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Top 10 Most Popular Anime in France 2023

Last updated on January 4th, 2023 at 12:36 am

Anime in France enjoys massive popularity, whose proofs are the many anime conventions that take place in Paris every year. In today’s article, we will make a list of the Top 10 Most Popular Anime in France 2022.

European countries are a significant hub for anime to thrive, and France is amongst the leaders when it comes to loving anime. This list that we have constructed today is based on information from Crunchyroll and Diamondlobby. And, we will be ranking these shows according to their IMDb ratings.

Now without further ado, go ahead and read our list of Top 10 Most Popular Anime in France 2022.

10) Yu-Gi-Oh!-


IMDb Ratings- 7.3

Genre- Action, Comedy, Fantasy

Number of Episodes- 225

Where to Watch- Netflix

The story is about a young boy Yuugi whom everyone bullies for being weak. His life changes completely when he solves the Millennium puzzle that he obtains from his grandfather’s shop. The game unleashes the soul of the king of games within him.

Thus an alternate personality takes place in him who is strong and dark. This new personality called Yami Yuugi takes control over his body whenever bad things happen to him and forces his rivals to play a “Shadow Game” with him.

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9) Pokémon-


IMDb Ratings- 7.5

Genre- Action, Adventure, Comedy

Number of Episodes- 1000+

Where to Watch- Netflix

Pokémon has become the most popular anime in France and other European countries. It is another anime that most of us grew up watching. This anime talks about peculiar creatures with different abilities.

On the other hand, Pokémon trainers are professional people who can train these Pokemons to battle others.

Ash is a young boy who wishes to become the Pokémon Master. Thus, with Pikachu, an electric type Pokémon, he goes on an epic adventure to make his dreams come true.

8) Black Clover-

Black Clover

IMDb Ratings- 8.3

Genre- Action, Comedy, Fantasy

Number of Episodes- 170

Where to Watch- Netflix

In Black Clover, everybody is born with some level of magical powers. Asta, the protagonist of the anime is the only person who doesn’t have any magic in him.

When he was still a child, he was abandoned at a church with another boy called, Yuno. They both grew up together, and while Yuno becomes a proficient mage, Asta struggles with his lack of magical abilities.

But this did not stop Asta from dreaming to become the Wizard King as he later gets a mysterious five-leaf clovered grimoire.

7) My Hero Academia-

My Hero Academia

IMDb Ratings- 8.4

Genre- Superhero, Comedy

Number of Episodes- 113

Where to Watch- Netflix

This anime talks about Deku, who lives in a world where most people have some sort of superpowers called quirks. He, unfortunately, is the only person in his family to be born without any quirk.

Not only does he get bullied because of this, but he also can’t make his dreams of becoming a superhero come true. But his life completely changes when All Might, his favorite Superhero, gives him his own quirks.

6) JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure-

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IMDb Ratings- 8.5

Genre-  Action, Adventure, Supernatural

Number of Episodes- 168

Where to Watch- Netflix

This series talks about the bizarre and extraordinary adventures of Jonathan Joestar and his descendants. The adventure begins with Jonathan, who grows up with Dio Brando and later starts a resentful relationship with him.

Even though Jonathan’s father George treats Dio as his own son, Dio wishes to have the entire Joestar fortune to himself. Things completely change for them when Dio wears a mysterious stone mask and ends up becoming an immortal vampire.

5) Demon Slayer-

Demon Slayer

IMDb Ratings- 8.7

Genre- Horror, Action, Comedy

Number of Episodes- 26

Where to Watch- Netflix

In this anime, we see how a brother can go to extreme lengths, to protect his beloved sister. Here, human-eating monsters called demons roam within the shadows, and it is the duty of a Demon Slayer to kill these demons and protect the humans.

Tanjiro is the eldest son of the Kamado family, who is responsible for taking care of his siblings and his sick mother. One day, when he returns from the nearby village, he finds his family massacred by demons.

Only his sister Nezuko is still alive, but she soon turns into a demon. Rather than giving up hope, he decides to become a demon Slayer himself so that he can find a cure for his sister.

4)Naruto, Naruto Shippuden-


IMDb Ratings- 8.7

Genre- Comedy, Action

Number of Episodes- 720

Where to Watch- Crunchyroll, Funimation

The Naruto series is the most popular anime in France with all-time vogue. Naruto is an anime that almost everyone grew up watching. The story is about a young boy called Naruto, born in a shinobi country called Konoha.

Before his birth, the monstrous nine-tailed fox was sealed within him, and due to this reason, many fear him in his village.

But this does not stop Naruto from dreaming big and wanting to become the Hokage of Konoha someday. In his quest, he meets many friends, important teammates, and deadly villains.

3) One Piece-

One Piece

IMDb Ratings- 8.7

Genre- Comedy, Action

Number of Episodes- 1000+

Where to Watch- Netflix, Funimation

One piece is definitely one of the most famous anime in France as well as around the world. It talks about a treasure called One Piece that the pirate king Gol D. Roger talked about before his execution.

Due to this revelation, every pirate started to hunt for this treasure, and Luffy, our protagonist, wishes the same. But he is not just hungry for the treasure, as he is also an adventurer and wishes to live his life like one.

He, with his crewmates, thus start a journey where he makes friends/enemies, fights battles, and then ultimately intends to grab One Piece.

2) Death Note-

Death Note

IMDb Ratings- 9

Genre- Psychological Drama, Dark Comedy

Number of Episodes- 37

Where to Watch- Crunchyroll, Netflix, Funimation

This psychological thriller anime is one of the most popular anime ever. It talks about the story of Light Yagami, a genius boy who in an attempt to make the world a better place, becomes a villain himself.

Light is too intelligent for his age, and everything is quite boring for him. One day, he sees a diary falling from the sky, and upon enquiring, he finds it to be a Death Note.

With this note, he can kill anyone just by knowing their name. At first, he uses this only with good intentions, but as time goes by, his ambition to become God takes over.

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1) Attack on Titan-

Attack On TItan

IMDb Ratings- 9

Genre- Action, Drama

Number of Episodes- 79

Where to Watch- Netflix

This anime is arguably the most famous show right now. The story focuses on a world where man-eating giants called Titans roam freely. Humans now live within seemingly impenetrable walls to protect themselves from these Titans.

Eren, the protagonist, lives in a district within the walls with his family and friends. His life gets devastated when the wall gets breached, and his mother is eaten alive in front of him.

After this incident, he plans to take revenge on the Titans and swears to kill every one of them.

On that note, we conclude our article on Top 10 Most Popular Anime in France 2022. We are aware that we have missed many other notable animes out there, that are famous in France, but sadly, we could only include these. Stay tuned to read more articles on your favorite topics.


Image Source – IMDb , Amazon, MyAnimeList


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