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Updated | (2023) Top 20 Strongest Characters in Iruma kun Ranked

Last updated on January 4th, 2023 at 12:29 am

This post is updated based on new information.

Written and illustrated by Osamu Nishi, Welcome to Demon School! Iruma kun is one of the most popular ongoing anime and manga series. This series follows the adventures of a human through the dark world of demons called the Netherworld.

Iruma Suzuki is a 14-year-old boy who, throughout his life, had to face many hardships, thanks to his good-for-nothing parents. Since childhood, he had to work multiple jobs to meet the necessities of life.


One day at his job Iruma is kidnapped by a powerful demon named Lord Sullivan as Iruma’s parents sold him for money. To his surprise, the demon offers Iruma to become his grandson or else be eaten.

Owing to no choice at all, Iruma agrees. Iruma is enrolled in the prestigious Babyls High School for demons, where he decides to keep a low profile.

However, this is next to impossible as his grandfather Lord Sullivan is the principal of the school, and by virtue of being his grandson, he unwantedly became the center of attraction.

Thus, from here starts his journey in the demon world. As Iruma kun navigates through the various oddities of the demon world, it often leads to many comical and embarrassing situations. Here we will take a look at the top 20 strongest characters in Welcome to Demon School! Iruma kun.

Warning, Alert for Anime Lovers. This post contains some characters which are not been introduced in anime till now.

20) Sabnock Sabro

Sabro Sabnock_Strongest Characters in Welcome to Demon School! Iruma-kun

He is one of the demons of the Abnormal Class and is Iruma’s classmate. He is a highly muscular bloke whose only ambition in life is to be the next Demon King and believes that his every action, no matter how silly, is necessary to achieve this ambition.

On the very first day of the enrollment ceremony, he attacked a teacher to showcase his strength. Sabro possesses immense physical strength and agility.

He inherited his Bloodline Magic: Weapon Creation, which allows him to forge a weapon through any kind of metal within a matter of minutes. Currently, he possesses Rank 4: Daleth.

19) Asmodeus Alice

Asmodeus Iruma kun

Asmodeus Alice is one of the main characters of this story. Initially, in the series, he was portrayed as a brash fellow who challenged Iruma for a duel on the very first day of school.

On losing to Iruma, there is a 180-degree change in his behavior, and he becomes a loyal companion of Iruma. His only desire is to be the right-hand man of Iruma and always be by his side.

He is immensely powerful, and his mother is a member of the ’13 Crowns’- a body of powerful demons who controls the demon world.

Alice can manipulate fire and can cast very powerful spells. His powerful flames offer him both offensive and defensive capabilities. Presently, he possesses Rank 4: Daleth.

18) Amy Kirio

Strongest Characters in Welcome to Demon School! Iruma-kun

Kirio is a third-year student at Babyls High School for demons and the head of Magical Apparatus Battler. He has one of the darkest and most twisted personalities ever.

He is a sadist who loves to see others in despair. Since childhood, he had a weak affinity for magic and often coughed out blood while casting spells.

Though a Rank 2: Beth, he inherited the powerful barrier magic of his family, giving him zero offense skills but 100% defense skills.

He was the one who decided to destroy Babyls and is secretly working with Baal to destroy the current order in the demon world. His barriers have the ability to regenerate and can only be destroyed by Rank 10: Yod class demon.

Iruma was able to break through his barriers only by unleashing the true potential of Sullivan’s magic stored in his ring. Kirio considers Iruma his arch-nemesis and, in the current arc, is one of the main antagonists.

17) Iruma Suzuki (with Ali)

Iruma_Top 20 Strongest Characters in Welcome to Demon School! Iruma-kun

Iruma is the main hero of this story. He is a person who can simply never say ‘no’ and ends up helping others no matter the situation. Owing to his rough childhood, he has developed ‘Overwhelming Crisis Evasion Capability,’ which helps him to avoid danger at any cost.

It is his ultimate defense technique that makes it almost impossible to hit Iruma. Though a human in a world full of demons, his blood is a highly valuable commodity.

His blood can heal wounds and accelerate growth at monstrous velocity. He also possesses the ‘Ring of Gluttony’, which allows him to use Lord Sullivan’s deadly powers.

His spells like ‘pandora’ and ‘libera’ are to watch out for. Under the training of master Baciko, he has become a talented archer. He currently possesses Rank 5: He.

16) Azazel Ameri

Ameri_Top 20 Strongest Characters in Welcome to Demon School! Iruma-kun

She is the President of the Student Council at Babyls High School. She has a strong, intimidating presence and is a strict disciplinarian. She has a cold exterior and hides her love for romance novels from everyone.

Her aim is one day to assist her father in the Demon Border Control. She is a highly ambitious girl who instills the desire to climb ranks in Iruma. Ameri is Rank 6: Vav and is immensely powerful.

She inherited the Azazel family bloodline magic: ‘Delusions,’ which helps them to draw out enormous strength without restraints only if they believe they possess it. She helped Opera to take down the miscreants in the Walter Park Arc.

15) Six Fingers

Six Fingers Iruma kun

Presently, in the ongoing arc ‘Six Fingers,‘ a group of 6 powerful miscreants is the main antagonist under the direct command of Kirio. The mastermind of this group is Baal, and its members are Atori, Hyudarin, Maemaro, Miki, Shiida, and Wett. They all are equally powerful. Among them, the series has revealed only Shiida and Atori’s power.

14) Shiida

Shiida Iruma kun

Shiida is a member of Six Fingers who infiltrated Babyls with Atori. During this arc, she showed a glimpse of her raw strength against Iruma.

She easily defeated him. Her fighting style is similar to Opera. She only believes in raw strength, speed, and reflexes. Presently, we haven’t seen her full potential yet. That’s why we have ranked her in 14th position.

13) Atori

Atori Spider Demon Iruma

Atori, the Spider Demon, is also one of the most powerful demons in Iruma kun. During the Babyls infiltration arc, he fought toe to toe with Balam and successfully managed to flee from there.

In his Spider demon form, he becomes so powerful that he can take on any teacher in one on one fight. Also, his speed, strength, and reflexes gained exponentially after his transformation. Currently, he is a member of Six Fingers.

12) Other Teachers

Teachers Iruma kun

Here, we are referring to all the teachers at Babyls Academy. It is very difficult to rank a particular teacher because the series hasn’t unveiled their full potential yet. They are very powerful. During the tournament where the second year has to save the first year, these teachers showed a glimpse of their overpowered abilities. No student stood a chance against them.

11) Vepar

Vepar Iruma kun

She is one of the professors at Babyls High School. She was tasked to train Agares and Gaap of the Abnormal Class during the Harvest Festival Arc. She is a highly shy person who always keeps crying.

Her tears are the source of her power as her bloodline magic gives her water manipulation abilities. She forms powerful currents of water using these abilities.

10) Mister Hat

Mister Hat Iruma kun

Like Furfur, Mister Hat is also one of the prestigious professors at Babyls High School. He is one of the most experienced teachers who knows how to tame any type of beast.

In the series, he taught Caim and Kerori how to communicate and tame the most dangerous beasts. Undoubtedly, he is also one of the strongest characters in Iruma the series.

9) Furfur

Furfur Iruma kun

Furfur is one of the professors at Babyls High School. He was tasked to train Allocer and Jazz of the Abnormal Class during the Harvest Festival Arc. He possesses extraordinary agility and sleight of hand, which comes into play during gambling. The true nature of his powers is yet to be revealed.

8) Balam Shichiro

Balam Iruma kun

Balam, the Gargoyle, is also one of the strongest demons in the Iruma kun series. It is said that both Balam and Kalego are best friends and equally powerful.

He is one of the professors at Babyls High School. Despite his terrifying looks, he has a gentle heart. He is extremely fascinated by the human world or any unknown mystical creatures. 

On discovering that Iruma is a human, he helped him to understand the oddities of the demon world and helped him from time to time. He uses both brawn and brain to fight battles. 

His bloodline magic: Buzzer helps him to sense any kinds of lies or wrongdoings. He possesses a Rank 8: Chet in the demon ranking system. Balam’s magic allows him to control and manipulate forests and trees. 

7) Naberius Kalego

Naberius Kalego Iruma kun

Naberius Kalego is one of the strongest demons in the Iruma kun series. He is one of the professors at Babyls High school and also the homeroom teacher of the abnormal class. 

He is a powerful demon and currently possesses the Rank 8: Chet. We have seen his overall abilities, from teaching to singing, numerous times. 

He was the only demon whose magic was able to destroy Kirio’s barriers though only momentarily. His familiar Cerberus Butte is immensely powerful and can destroy anything in its path.

6) Opera

Opera_Top 20 Strongest Characters in Welcome to Demon School! Iruma-kun

Opera is the right-hand man and the most trusted companion of Lord Sullivan. He is responsible for the security of Lord Sullivan and also takes care of Sullivan’s household.

Before this, he was a student at Babyls High School. He was the senior of Kalego and Balam sensei. Opera possesses immense strength and has sharp reflexes. During the Walter Park arc, he defended the students single-handedly with ease.

5) Current Members (The Thirteen Crowns)

Thirteen Crown Iruma kun

The current members of the Thirteen Crowns are equally powerful. That’s why we have placed everyone in the same ranking. The current members are Astaroh, Azazel Henri, Baal, Amaryllis, Behemolt, Belzebuth, Paimon, Amaymon, and Barbatos Bachiko. 

The Thirteen Crowns is the governing council of the Netherworld which comprises the most powerful demons of the society.

All the members of this council have not been revealed, and little to almost zero information is known about many of them. As the story progresses further, one has to wait in order to know the true extent of their powers.

4) Barbatos Clan President

Barbatos Clan President Iruma kun

Barbatos Clan President is also one of the strongest characters in Iruma kun. Currently, we don’t know about his name and identity, but according to Baal, he is far more powerful than the current Thirteen Crowns. 

Baal wanted to meet him, but Barbatos Bachiko was appointed as a member of The Thirteen Crowns. She also reveals that President will only arrive during wars.

3) Amduscias Poro

Amduscias Poro Iruma kun

Amdusicias Poro is a legendary demon who once stalled the enemy troops for 666 hours with a concert. No doubt, he is one of the strongest characters in Iruma kun. He served under Delkira along with Sullivan.

During the music festival, he warned Sullivan that he might eliminate him. It shows how powerful he is. He has the most powerful music magic. Presently, the series hasn’t unveiled his true power, and we are pretty sure that he is on the level of Three Great Demons.

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2) Three Great Demons

Three Great Demons Iruma kun

The Three Great Demons are currently the strongest demons in the Netherworld. These three great demons are Lord SullivanLord Belial, and  Lady Levi. The three of them hold the second-highest rank of Tet, but their power is equivalent to Yodh (10), and they are candidates for the position of Next Demon king, the Lord of the entire Netherworld.

Lord Sullivan is one of the most powerful and influential demons in the Netherworld. He hides his menacing personality underneath his jolly and eccentric side. All the demons in the Netherworld think thrice before angering him. Sullivan served Delkira, the previous Demon King, during his reign. He is an enormous storehouse of power and knowledge. He has a strong affinity for magic and possesses the ability to manipulate time and gravity.

Lord Belial is one of ‘The Great Three’ along with Lady Levi and Lord Sullivan, who possesses the second-highest Rank 9: Tet. He is one of the candidates for the next Demon King. He is one of the most influential and powerful demons in the Netherworld. The true nature of his powers is yet to be revealed.

Lady Levi is one of ‘The Great Three’ along with Lord Belial and Lord Sullivan. She is one of the candidates for the next Demon King. Like Lord Belial, the true nature of her powers is yet to be revealed.

1) Delkira

Delkira_Top 20 Strongest Characters in Welcome to Demon School! Iruma-kun

Delkira is the strongest character in the Iruma kun series. He was the previous Demon King who has been missing for many centuries. In the manga, it is known that he possessed the highest rank of Yod. However, the nature and extent of his powers are not yet revealed. 

The series showed that Sullivan and Amduscias Poro, the two strongest demons, were served under Delkira, the previous Demon King. No one is equal to his strength.

Fans can read the manga for free at mangafreak and can enjoy the anime of Welcome to Demon School! Iruma kun on Netflix. Here, we conclude our article on “Top 20 Strongest Characters in Welcome to Demon School! Iruma kun.” We hope you like it. We will be back with the next Iruma kun article. Till then, stay tuned with us. 

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