akutsu’s main aim is to keep this place to himself and to fend off any troublemakers from her private home, like her parents and some of her friends. Also, as she has realized her feelings for Ooyama, she wants to confess her feelings somehow.

Is Please Go Home Akutsu-San Worth Reading?

It is one of the manga you should check out; the chapters are short compared to ordinary manga, and the story is funny and exciting, with good supporting characters. The series starts slow, as the author does not want to rush the characters.

One of the best parts of the series is that the MC is not dumb and utterly ignorant of all the signals given to him by his love attraction, like in most typical manga and anime storylines.


The series is exciting, does not confuse the reader by repeating the same situations repeatedly, and has decent character development overall. If you like high school romance, then the series is a good match for you. 

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