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Quest Supremacy Wiki, Characters and Plot Review

Webtoon is one of the most famous sources of entertainment for people, and it serves as the source material for anime adaptations. Webtoon is a coloured manga or graphic novel drawn and published in Korea. In these past few years, its popularity has risen tremendously after many of them cached readers’ attention.

Webtoons are currently the talk of the town due to their fascinating storyline and fantastic art. Quest Supremacy Wiki, or  Questism, is one of the most fan-favourite webtoons of the year.

YuNuni writes the Korean-based webtoon. The art of the popular franchise is done by Taewan and published by Naver. The series has a total of 66 chapters and is still ongoing. However, only 58 chapters have been translated into English.

Quest Supremacy Wiki


Writer:YuNuni (PTJ cartoon company Academy)
Number of Chapters:68
First Serialization:October 24, 2021 –
Genre:Fantasy, Slice of Life, Drama, Sci-fi


The plot of the series revolves around high school student Suheyon Kim, who is bullied and abused daily but lacks the courage and strength to make a stand. The only positive of his life is RPG games, which he loves to play daily, as they help him escape his tragic life.

On an average day, after getting beaten up by his bully Changdong Choi, he screams Quest Window 9 times to let out his frustration in the hope that he may also become cool like the RPG characters.

Surprisingly his call was answered by a game panel who asked him if he wanted to start a quest with rewards guaranteed after completing them. As a way to improve himself and to stop getting harassed, he, within a blink of an eye, agrees with the window and starts his journey, which is going to be filled with High-level difficulties.

About Quest

The quest begins with minimum difficulties and fewer rewards. The higher the task, the better the rewards. The rewards are broken into bronze, platinum, silver, gold, diamond and legendary cards.  After completing his first few quests, which is relatively easy, he is granted cards that increase his ability, height and eyesight.


Quest Supremacy Wiki

However, one day, he was bullied by Changdong Choi in the backway of his school. Suheyon’s little sister Dahyeon Kim asks him if everything is okay and if he needs help.

After seeing his sister, Changdong Choi suddenly becomes very friendly with Dahyeon and later asks him to set them up for a date. Suddenly a voice is heard nearby, and it is none other than Kuja Ya, Dahyeon’s best friend and a bullying victim.

Kuja accuses Changdong of always bullying Kim and now getting his sister involved. After hearing such revolting words from Kuja, Changdong punches him with a lot of power.

On the other hand, Kim finally snaps and decides to fight the bully by himself using his new skill, “Jab“, which he acquired by completing the quest. Unexpecting his sudden growth Choi underestimate’s Kim and gets knocked out.

News spreads quickly in the school about this, and later, Suheyon is confronted by Hajun Gu, the top dog of the school, who takes an interest in him and wants to be friends with him.

However, his next quest was to defeat him and become the Top Dog of the school. Kim tries to provoke him into a fight but is turned down as Hajun sees him as a good friend.

It looked like he would fail the quest when Hajun beat Kuja. After witnessing the situation, Kim fights with Hajun to beat him to avenge his best friend. But the difference was pretty straightforward as he could not deal any damage. However, he uses his card at the last moment, which helps him get a barely clutched victory.


After becoming the Top Dog, he is respected among the students but now faces a more significant issue as the leader of West Gangbuk High School.

A few days later, he is approached by Hyeondong lee, the west manager. Lee makes him aware of his duties as the face of the west and informs him about the upcoming meeting between the leaders.

Since only three people were in his crew, he decided to attend the meeting due to pressure. At the meeting, he meets Jaeha Han and Seok Kang, the leaders of South and East Gangbuk High Schools. As everyone took notice of the west condition, they began plotting plans to take over the West.

A few days later, Hajun returns to school, where Kim initially asks him to join his crew, which he rejects but gradually ends up joining him. Although Kim won the fight against him, he later found that Hajun did not put much effort into his fight against him, which was why he won.

Only a little later, he recruited more people as they needed reinforcements against the East and South. Surprisingly, he attacks the North Gangbuk, which consists of the Strongest members and covers 70% of Gangbuk.

The only northern territory where he had a chance of victory was on the border run by Haru, the minor vital member of the north. On arriving, he finds out that the leader is a girl and decides to recruit her, to which she declines but is forced to join after she fails to defeat Kim.

The last piece of his puzzle was a strategist who could help him cover his weak points, and the only suitable person was Jihyeok Jang, the Tsun-Zu of the period. He refuses to join, but after getting mesmerized by Haru’s beauty, he joins the gang.

After completing his crew, Kim begins his Journey of Uniting Gangbuk, filled with obstacles and trenches.

Quest Supremacy Main Characters

1) Suheyon Kim


He is the main character of the series, the top dog of West Gangbuk, and one of the strongest characters in the series. He claimed the title of West Top Dog after defeating Hajun Gu.


2) Kuja Ya


Best friend of Kim and the secondary leader of the West Gangbuk high school crew. At the begging of the series, he is not solid or intelligent; however, he works hard and becomes one of the best characters in the series.


3) Dahyeon Kim


She is the little sister of Suheyon and is also a V-Tuber and a live streamer who dreams of becoming a very famous internet celebrity. She is not on good terms with her older brother and doesn’t involves herself much in his life.


4) Chaerin Baek


Chaerin Baek is Suheyon’s classmate and one of his best friends. Initially, she didn’t like him and sometimes used to pick on him, but she gradually fell in love with him and became his supporter.


5) Hajun Gu


The ex-Top Dog of West Gangbuk is one of the series’ strongest characters. He had one of the best character development in the series and became a significant factor in Suheyon’s crew’s success.


6) Jaeha Han


The Top Dog of East Gangbuk is one of the series’ most competent characters. He has many schools under his command, rules with Brute force, and constantly threatens Suheyon’s plans.


7) Seok Kang


A childhood friend of Jaeha Han and the Top Dog of South Gangbuk high school.  Despite his friendly appearance, he is the ultimate mastermind seeking perfect opportunities to defeat his opponents when they least expect him to.


8) Yugyeo Na


He is the most threatening member of the South school but does not want to claim the top spot and wants to live his life peacefully. He is also a criminal who recently got released and got recruited. It is known that he has not to lot a single fight in his life.

9) Jihyeok Jang


The brain and the reason for the success of West Gangbuk high school is none other than Jihyeok, who is the ultimate strategist. Many teams tried to recruit him, but he rejected them before joining Suheyon.

10) Beomsang Jeong


He might not be the most brilliant strategist in the series, but his tactics have helped Seok build an empire and always be ahead of his enemies. Lately, he has saved Seok and his organisation from getting defeated multiple times.


Quest Supremacy Plot Review

The series’ plot revolves around Suheyon Kim and his struggles to achieve his goal of uniting the whole Gangbuk and protecting his friend from all the enemies looking for an opportunity to hurt them.

His goal is aided by the system, which helps him get stronger by assigning him tasks which help him build strength, endurance and other things.

One of the standout points of the series is the excellent character development of all the characters and making the constant effort not to forget any characters. Each of them plays a very significant role in the series.

Is Quest Supremacy Worth Reading?

If you are into the arcade and action genre of manga, this one should be on your read list. The story keeps you hooked on the series, and you crave more.

Even though the start of the series is pretty generic, it quickly picks up the pace and gets interesting within the first few chapters. The series is filled with unique plot twists and well-choreographed fights, and each character plays a pivotal role.


Although the storyline is standard where the MC gets OP, the other characteristics of the series, such as fantastic art and well-drawn fights, make up for the average storyline. You should check the series out.

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