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Top 20 Strongest Fighters in Kengan Ashura Series Ranked

Last updated on May 19th, 2022 at 10:24 pm

Kengan Ashura has gained an unprecedented rise in popularity after getting its Netflix Adaptation of its Season 1 and 2.

Also, in the manga series, its sequel Kengan Omega is currently running. The Omega series also has a respective fan base.

Both Ashura and Omega series have unveiled various knowledge regarding fighting styles and techniques practiced in various parts of the world.

Presently, in this list, we will discuss the ranking of the top 20 strongest fighters in Kengan Ashura. Here, the ranking discussion is done on the performance of the fighters in the Kengan Association Tournament.

We are not covering or including any power development of the fighter in the Omega series. So, let’s begin;

Warning: Spoilers Alert. There are many spoilers on the list for Anime lovers. So, anime lovers either wait for the next season to release or spoil at their own risk.

Top 20 Strongest Fighters in Kengan Ashura Series Ranked- 

  • 20) Inaba Ryo (The Black Phantom)-

Top 20 Strongest Fighters in Kengan Ashura Inaba Ryo is an assassin of the Inaba Clan who fought Ohma Tokita in the Kengan Association Tournament. He uses the clan’s secret technique, Inaba style, in which he can use his hairs as a weapon.

If Ohma did not use his advancement, he would have lost from Inaba. That’s why, he secures the 20th position on the list.

  • 19) Kiozan Takeru (The Brawler of the Sumo Ring)-

Top 20 Strongest Fighters in Kengan Ashura Kiozan Takeru is a professional Sumo Wrestler with high physical strength. In Kengan Association Tournament, he gave a tough fight to Sekibayashi.

He trains his legs every day, making him the fastest sumo wrestler. Also, he is the most powerful sumo practitioner in the series, ranking 19th position on the list.

  • 18) Kono Haruo (The Destroyer)-

Top 20 Strongest Fighters in Kengan Ashura Kono Haruo, who represented Nintendo, is also a B Tier fighter who has exceptionally high physical strength, durability, and endurance.

Despite having 315 kg weight, he can easily dodge straight attacks due to his extreme metabolic rate. Unfortunately, in Kengan Tournament, Akoya eliminated him; that’s why he is on 18th position.

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  • 17) Sekibayashi Jun (Hell’s Angel)-

Top 20 Strongest Fighters in Kengan Ashura The most muscular pro wrestler, Sekibayashi Jun, is the affiliated fighter of Gandai.

He is an expert on chokes, holds, and slam and also has the best durability. He can take hard blows without any problem.

According to him, a pro wrestler can get a hold of any physical attack making him in 17th position on the list.

  • 16) Akoya Seishu (The Executioner)-

Top 20 Strongest Fighters in Kengan Ashura Akoya Seishu is the police inspector and affiliated fighter of Wakasa Life Insurance who uses Taiho-Jutsu, an Art of Arrest, to fight his opponents.

Based on raw strength, speed and reflexes, he is a powerful fighter.

Not only strong, but he is also one of the most brutal fighters in the Kengan series. Hence, he is on the 16th.

  • 15) Okubo Naoya (The King of Combat)-

Top 20 Strongest Fighters in Kengan Ashura The ultimate fighter of MMA and the affiliated fighter of the Muji TV is Okubo Naoya. He is a B rank fighter who is an expert in Mixed Martial Arts, but his specialty is Grappling.

In Kengan Association Tournament, he gave a tough fight to Kanoh Agito. Due to a change in techniques according to the situation, he can brawl with any Top Tier fighters. That’s why, he is on the 15th position.

  • 14) Yoroizuka Saw Paing (The Howling Fighting Spirit)-

Top 20 Strongest Fighters in Kengan Ashura The fighter with the highest durability and defensive strength is Saw Paing from the Village of the Dawn.

He is another B rank fighter and a practitioner of Lethwei, the Brutal Martial Arts of Myanmar.

Due to his hardcore training, his bones have become so dense that no blows can cause any kind of fractures, makes him indestructible.

This is the main reason; he is on the 14th position. It is very challenging to compare, Saw Paing, Bando and Cosmo. The ranking can be different according to some fans’ point of view.

  • 13) Cosmo Imai (The King of Strangles)-

Top 20 Strongest Fighters in Kengan Ashura The King of Strangles, Cosmo Imai, is the fighter of the Nishihonji Security Services. He is only 19 years old who can easily choke anyone to death.

After the fight against Akoya, he has developed a new ability called foresight. Even Ohma considered him as a challengeable fighter.

That’s why he ranks 13th on the list. Based on techniques, Cosmo is better than Bando but he is a bad match for him, that’s why, he is above in the list.

  • 12) Bando Yohei (“The Bloody Tusk”)-

Top 20 Strongest Fighters in Kengan Ashura Bando Yohei is the prisoner who got released by Juoh Communication. He is an A rank fighter because of his ability of abnormality in the joint flexibility.

He is not an expert in Martial Arts, but his intense flexibility makes him A rank fighter.

He got defeated by Hatsumi Sen in Kengan Association Tournament, that’s why he got placed at 12th.

  • 11) Kiryu Setsuna (“The Beautiful Beast”)-

Top 20 Strongest Fighters in Kengan Ashura Kiryu Setsuna, a black-hearted sinner, who is affiliated with the Koyo Academy Group. He has a knowledge of both Koei Style and the Niko Style.

Also, he can use Advancement just like Ohma Tokita. He is a bad match-up for Kuroki Gensai and unfortunately ended up getting knocked by him. He is also an A Tier fighter; that’s why he is ranked at 11.

  • 10) Muteba Gizenga (“The Genocider)-

Top 20 Strongest Fighters in Kengan Ashura Muteba Gizenga, a blind mercenary from Congo, is an assassin who fought under Iwami Heavy Industries.

He is a skilled assassin who is an expert in silent assassinating. Because of his blindness, his other senses are far better than any other human.

He is one of the dangerous fighters in the Kengan series. It is good to place him on the 10th position.

  • 9) Mikazuchi Rei (“The Lightning God”)-

Top 20 Strongest Fighters in Kengan Ashura Another powerful fighter, Mikazuchi Rei, is the current master of Raishin Style and is affiliated with the Gold Pleasure Group.

He is the fastest fighter in the entire series based on movement and striking speed. He has also set the new record of the shortest Kengan fight.

He is so fast that his movements has compared to that of lightning. However, he was knocked out by Kuroki Gensai in Round 3; that’s why he is ranked on 9th position.

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  • 8) Hatsumi Sen (“The Floating Cloud”)-

Top 20 Strongest Fighters in Kengan Ashura Hatsumi Sen, the master of Aikido, is the affiliated fighter of the Nogi Group. In his peak condition, he even knocked Wakatsuki Takeshi in the fight.

He is so much powerful than before Agito; he was offered as the Fifth Fang of Metsudo.

His most powerful technique is unpredictability and soft movement. It is challenging to compare him against Gaolang and Julius. Hence, he is placed at rank 8.

  • 7) Gaolang Wongsawat (The Thai God of War)-

Top 20 Strongest Fighters in Kengan AshuraAnother S-rank fighter and the most powerful heavyweight boxer, Gaolang Wongsawat, is the personal bodyguard of Rama XIII.

It is said that no one can take him down in blows. Even Agito claimed that only in blows, Gaolang could defeat him.

Gaolang is also an expert in Kick-Boxing, which makes him the 7th position holder.

  • 6) Julius Reinhold (“The Monster”)-

Top 20 Strongest Fighters in Kengan AshuraJulius Reinhold is the heaviest fighter in the Kengan series, with a bodyweight of 210 kg and height of 209 cm.

After getting defeated by Wakatsuki, he practiced so hard that currently, no one can overpower him in strength.

According to Julius, those who are powerful need no techniques.

If the ranking is done based on the Purgatory storyline, then Julius will achieve a higher rank on the list. However, as per Kengan Ashura, Julius, the Monster, has gained 6th rank.

  • 5) Raian Kure (The Devil)-

Top 20 Strongest Fighters in Kengan Ashura The most vital member and assassin of the Kure Clan who can use Removal at 100 % is Raian Kure, who fought under Under Mount, Inc.

He is the only person in history who has achieved the Secret Technique, i.e., Removal at 100 percent in which he can remove the limiter of his brain, gaining greater strength, durability, speed, and reflexes.

Even without Removal, he is an expert in Kure Technique. If he used his techniques in Kengan Association Tournament then he could defeat Ohma Tokita in Round 2. He is also a potent fighter; therefore, he ranked 5th on the list.

  • 4) Wakatsuki Takeshi (Wild Tiger)-

Top 20 Strongest Fighters in Kengan Ashura Wakatsuki Takeshi is the fighter with the most significant number of wins in the Kengan Association. He has the affiliation of the Furumi Pharmaceuticals.

In his entire career, he has only lost against three fighters. The abnormality in the muscle density makes his muscles 52 times much denser than an average human, allowing him to transform his muscle energy into mighty blows.

His main attack, “Blast Core,” is enough to take down any fighter. The S rank fighter makes his position at 4th.

  • 3) Tokita Ohma (The Ashura)-

Top 20 Strongest Fighters in Kengan Ashura Tokita Ohma, the protagonist and the master of the Niko style, is an S-rank fighter under the Yamashita Trading Cooperation.

He was the finalist of the Kengan Association Tournament but got defeated by Kuroki Gensai.

The series displayed that his heart was in critical condition using the excessive use of Awakening. Even Kuroki applauded and wished to fight him with his healthy state.

Presently, in the Omega series, Ohma has gained complete control over his Awakening and Niko Style. Now he is at the as same level as Kanoh Agito.

  • 2) Kanoh Agito (The Fang of Metsudo)-

Top 20 Strongest Fighters in Kengan Ashura Kanoh Agito, the fifth Fang of Metsudo, is the strongest fighter of the Kengan Association who has defeated almost every top-tier fighter in his career.

He is an S+ Tier and the affiliate fighter for Dainippon Bank. He is an all-rounder fighter who likes to defeat the fighters in their techniques.

His base combat technique is the Formless Style which he used as his last option. Except for Kuroki Gensai, no one ever manage to defeat Kanoh in the entire series; that’s why he is placed on the 2nd position in the list.

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  • 1) Kuroki Gensai (The Devil Lance)-

Top 20 Strongest Fighters in Kengan Ashura Kuroki Gensai, the winner of the Kengan Association Tournament, is the unbeatable fighter of the Kengan series renowned by Motorhead Motors.

He is also categorized in S+ Tier, meaning one of the best fighters in the tournament.

He is the master of Kaiwan Style and has reached the apex of the Martial Arts with his calm mind and hardcore practice.

Not only in Kengan Ashura, but in the Omega series, he has also shown a glimpse of his fighting style.

Making the right decision with the correct technique makes him the strongest fighter in the Kengan series. Therefore, he has secured the topmost position on the list.

Here is the list of the Top 20 Strongest Fighters in Kengan Ashura. If we draft the list based on Omega series then some fighters would have jumped ahead in the positions.

Also, we could see some new faces in the list too. But don’t worry, we will surface another list of Top 20 fighters which include the fighter of the Omega series too.

Fans can read Kengan Ashura from Mangadex or private manga websites as it is easily available on search engines.

For anime, we highly recommend you to advance for Netflix. We will be back with another ranking article. Till then stay tuned with us.


Image Source- Kenganverse Wiki – Fandom

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