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Tristan Liones in Four Knights of the Apocalypse: Power Level, Abilities & Facts

Most of you are already familiar with the very popular fantasy anime called Seven Deadly Sins and its main character, Meliodas. Even though the series was finished in 2021, fans still enjoyed the epic journey of Meliodas and his fellow Sins members.

Now, after two years, the officials have released the sequel manga series, known as Four Knights of the Apocalypse. You will be surprised to know that one of the main characters of this series is Tristan Liones, the son of Meliodas and Elizabeth Liones.

In this post, we will give you the Tristan Liones Wiki, in which you will find everything about him, such as his background, power level, skills, and some interesting facts about him. So let’s get started!

Tristan Liones Wiki

Tristan Liones


Tristan Liones






Meliodas (Father) and Elizabeth Liones (Mother)


Knight of Pestilence


Ark and Full Counter

Power Level



Two Swords 

Tristan Liones looks quite similar to his parents, such as having Meliodas‘ facial features and Elizabeth’s white complexion, and her long silver hair. Moreover, he is also one of the hottest anime guys with long white hair.

Tristan is the prince of Kingdom Liones and one of the holy knights of the kingdom. However, he prioritizes his position as holy knight more than that of a prince of the kingdom. Despite being incredibly strong, he never used violence to solve problems until it became his last effort.

Whenever his friends or someone close to him’s life is in danger, he immediately transforms into demon mode to save them. Tristan greatly cared about the other three knights of the apocalypse and always tried his best to unite them together.

As you can already see, he calmed down Gawain and told her not to act violently against Percival as they were all comrades. Just like his mother, he is very gentle and always acts very calmly, no matter how tough the situations are.

Tristan Liones: Power Level and Abilities

Tristan Liones Power

Tristan is the son of a demon and a goddess, which is why he possesses both demonic and angelic powers. Furthermore, he is also capable of using both powers simultaneously against powerful opponents. As a result, he is also considered one of the strongest characters in The Four Knights of Apocalypse.

In Chaos in Liones arc, Tristan shows his greatest potential and emerges as the strongest knight of the apocalypse. On one side, Percival and Lancelot’s attack is nothing against Melagaland, the ultimate fusion of two powerful chaos, Melascula, and Galand.

Whereas Tristan not only defeated Melagaland but ripped his entire body apart with his formidable demonic powers. These fights excellently depict how incredibly strong Tristan could become if he used his demonic powers.

However, he doesn’t like to use his demonic power because he doesn’t have complete control over it. On the other hand, he not only likes to use his mother’s goddess power but also loves to use it because he feels satisfied while using it.

Now, let’s get further into Tristan Liones wiki to learn about his abilities in detail.


1. Tristan is blessed with the ability to manifest two pairs of wings, which he used to fly: one is a pair of fairy wings, and the other is a pair of demonic wings.

2. His goddess ability, Ark, allows him to break apart the darkness that comes his way.

3. Tristan is also capable of using his father’s most powerful attack, Full Counter, which allows him to reflect all types of magical attacks back to the enemy.

4. He had incredible swordsmanship skills and carried two powerful swords with him. One sword is an angelic sword, while the other is a demonic sword.

5. He is also gifted with excellent archery skills, and he carried a bow named Failnaught with him.

Interesting Facts About Tristan Liones in The Four Knights of the Apocalypse

Tristan Liones Facts

  • 1. Nakaba Suzuki, the creator of the Four Knights of Apocalypse manga, first considered Tristan Liones as the main character. However, he later changed his mind and introduced Percival as the main character.
  • 2. Despite not being the main character of the series, he has everything that a main character needs. Moreover, he also always acts like a main character, which creates a lot of confusion among fans, such as who is the real main character, Tristan or Percival?
  • 3. Tristan and Lancelot were almost born in the same year, and they have known each other since they were kids. Moreover, they also went into a friendly fight with each other, which Tristan won.
  • 4. He is capable of using both hands in an equal manner, which means he is both left-handed and right-handed. While all the other three knights of the apocalypse are just right-handed.
  • 5. Every magical user has the ability to heal diseases and curses, but Tristan couldn’t do it. This is because he is the Knight of Pestilence, which means fatal epidemic diseases.
  • 6. Tristan also had a horse named Escanor, which he named after Escanor, the sin of pride.
  • 7. He also had very bad cooking skills, just like his father, Meliodas. On the other hand, Percival and Lancelot had exceptional cooking skills.


That’s it for this post. We hope you found Tristan Liones wiki to be useful and got to know everything about him, such as his wide range of magical and demonic powers, mysterious abilities, and interesting facts.

As the series continues to evolve, we can expect Tristan to unlock even more astonishing powers and hone his skills to a new height. After all, he is the son of Meliodas as well as one of the main characters and Knight of Pestilence in Four Knights of the Apocalypse.

Stay tuned with us for more character wikis from Four Knights of the Apocalypse. Till then, check out the post below!

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