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Top 15 Strongest Spy X Family Characters Ranked (2023)

Spy x Family is a delightfully hilarious yet thrilling story about a family consisting of a spy, an assassin and a psychic, each unaware of the other’s secret. Filled with a lot of colorful characters, the series also has its share of strong characters. And that’s what we’ll be discussing today. We’ve ranked the top 15 strongest Spy x Family characters, according to their power and potential.

Before we begin our ranking, let us issue a spoiler alert because there are some characters in the list who debut in the story quite late, and we’ve also talked about some incidents that are yet to happen in the anime. So, proceed at your own risk.

Top 15 Strongest Spy X Family Characters Ranked

15) Kebab


We’ll start off the ranking of the strongest Spy x Family characters with a minor character who appears only briefly in the story, but his designation promises power. Kebab is the codename of a WISE agent working as the owner of Sunset Kebab at West Main Street in Ostania. He mainly acts as an informer.

Kebab has no scene of fighting in the story; he’s ordered by Sylvia to keep an eye on Pance Karmer who’s disguised as a security guard. But since he’s a spy sent undercover to an enemy nation, he must be trained in physical combat and marksmanship.

14) King of Chakram

King of Chakram

When Leonard Hapoon killed all of the Gretcher crime family and took over, he put a bounty on the heads of the remaining Gretchers: Olka and her infant son Gram. Thanks to the bounty, a lot of assassins board the Princess Lorelei cruise through which Olka is fleeing the country.

King of Chakram is one of those assassins. He uses chakra-like weapons, but is easily defeated by Yor at one go.

13) Esmerelda


Like King of Chakram, Esmerelda is another assassin on the Princess Lorelei trying to kill Olka and Gram. She is one of a few female assassins after Olka, but she’s just as easily dealt with by Yor as the rest of them.

Frankly, the 14th, 13th and 12th entries can be believed to possess the same amount of power, for the lack of better demonstration. They are all assassins, so they must be skilled at physical combat and weapons handling. But they are also very easily defeated by Yor, so their skills are nowhere near her.

12) Andre


Andre is another assassin after Olka and Gram. He disguises as a wealthy gentleman and plans to assassinate Olka and Gram in the guise of dancing. However, Yor identifies him and pretends to dance with him, before crushing his hand through sheer brute strength.

As an assassin, Andre must have been more powerful than a normal person, but he’s way weaker than Yor. Thus, he’s towards the end of this ranking.

11) Martha Marriott

Martha Marriott

Being the rich heiress that she is, little Becky is taken care of by her own personal butler, Martha Marriott. The older lady acts a personal chauffeur and caretaker of Becky, and has a sweet motherly relationship with her. She’s always attentive to her mistress, and visibly pleased by her friendship with Anya.

Martha used to be a soldier for the Ostanian Army. Though she’s now retired, her skills at combat remain. She’s proficient at hand-to-hand combat. Martha also possesses incredible speed, evident when she tases Vadim when the criminal is trying to kidnap Anya.

10) Sickle-and-Chain Barnaby

Sickle-and-Chain Barnaby

One of the antagonists of the Cruise Adventure Arc is the assassin calling himself Sickle-and-Chain Barnaby. He’s after the bounty of Olka and Gram Gretcher’s heads, and boards the Princess Lorelei to assassinate them.

The assassin is a solitary man as he refuses to cooperate with other assassins on the ship. He appears more menacing than the rest of them, but is ultimately defeated by Yor, thanks to Anya’s help.

9) Unnamed WISE Agent

Unnamed WISE Agent

The unnamed WISE agent makes his debut during the Doggy Crisis Arc. Like Loid and Fiona, he’s also a spy for Westalia, but neither his codename nor his pretend name is revealed in the story. He’s a reliable older man who has good relationships with his handler and fellow spies, including Loid.

The WISE agent doesn’t get a lot of opportunities to show off his skills, only disguise and marksmanship. But since he’s a spy and has to go on various missions, it’s easy to assume that he’s greatly trained at hand-to-hand combat, and possesses enhanced strength, speed and reflexes. But his skills aren’t as good as Loid or Fiona.

8) Yuri Briar

Yuri Briar

Yor’s beloved little brother Yuri Briar is next on the ranking of the strongest Spy x Family characters. He portrays himself as a prodigious yet harmless man working as a civil servant at the Foreign Ministry, but in truth, he’s a Second Lieutenant at the State Security Service, searching for the spies in their country.

Though Yuri is not as strong as his sister, he is also quite skilled at his job. Along with high endurance and master marksmanship, he’s also trained in hand-to-hand combat. But Yuri’s true skill lies in his intelligence. He’s extremely smart and uses his intellect to interrogate the spies they catch.

7) Matthew McMahon

Matthew McMahon

The next entry on our list appears to be a kind and gentle man, but don’t trust his looks too much as Matthew McMahon is a skilled individual capable of a great deal of action. He currently works as the Director of Policy at Berlint City Hall, but like Yor, he’s also associated with the Garden, and assists Yor on her mission of protecting Olka Gretcher on the Princess Lorelei.

Though not clearly stated, it can be assumed that Matthew is or at least used to be an assassin for the Garden. He works at a higher position than Yor in the City Hall, which means he’s more experienced than her. This very clearly shows when he demonstrates his extraordinary speed and reflexes as well as an excellent control over weapons on the ship.

6) The Shopkeeper

The Shopkeeper

One of the most mysterious characters in the series is the Shopkeeper. He runs the Garden, and is thus Yor’s direct employer. He’s the one who assigns her targets, and she reports to him. The Shopkeeper claims that he wants to make the world a beautiful place, which resonates with Yor, but his true goal is still a mystery.

Though the Shopkeeper is an elderly man and never seen going on missions, there’s no doubt that he is proficient in fighting and assassinating. Someone in his position, who handles a lot of assassins, has to be. But he’s seen using some of his skills when he attacks Yor with masterful thrusts of his shears.

5) Sylvia Sherwood

Sylvia Sherwood

Spies need a handler as their contact to their agency, and the handler of Twilight is Sylvia Sherwood. She’s the one who gives him the missions from the agency, and also keeps an eye on the missions so that nothing goes awry. Operation Strix is also given to Twilight by her.

Though Sylvia is not an active spy, she’s highly trained and can take on criminals easily, as seen when she quickly stops Pance Karmer from attacking the famous opera-singer Jonas Wellman in the WISE Arc. As a handler, she also has a wide network of surveillance, and is known as the Fullmetal Lady. But due to her age, Slyvia experiences back pain and body ache which diminish her fighting skills.

4) Winston Wheeler

Winston Wheeler

The number 4 position belongs to Winston Wheeler. He’s a spy of the State Security Services of Ostania who infiltrates the WISE Agency in the guise of their spy. Winston acts as a double agent and steals the top-secret information Westalis has on Ostania. He’s later found as the mole in the agency, and eventually arrested.

Winston is not only a cunning man, but a powerful one as well. He was skilled enough to pose as a WISE agent and even impressed Twilight with his battle prowess. He is proficient in both weapons and hand-to-hand combat, and possesses great strength. But at the end, he is defeated by Fiona.

3) Fiona Frost aka “Nightfall”

Fiona Frost

One of the best things about Spy x Family is its strong and interesting female characters, and Fiona Frost is an excellent example of this. She is a spy from Westalia, known by her codename “Nightfall”. Despite being known as a cold person with little emotions, she also has a huge crush on her fellow spy, Twilight.

Fiona has every skill befitting of a spy, from enhanced strength to enhanced speed, reflexes and endurance. She’s also great at infiltration and disguises. However, despite being one of the strongest Spy x Family characters, it’s canonically true that her strength and skills fall behind both Loid and Yor, which is why she’s at the number 3 position.

2) Loid Forger aka “Twilight”

Loid Forger

While all spies are powerful in their own way, no one is as good a spy as Twilight. Famed as the best spy of Westalia, he is known worldwide and has completed a lot of difficult missions for his country. His latest mission leads him to pose as Loid Forger and raise Anya with Yor to get close to the Ostanian politician, Donovan Desmond.

Being a top spy, Loid is more or less capable of doing everything, from disguise to infiltration. He can handle all types of weapons, including various guns and grenades. He also has extraordinary speed and reflexes that let him make split-second decisions. Loid also possesses great physical strength and endurance well beyond a normal person.

One of his greatest strengths is his intelligence which makes him all the more dangerous. If he’s your enemy, you have no chance of winning at all. And that’s why he’s at number 2 as the strongest Spy x Family characters.

1) Yor Forger aka the “Thorn Princess”

Yor Forger

And who should top the ranking of the strongest Spy x Family characters other than the beautiful and deadly Yor Forger? To the world, Yor appears as the loving sister to Yuri, and devoted wife and stepmother to Loid and Anya respectively, while working as a clerk at Berlint City Hall. 

But in reality, she moonlights as a deadly assassin known as the Thorn Princess. As an assassin, Yor possesses extraordinary strength, speed, reflexes and endurance. While it comes to strength, she could overpower even Loid. Yor is also proficient in using weapons, especially her choice weapon of pointed thorns.

She is highly capable in physical combat, and her kicks are especially powerful. Yor is efficient in her missions and easily takes on a room full of opponents. Her powers could even frighten trained spies like Fiona.

The ranking of top 15 strongest Spy x Family characters ends here. If you’re a fan of anime and manga, you should check out our other rankings and lists at Otakus’ Notes. We’ll be back soon.

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