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Top 10 Best SubZero Characters (2023)

Last updated on January 4th, 2023 at 12:27 am

SubZero is a Fantasy Romance Webtoon by Junepurr. It has everything you need, Romance, Action, Drama, and Supernatural beings. SubZero focuses on two main characters, Clove and Kyro, but today we are listing the Top 10 Best Subzero Characters. The characters that have made the fandom fall in love with this Webtoon.

SubZero is about sacrifice for peace between the two clans, Azure and Crimson. These aren’t the ordinary clans, They are the dragon clans, and to bring peace, The Azure princess has to marry into the crimson clan. Eventually, going from Enemies to Lovers as they get to know each other better and realize it is more than bringing peace; they need to stop the bloodshed.

In this journey of bringing peace and stopping the bloodshed, the Webtoon introduces a bunch of amazing characters that we have listed as the Top 10 Best SubZero Characters. These characters bring more drama and more romance and light up the Webtoon.

10) Raizo


He falls into the bad guy category. Raizo is an interesting character as he is half Azure and half Crimson. He hates the azure clan due to the suffering and now has dedicated his entire life to the crimson clan. Along with hating the Azure clan, he also hates dragons. Ironic. Being a Grand Marshall, he has done some nasty things for the sake of his greed. He has a hawk which is kind of a good thing about him.

9) Reina


Reina is filled with trust issues which makes her cold towards everybody except for one person. She often feels insecure about her cool face scar. Kyro, the Crimson prince, and Reina had a thing going on, but it did not last. She was adopted by the Grand Marshall, and he raised her; Raizo is Reina’s uncle. Even though she is a mean girl on the Webtoon, at times, we get to see her vulnerable moments.

8) Zephyr


Zephyr has to be one of the funniest characters on this Webtoon. Aron calls him a curse because he gives him a tough time. Zephyr is a scaredy-cat, more like a scared-horse. Zephyr is Clove’s extremely stubborn Stallion. He is easily spooked and will get frightened even by a leaf. Clove loves him dearly and showers him with all her love.

7) Mai


Mai is a sweet palace maid who knows everything that is going on. She represents the majority of people reading this Webtoon because she ships KyroxClove hard. She has been rooting for these two since the beginning. Kirra is the empress but when it comes to gossiping Mai is the Queen of Gossip. The thing she loves more is Gossip.

6) Kirra


Kirra is the Empress of the Crimson clan, but she had her part in suffering too. She got really sick after the death of her husband and son. Kirra acts cold from the outside but really is a kind woman. She approves of Clove and loves her. She is the mother of Kyro and Kharis.

5) Kharis 


Kharis is the Princess of the Crimson Clan. She is really close to her brother Kyro. She predicted that Kyro and Clove were the hope to stop the bloodshed. Kharis gives younger siblings energy by being a carefree Dragon. She has feelings for a certain someone, and we hope that ship sails. Kharis wears a red eyeshadow which makes her more iconic as her dragon form also has it on after the shift.

4) Aaron


Aron falls in the category of childhood guy best friend as he is one to Clove. Clove and Him have been friends for a very long time. Aaron is charming and handsome and will make any lady fall for him. Aaron will increase your standards and expectations. He is a packaged husband material. He has a nickname called Headband. Aaron was lowkey in love with Clove, and this is why he at times hated Kyro. Aaron calls Clove’s beloved Stallion a curse.

3) Nouren


Nouren is the Guard Captain to the Azure Clan. He is Clove’s close friend and accompanied her to the Crimson Palace. Nouren is cold and determined. Even though he has a cold exterior, it is melting for Lady. He was given the title of Captain at a very early age which makes him more responsible and good at what he does. Kharis called him a “Purple-eyed freak,” which was one of the iconic moments.

2) Kyro


The beloved Dragon Prince of the Crimson clan Kyro. He is hot, handsome, and powerful. He is really egoistic and stubborn. Kyro decided to marry Clove and end the bloodshed between the two clans. He has the clan dragon markings on him, and being the dragon blood; he has the ability to recover faster from wounds. Kyro, even though he is cold-hearted, shows his soft sides to the ones he loves. Clove, after getting to know his soft side fell for him.

Kyro has the ability to shift into a Dragon and back into a human. He is the leader of the Crimson army; he follows what he believes, which makes him a great leader.

1) Clove


The Strong female lead of the Webtoon. Clove is the only princess of the Azure clan. She faced many things sacrifice, fear, anger, nd sorrow. Clove decided to make a sacrifice. She married her clan’s sworn enemy in order to save her clan and bring peace. She is kind and loved by everyone except Raizo, who hates the clan and dragons. Clove becomes friends with Kharis in her early days at the Crimson palace.

Clove is loved by the empress of the Crimson clan. She lacks the ability to turn into a dragon, and after the death of her mother, she blames her inability to turn into a dragon. Clove has a unique ability that turns things into ice. Just like Kyro, she follows her principles and stands by them.

Clove despised Kyro, but after getting to know him better and understanding the fact that he too has his own struggles, she fell for him. Clove still suffers from the trauma she got due to her mother’s death and wants to avenge her.

These Top 10 SubZero Characters make the Webtoon more fun and more interesting to read. The sacrifices made by them, the games they play in order to get what they want. People love these characters despite their ill behavior due to the part they play in the story. Each character is unique and has a different storyline that intertwines some or the other way. We recommend you to read SubZero Webtoon and Pick your fighter.

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