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Power of Charlotte Roselei in Black Clover Explained

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Black Clover is a manga series written and illustrated by Yuki Tabata. The story is built around Asta, a young boy who is apparently born without any magic power. It has been serialized in Weekly Shonen Jump since February 2015.

Black Clover has no scarcity of powerful female characters and Charlotte Roselei is one of them. She is a noblewoman of House Roselei and also the captain of the Clover Kingdom’s Blue Rose Squad of the Magic Knights. She also hosts the Elf Charla in her body. She has an affinity towards Briar Magic.

She is a tall woman with blonde hair that she usually keeps braided with most of it tied back into a bun. She has light blue eyes and pink lips. She usually wears a set of armor and appears as a quiet, cold, and indifferent woman. She is a stern woman who can keep her emotions well under control.

Power of Charlotte Roselei in Black Clover-

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Charlotte possesses a three-leaf clover grimoire that contains various briar-based spells. She is able to summon a briar-like whip from her grimoire which she can use to attack her enemies, combined with her Briar Magic. She excels the most in Magic Power and Magic Control without lagging behind in Physical Strength either. Her weakest asset is Magic Sensing.

Magic of Charlotte Roselei –

  • Briar Magic: Charlotte specializes in Briar Magic. It is her most powerful asset that she has used countless times to take down her enemies. She uses this ability to generate and manipulate briars. However, a curse was placed on her in her childhood, which made her blue roses weaker than their original red form. Although Yami stopped the curse’s progression afterward, the effects of the curse remained. But Charlotte didn’t give up. She trained with Mana Method for six months and was able to develop the ability to modify her blue roses’ curse, turning it into anti-curse magic.

  • Mana Method: Mana Method is the Heart Kingdom’s unique magic technique that allows the users to control natural mana. Charlotte has trained with Mana Method to adapt to the country’s strong natural mana. She can use this unique magic technique to channel that mana into spells increasing their strength and abilities. She forms runes made out of natural mana and arranges them to give instructions for her magic to follow. At their peak, she can use these arrays to focus on the mana of nature and generate the real element.

  • Blue Rose Paradise: This is one of her modified Briar Magic. It is an offensive type spell that can be used from mid-range. She can create two connected, concentric magic circles in soil and water on the floor. In turn, they generate briars that cover the floor, extending up the walls and capture any enemies touching the vines. The vines will grow stronger if the casualties are cursed by absorbing and weakening the curse power.

  • True Briar Magic: Charlotte uses Heart Kingdom’s magic technique and natural mana to grow and manipulate large amounts of real briar vines to use in battle. In this case, their roses are red since these briars are made from natural mana and are not hindered by her curse.

Power of Charlotte Roselei in Black Clover Explained
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  • Queen of Briars: Queen of Briars is another one of her Briar Magic Spells. It is a supplementary type of spell. Using this spell, she can create a natural mana array that generates real roses and wraps themselves in a dress and crown made of briars with blue roses on the right side and red roses on the left side. She can also create a briar whip which which she can strike enemies with vines of red roses or wrap them in blue roses. The stronger the enemies are, the tighter the blue rose vines are.

  • Creation Magic: Charlotte can use her Creation Magic to create objects made out of briars. She can use this to create Corpse-Hunting Briar Tree spell which she can use against her enemies. With an open grimoire, she can unsheathe her weapon and transform it into several prickle-covered vines. These prickly vines actively hunt the user’s targets. Once these vines have caught them, they converge and rise to create a tall tree of briars while the targets remain trapped between the prickles. In addition to this, she can create multiple trees at once to defeat a large number of enemies. These prickles are very sharp that can shred through the targets that are trapped within the vines.

  • Reinforcement Magic: Charlotte uses this magic form to increase her physical abilities. Mana Skin is the spell that she can create using her Reinforcement Magic. She can create a coating of mana to protect herself from enemies. With proper training, she has managed to use it consciously and to greater effect. However, environments with strong and wild concentrations of mana make it difficult to maintain this technique as the mana coating has to adjust constantly to the changing mana.

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  • Immense Magic Power: Charlotte possesses an immense amount of Magic Power being a noblewoman and captain of a Magic Knights squad. She was able to attain the rank of captain despite her curse affecting her real magical strength. Even after being freed from Charla’s possession, she retained some of the elf’s magic.

  • Mana Method: Charlotte learned to use the Heart Kingdom’s unique magic technique by training vigorously in the country. It allows her to increase the range and scale of her Briar Magic. This gives her an upper hand over her enemies.

We got some instances of Charlotte’s power when she infiltrated the Spade Kingdom’s castle. Charlotte attacked two curse-enhanced Shining Generals with her briars. Vanica unimpressed with her captains’ magic attributes went on to attack Yami. This enraged Charlotte and she grew briars to cover the floor and walls, wrapping the two generals and weakening their curse. Charlotte then used True Briar Magic to knock aside the two generals and combine the red roses with her blue roses.

With this, the post has come to an end. Currently, the series has 27 volumes and the ongoing anime has 3 seasons. Read the officially released chapters on VIZ Media and watch the anime series on CrunchyrollWe will be back with more posts like this, till then stay tuned with us.

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