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Under Ninja: Story, Characters, Release Date & Where To Watch

Under Ninja is one of the newest anime series, announced to premiere in the Fall 2023 Season. This series had already gathered a lot of anime-only fans due to its engaging trailer cut.

But, as we all know, this is only the tip of the iceberg. There are many other interesting facts and plot points about the series, which will hook more viewers to the show when it starts airing.

So, with all that’s said, let us talk about the crucial details of the Under Ninja series. Here, we will talk about the story, essential characters, release dates, and where to watch the series.

Under Ninja: Wiki

Under Ninja: Wiki

Under Ninja series has a manga of 103 chapters, which is also enjoyable. The manga is still ongoing, so we also might get the announcement of a Second Season depending on the viewership of the first Season.

The most exciting part about this series is that it is primarily a Seinen and action series. It blends the ninja elements well with the other mature themes and action sequences.

This would be the best pick for people looking for a mature action series involving Ninjas. It has all of the elements you would expect in a series like this, leaving you satisfied with each new episode or chapter.

Tezuka Productions has also animated many series and is known for adapting many good stories. This studio has also been in for a long time and has adapted many action anime series.

So, rest assured that the series will be a fun, exciting, and memorable ride for fans of the action genre.


The series is set after World War 2 when the Allied Company in Japan developed a particular unit to deal with violence and terrorism, especially in the Pacific region.

This specific agency is filled to the brim with ninjas but is initially used for dealing with all kinds of domestic affairs. The agency kept growing until the modern day when it got more than 20,000 members or ninjas.

It now deals with domestic as well as international affairs. Out of all those countless ninjas, we follow the story of Kuro Kumogakure. He is a 17-year-old high school NEET who is now tasked with dealing with the foreign assassins who threaten the peace of Tokyo and their agency.

Release Date

The Under Ninja anime series is all set for a premiere on October 6th. In exactly 14 more days and several hours, we can see if this anime series has lived up to its hype.

The release time of the series is at 9:58 PM IST, and it may take more time for these newer episodes to get updated on the streaming services and on all of the other unofficial sites.

The number of episodes for this series is still unknown, and the series might also be as long as 24 episodes, looking at the source material. Nothing is set in stone yet, and this information will be updated a few weeks after the episodes start airing.

Where to Watch

Currently, the anime series will be only available on Crunchyroll and only in select cities. You might also require a good Paid VPN to access the regions where this series is streaming.

No other streaming service has announced that it would be picking up this series so far. Once the series airing is completed, we might get better information on where to watch.

The last option is to stream these newer episodes on other unofficial platforms. However, even these sites would need a VPN to access and stream the episodes on them. Updating the new episodes on the unofficial streaming platforms would also take longer.

Under Ninja: Characters

1) Kuro Kumogakure

Kuro Kumogakure

Kuro Kumogakure is the main character of the series and is a 17-year-old NEET who secretly works as a ninja for the Agency. He also is the descendant of a famous Ninja clan called Kumogakure.

He is the 9th son of the family, and the same is reflected in his name. Kuro also looks way older than his age, and people often mistake him for an adult. Since he hailed from a ninja, he has all of the required qualities to become a ninja.

Quick thinking skills, speed, reflexes, fighting skills, and bluffing skills are why he became a member of this Agency. He quickly adapted to all the situations in his missions, excelling at them.

2) Kato


Kato was the superior of Kuro and was also a very high-ranked ninja. He was a very young man who always wore his courier delivery uniform to hide his real profession.

Thanks to his high-ranking skills, Kato was also very famous in the ninja world. However, this was also why he was sentenced to death later in the series, even though he managed to escape it with his skills and techniques.

He is earnest and cares about his work more than anything else. On top of being highly skilled in his career, he is also known to give missions to some of the other newcomers.

He was the one who gave Kuro the mission to infiltrate a school and also showed another task to him in quick succession so that Kuro wouldn’t have to waste three days before his official test.

3) Foreigner


Even though his real name is unknown, he still is a significant character in the first half of the series. He was a Russian man forced to infiltrate the ninja organization because his daughter was being held hostage.

He is also a young man who tries to hide his face for most of the series. Foreigner also carries an umbrella with him all of the time, which is, in fact, a Katana in disguise.

His old friend threatened him, so he only had a choice to become a ninja to infiltrate Japan’s secret organization. He was also responsible for cutting the organs of a few people in the series for a chance to become a ninja.

These are all noteworthy cast members, plot points, and release dates, times for the Under Ninja anime series. Check out some exciting articles and similar ideas in your free time.

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