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Top 10 Strongest Female Characters in Boruto Ranked

Last updated on January 14th, 2023 at 12:20 am

The Boruto series presents yet another version of the Ninja world with a glimpse at the matured characters from Naruto. The story itself is unique with modern influences yet maintains the charm of the original Narutoverse. And, today we are listing the Top 10 strongest female characters in Boruto. 

Masashi Kishimoto introduced some badass kunoichis to the anime community, and they continue to shine even in the spin-off. With some new female characters added to the cast, Boruto boasts a healthy balance of strong male and female personas. Check out this article where we will be listing the top 10 strongest female characters in Boruto. 

Top 10 Strongest Female Characters in Boruto

10) Mirai Sarutobi 

Mirai Sarutobi 


Mirai is an exceptional ninja who is the daughter of Kurenai and Asuma, two of the strongest shinobis of Konoha. Similar to her father, she can use the Flying Swallow technique, and she is also highly proficient at Wind Release.

Her skills in Genjutsu are also commendable, which was passed to her by her mother. Furthermore, she is a kunoichi who is strong enough to be assigned as a bodyguard to the sixth and the seventh Hokage of Konoha. 

9) Hinata Uzumaki

Hinata Uzumaki


Apart from being a doting mother to her children and a caring wife to Naruto, Hinata is one of the strongest kunoichis of Konoha. Her dōjutsu, Byakugan, is one of the most powerful Kekkei Genkai, which gives her a near 360° X-ray vision

Even though she has not yet fought in any notable fights in Boruto, she is still a powerful shinobi who was once the heiress of the Hyūga clan.  

8) Hanabi Hyūga

Hanabi Hyūga


Hanabi is the current heiress of the Hyūga clan. From an early age, she has showcased exceptional talents which even surpassed her sisters. It has been accepted by her father that Hanabi’s Byakugan is one of the strongest in her clan. It is even accepted to be as strong as Neji’s Byakugan. 

Apart from that, she is also a skilled Taijutsu user which, we could observe in her spar with Boruto. 

7) Ino Yamanaka

Ino Yamanaka


Ino Yamanaka is not only the current head of the Yamanaka clan, but she also leads the Sensory and Intelligence Division of Konoha.

She is arguably the strongest Sensor type ninja who is a skilled Taijutsu user, a mind reader, and can possess someone’s mind and body, amongst other things. She is a prominent Medical Ninja, who later opened a hospital for children with Sakura. 

6) Sarada Uchiha

Sarada Uchiha

Sarada is one of the strongest kunoichis of Boruto’s generation. Being the daughter of one of the greatest shinobi, Sasuke Uchiha, and the strongest kunoichi, Sakura Uchiha, she is considered an elite.

Apart from her Kekkei Genkai Sharingan, she additionally inherited her mother’s superhuman strength. She is also skilled at Shurikenjutsu and Genjutsu. Currently, she is the only shinobi after Kakashi and Sasuke to have ever used the power of Chidori

5) Temari Nara

Temari Nara

Coming from the Kazekage clan of Sunagakure, Temari is one of the most potent kunoichis in the world. She uses a giant Folding Fan in combat, which she utilizes to manipulate wind, making her one of the most potent Wind Release users.

 In the Boruto anime, Temari was strong enough to singlehandedly fight against the Byakuya Gang

4) Kurotsuchi


Kurotsuchi is the Fourth Tsuchikage of Iwagakure and is definitely considered one of the strongest kunoichi. She is a proficient Fire, water, and Earth Release user. Furthermore, she possesses excellent combat skills.

In her fight with Kinshiki Ōtsutsuki, she was able to send him flying with one punch. The official Boruto: Naruto the Movie novel even states that she is the greatest Genjutsu user amongst all the other Kages.  

3) Sakura Uchiha

Sakura Uchiha

Sakura Uchiha is considered the strongest Kunoichi, who has even surpassed her mentor, the Fifth Hokage, Lady Tsunade. As someone hailing from a normal background, she was able to show tremendous growth arising from being a powerless girl to wielding Byakugou and possessing Strength of a Hundred Seal.

She also holds superhuman strength and can demolish trees and make craters with no effort. Apart from that, she is a professional Medical Ninja and is considered one of the mightiest healers of Konoha. Additionally, she can also summon Lady Katsuyu, a giant slug just like Tsunade. 

2) Delta


Delta is an inner of the villainous organization called Kara. She is a cyborg whose body has been significantly modified with Scientific Ninja Tools. She can manipulate and transform her legs for combat.

She is a Yin Releaser and is capable of using Genjutsu Communication. Her Taijutsu skills are also praiseworthy as she was able to hold her ground with Naruto, who was in his Six Paths Sage Mode. She is currently one of the most potent antagonists of Boruto. 

1) Eida


Eida is another member of Kara. She is currently considered the most powerful female character of the Boruto series. Her power greatly relies on the fact that everybody, irrespective of gender, falls in love with her, making it difficult to hurt her. 

She has the power of Senrigan, giving her the ability to know everything that is happening anywhere in the world at present and what has happened in the past. Her Taijutsu skills even surpass Jigen’s abilities. She also harbors an extreme obsession for both Kawaki and Boruto which, is also a reason behind her decision to join forces with Code. 

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This is a list of the Strongest Female Characters of Boruto ranked so far. We hope we were able to include your favorite characters here. We have high hopes from the creators that they will showcase more cool aspects of the female cast of Boruto in the future as well. If you wish to watch the anime or read the manga, you can do so by going to Crunchyroll or Hulu. Stay tuned for more exciting news and updates on your favorite anime/manga/manhwa/webtoon. 

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