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Top 15 Strongest Hunter X Hunter Female Characters Ranked (Based on Manga 2023)

Last updated on January 4th, 2023 at 12:28 am

Hunter x Hunter is the brainchild written and illustrated by Yoshihiro Togashi. It first appeared in the shonen jump in march 1998 and has generated a huge fan base since then. The Power scaling of Hunter x Hunter is phenomenal. We get to see a lot of powerful characters with intense character development.

We get to see a lot of badass female characters in Hunter x Hunter with the most overpowered abilities. Even though there are so many powerful characters, these female characters are more powerful than most.

So without any delay, here are the strongest female characters in Hunter x Hunter manga.

15) Baise

Baise Hunter X Hunter

Baise is introduced in the series as one of the bodyguards of the Nostrade family and demonstrates a great degree of skill by completing the task given to her by the Nostrade family. She is a Manipulator. Her ability Instant Lover is a powerful ability that makes anyone she kisses follow every single command she dishes out.

 Nonetheless, she was admired by many people, making it to the 15th position on our list of Strongest Females in Hunter X Hunter.

14) Zazan


On number 14 on the list of Strongest Females in Hunter X Hunter, we have Zazan, who was a Chimera Ant Squadron Leader who later proclaimed herself queen and formed a colony in Meteor City.

She had a lot of followers, and being a Chimera Ant, she had enhanced strength, speed, and reflexes. Zazan had a Stinger that contained a special neurotoxin which she used very proficiently in her fight with Feitan and used to mutate and control a lot of residents of meteor city. 

Zazan’s Ultimate Move is when she pulls out her stinger and transforms into a massive bulky crocodile-looking monster which increases her attack power as well as her defense and shoots up her durability.

In her Ultimate form, she did considerable damage to Feitan but failed to anticipate the effects of his attack and was incinerated to death by Feitan’s ability, the Rising Sun.

13) Kikyo Zoldyck

Kikyo Zoldyck

Kikyo Zoldyck is the mother of KilluaIllumi, AllukaMilluki, and Kalluto Zoldyck. As an assassin belonging to the Zoldyck family, she possesses a wide range of abilities as well as her Nen being awakened makes her a huge threat and on the 13th position on our list of Strongest Females in Hunter X Hunter.

She is also very fast as she was able to cross the huge Zoldyck estate in a matter of minutes. Kikyo is a Manipulator, and although Yoshihiro did not reveal any of her abilities yet, we might get to see her in the new upcoming chapters of the manga when they release, so stay tuned.

12) Pyon


Pyon is a Zodiac Hunter codenamed “Rabbit.” She is a member of the Intelligence Team of the zodiacs when they leave for the Dark Continent. An extremely high intellect and her proficiency in Nen that is all that is revealed about her as of now.

She is theorized to be very strong as she is a member of the elite Zodiac Hunters of the Hunter Association with absolute authority and strength, which surpasses Knov and Morel.

She also served as a sparring partner for netero. All this combined makes her a top contender in hunter x hunter and in the twelfth place on our list of Strongest Females in Hunter X Hunter.

11) Camilla Hui Guo Rou

Camilla Hui Guo Rou

Camilla Hui Guo Rou is the Second Prince of the Kakin Empire and the daughter of Queen Duazul. She is the eldest in her family and is just as sadist as other elder princes and proves her merciless nature by ordering the queen to kill her son and her biological brother.

Camilla has enhanced endurance and is a perfect shot being able to shoot with point-blank accuracy. She is a Manipulator and a compelling nen user. Her Nen ability, “The Cat who lived a Million Times,” is a counteractive one that activates after Camilla is killed.

After her death, a huge cat-like creature will appear behind her killer and extracts all of the life force from the killer to its tail and later straight back to Camilla, reviving her and healing all her injuries. This is a very broken ability and not the only one she has, which is why she made it to 11th place on this list of Strongest Females in Hunter X Hunter.

Camilla also has a Guardian Spirit Beast like the rest of the Kakin Princes to protect her. Her Nen beast is a manipulator and is Parasitic in nature, so Camilla has no control over the beast. The Beast also has an ability that allows it to complete control of the target after specific conditions are met.

10) Gel


On the tenth position of Strongest Females in Hunter X Hunter., we have the Snake Zodiac Gel. See is a poison hunter and is a member of the Science team of the zodiacs. Her abilities haven’t been revealed yet, but she showed the ability to transform her hand into a snake. 

She is one of the highest authoritarian figures in the hunter association and has immense knowledge of biologychemistry, and medicine. She also sparred with the Chairmen.

Although her powers are unknown, she could threaten Pariston in the presence of all the zodiac members and demonstrated her wisdom when she explained the consequences after the capture of Beyond Netero and his announcement to the world.

9) Cluck


Next up on the ninth place on the list of the Strongest Females in Hunter X Hunter. We have Cluck, one of the twelve powerful zodiac hunters codenamed “Chicken,” who is so powerful that she sparred with Chairman Netero often. She is a Botanical Hunter and is a member of the flora and fauna team of zodiacs when they all go to the Dark Continent. 

Cluck’s Nen abilities aren’t entirely revealed as of now, and we can say she is theorized to be a manipulator based on her ability, which is pretty damn powerful. 

Even the zodiac codenamed tiger(Kanzai) acknowledged her strength to be greater than that of Knov and Morel. We got a slight glimpse of her power when she demonstrated her ability to control birds and sent messages to all the hunters making it a little more than 700 hunters. Such a feat alone is enough to put her in the top ten of our list, and fans have been waiting to see her in action ever since.

8) Pakunoda


Pakunoda is one of the most admired characters in Hunter x Hunter, and that is why she falls in eighth place on this list. Pakunoda is a beloved member of the Phantom Troupe and is admired by her colleagues. She has enhanced endurance, strength, speed, and agility. Pakunoda also had a very sharp intellect and was very loyal to Chrollo Lucifer.

Pakunoda was a specialist by nature, and her Nen ability “Psychometry” enabled her to see other people’s memories and read people’s minds when she touched them. She is proficient in Ren, Hatsu, and Zetsu, which she made full use of whilst tailing Gon and Killua. 

If this wasn’t enough, she has one more broken ability called “Memory Bomb,” using which Pakunoda could implant anyone’s memories into anyone by shooting a conjured bullet in the person’s head; however, if she shot someone with their own memories, they would lose those memories they were shot with. All these abilities contribute to making her one of the Strongest Hunter x Hunter Female characters.

7) Tsubone


In seventh place in our list of the Strongest Hunter X Hunter Female Characters, we have Tsubone, a butler of the Zoldyck Family. She is very skilled and ingenious, so much so that both Illumi and Killua avoid fighting her.

Tsubone was able to recognize that Illumi was watching a video feed through her monocle and also perceived emotions as he watched it. She has immense speed and could keep up with Killua when he was using Godspeed, which is a feat on its own. Tsubone also has impressive endurance, superb agility, mastery of Zetsu, an extremely high intellect, and mastery over Nen.

 Tsubone is a Conjurer by nature, and her Nen ability “Rider’s High” can make seven extremely complex vehicles out of her body. Out of the seven, only two are seen in the anime, and as broken as this ability is, it has a catch.

The vehicles she transforms into need external aura sources and someone to constantly fuel her aura, and depending on the vehicle, she can even seat more than one Nen user.

6) Shizuku Murasaki

Shizuku Murasaki

Shizuku Murasaki is a member of the Phantom Troupe. She has a lot of skills and showcased her strength when she single-handedly defeated Baise. Ivlenkov as well as Pike (a senior chimera ant officer). She has great durabilitystrength, and agility. Her reflexes and speed are on another level.

Shizuku is an expert planner and is excellent at strategizing, and “Blinky” can dispose of the troupe’s trail with great expertise. Shizuku can also use weapons with high proficiency.

Shizuku is a Conjurer by nature, and her nen ability Blinky is conjured sentient vacuum cleaner, and boy does it cleanly. Blinky can “suck in” an infinite number of non-living objects but nothing that Shizuku considers to be alive.

Among everything that Blinky sucks, he can bring back(spit out) the last object it swallows, and the rest is sent away into nowhere. Her ability is used repeatedly by the troupe to clean their trails.

Blinky can also suck out the poison, gasses, liquids, and even very small objects from anything sentient. She uses Blinky to its utmost limits in combat and makes use of her abilities with great skill.

All these feats, along with her strategizing, put her in sixth place on our list. All these abilities, along with excellent strategizing, contribute to making her one of the Strongest Hunter x Hunter Female characters.

5) Palm Siberia

Palm Siberia

Palm Siberia is a very powerful and erratic Hunter and is a disciple of Knov. She was converted into a Chimera Ant Soldier in the Chimera Ant arc. Before turning into a Chimera Ant, her ability Merman’s Clairvoyance allowed her to monitor the movements and actions of any target she chose at any time (for activating this, she has to see the person and give up some of her blood to a merman holding a crystal ball).

After the Royal Guards captured and converted her into a Chimera ant, she went through a major upgrade and gained a lot of new and very potent abilities making her in the fifth position on this list of the Strongest Hunter X Hunter Female Characters.

She is an Enhancer, and although she was a non-combatant before, she became very proficient in combat since her transformation. Palm gained strength, speed, and agility, and her psychosis was removed as well, making her more calm and quick-witted.

Palm is an Enhancer by nature and is also proficient in Transmutation. She retained the ability of clairvoyance after the transformation into a chimera ant soldier with a slight change, and her aura grew stronger as well. Her Ability “Wink Blue” allows her to see three people who she looked at using her right eye and locate them.

Palm’s ultimate ability is Black Widow, which allows her to encase her entire body with armor made out of her hair, contributing to offense and defense in great proportions. She showcased intense character development, and fans developed a soft spot for her towards the end.

4) Machi Komacine

Machi Komacine

Next up in the fourth place in our list of the Strongest Hunter X Hunter Female Characters, we have Machi, who is one of the coldest members of the Phantom Troupe and also happens to be one of the strongest in the troupe.

She has a lot of skills and enhanced combat abilities with multiple useful abilities like muscle control (where she can hold her vital organs in place to prevent them from harm), extreme endurance, and superb stealth abilities. Her speed is phenomenal, and she is extremely agile as she was able to prevent Gon from escaping before he even moved an inch.

Machi’s Nen nature is that of a Transmuter, and she is very proficient in using nen. Aside from her natural nature, she can also use Emitter techniques at full power.

Her ability “Nen Stitches” is so unique that she can use it to stitch organs and severed limbs in a matter of seconds as she did with Hisoka in Heavens Arena. Machi’s stitches have Healing abilities and can also revive and replace dead cells in the body.

Machi’s other ability, “Nen Thread,” allows her to attach her threads to her victim and manipulate his/her body movements like a puppet master. These threads are volatile in nature with multiple uses (she can use her threads to cut someone’s head off, strangle someone, bind someone) and lose their strength considerably when they leave Machi’s hands.

However, they have very high durability and strength when connected to her hand. She is the second phantom troupe member we were introduced to and has made her way into the sixth position of this list because of her amazing skills and superior intellect, along with enough faith in her strength to challenge Phinks and Feitan. Fans have been waiting to see her in action more.

3) Neferpitou


Neferpitou is the first of the Royal Guards of the Chimera Ant King (Meruem) and is one of the most powerful characters throughout the series. She has superhuman strength, hearing, speed, agility, reflexes, vision, stamina, and amazing endurance with one of the most terrorizing Auras in the series. Her intuition was phenomenal, along with her Superior intellect, which she showcased by acquiring enough intel about the human body to invoke desired responses.

Neferpitou is a natural specialist, and she could use Nen a couple of hours after she was born. Her aura is so formidable that she can maintain En(which can change its shape at her will) and can use other forms of nen like Emission and Manipulation with very high proficiency.

Her Nen ability Doctor Blythe is a huge conjured doll that can treat anything with sentience due to her vast knowledge. Despite this being such a useful ability, it has a limitation that Doctor Blythe stays firm in one place and cannot move when it’s out, so Neferpitou has to stay within 20 meters of “Doctor Blythe.”

Her other ability Terpsichora is more combat-based, and it allows her to fight extreme battles by attaching strings to Neferpitou and controlling her actions.

Apart from these, she can also use another ability called Puppeteering which allows her complete control of a human. She is an overload of abilities and one of the strongest in the series, making her in the top 3 of this list.

2) Biscuit Krueger

Biscuit Krueger

Biscuit Krueger is a Double-Star Stone Hunter and is a literal beast when it comes to power. She is the master of Wing and also taught Killua and Gon. She is also very popular in the Hunter Association and is respected by her peers as well as seniors.

Biscuit is also very experienced and skilled in combat as well as strategizing. She is very proficient in teaching Nen as well. Biscuit can fight incredibly well and can take out extremely powerful opponents with ease.

Biscuit has killer instincts allowing her to have an upper edge in battle and can perceive bloodlust with ease with Superhuman strength, stamina, speed, and incredible reflexes.

Her contribution to the current plotline, coupled with her abilities and vast aura, guaranteed her second place in this list of the Strongest Females in Hunter X Hunter.

1) Alluka Zoldyck

Top 10 god tier anime characters

Finally, the most powerful female character in Hunter x Hunter and number one, Alluka Zoldyck, is the youngest child of the Zoldyck Family of Assassins. She is the only one on this list without any combat knowledge whatsoever, yet the most dangerous. She is possessed by an unknown creature from the Dark Continent, “Nanika” (Something), as it is called, can grant wishes.

Killua is the only person who knows the other rules of Alluka’s “Nanika.” He kept them a secret from the rest of the family, as we came to see later on.

Alluka is the only character in the series with an ability so powerful it can reshape reality. That makes her the most powerful character in this list and should arguably put her in the top place of any of the Most powerful characters in Hunter x Hunter.

There are a lot of details missing from this article, but we have tried our best to put things in perspective for how things stand as of now, and you can check out the manga for more.

This concludes our list of the Top 15 Most Powerful Hunter x Hunter Female Characters. If you liked it, please make sure to check out our other articles. You can stream Hunter X Hunter on Crunchyroll/Netflix. For more of such content, revisit us here on OtakusNotes.

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