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5 Best Series/ Movies With Both Vampires and Zombies

Imagine watching zombies and vampires appear together in the same place. Isn’t it exciting? Don’t worry if you are finding a way to search for such series and movies, because this article covered it for you by presenting a few films or series with both blood-thirsting vampires and living zombies.

5 Best Series/ Movies With Both Vampires and Zombies

1. Edges of Darkness

IMDb Ratings3
Duration1 hour 27 minutes
ThemeHorror/ sci-fi


Edges of Darkness is a direct-to-video movie released in September 2008 under the direction of Blaine Cade and Jason Horton. The plot narrates three different but interconnected tales and is set in a post-apocalyptic zombie setting.

In this movie, amidst a bloody zombie apocalypse, a blemish writer loses himself in his writing, a survival fiend akin to Lara Croft embraces the turmoil, and a vampire pair plots their survival.

2. Freaks of Nature

IMDb Ratings5.9
Duration1 hour 32 minutes
ThemeHorror/ comedy


Directed by Robbie Pickering, Freaks of Nature graced the screen in October 2015. The film focuses on a town named Dillford, where humans, zombies, and vampires live together peacefully.

But one day, aliens decide to arrive and create havoc. At that time, three teens—a vampire, a human, and a zombie—work together to find a plan to drive the visitors away.

3. Vampires vs. Zombies

IMDb Ratings3.8
Duration1 hours 25 minutes


Vampires vs. Zombies is a Vince D’Amato-directed film released in April 2004. It follows the story of two supernatural evil powers: vampires and zombies. They are seen fighting against each other to prove who is more powerful and superior.

In this film, vampires are driven by a thirst for blood, and undead creatures rise from the grave to feed on live people. Jenna comes into contact with a vampiric infection, so her father moves her away. They meet Carmilla, a vampire hunter, and zombies on their way home.

4. 30 Days of Night

IMDb Ratings6.6
Duration1 hour 53 minutes
ThemeHorror/ Action


The David Slade-directed film 30 Days of Night made its way into theaters in October 2007. It has a refreshing and different concept: using vampires as zombies. 30 Days of Night is an adaptation of the comic book miniseries under the same name.

The story centers on the setting of an Alaskan town that undergoes a dark period every month of each year. The town’s people have to survive the attack of a group of hostile vampires who appear after the last of the light fades. But a couple comes forward to guard the survivors from the vampires.

5. The Strain (TV series)

IMDb Ratings7.3
ThemeHorror, drama


The Strain is an American TV series revolving around Dr. Ephraim Goodweather, the director of the CDC’s Canary Project in New York. He is asked to look into the landing of an aircraft in which all occupants have perished.

With the help of his team, they find out that it’s all because of a viral epidemic that resembles an old type of vampire. Once the infection starts dispersing among the people, Goodweather leads his unit and a faction of the populace in a struggle to save humankind.

What makes this series fascinating and appealing is the entity Strigoi, which is a hybrid of parasite-infected people, zombies, and vampires.


It is entertaining to watch two malicious forces unite to fight against the same foe or face each other to ascertain who is incomparable. It’s like two worlds colliding and creating mysticism.

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