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Ragna Crimson: Story, Characters & Where To Watch

If you are interested in dragons and want to witness them in action against humanity, then Ragna Crimson is best suited for you; the story brings forward two individuals who have waged a war against these dragons.Ragna Crimson


Despite their strong wills, it is challenging to take out this dragon who, for several years, has ruled this planet through strength and has cornered humanity to an extent.

Daiki Kobayashi writes this story and is one of the most promising series you can lay your hands on. The series has been adapted into an anime, which will be released this fall.

Release date

The first episode is set to be released on September 30, 2023, which will be an hour-long special episode. Further info will be released later on.


The main protagonist of the series, Ragna Crimson, is the title character Ragna himself. He is the dragon hunter along with his partner Leo who is a prodigy and a compelling character in the show; it is shown that she is talented and gifted with the skills from the very start. On the other hand, Ragna didn’t have much talent for hunting dragons.

He had the courage to fight them and promised himself to protect and fight alongside Leo until his death. Suddenly, during the fight in the first chapter against Dragon, when he was knocked out, he saw his future self in the feeling of true despair.

His future self warns him about the future, saying he is now the strongest, but he lost everything and everyone he loved, even Leo. Then Ragna convinces his future self to grant him the power he achieved so he can avoid this horrible future and protect everyone.

With that, it seems that the reaper of the dragons has now appeared earlier than the original history, but will it be enough to change the future? Crimson is the previous Winged Monarch who betrayed the dragons and tried to kill the Dragon God.

Crimson teamed up with Ragna because he considered him the key to slaying all dragons it is also shown in the manga that he can change his gender. But later, you will find out the true intentions.

The story is filled with a lot of plot twists,high-stakes battles, and hidden truths. As the story proceeds, Ragna will be filled with a lot of questions saying What will my future self tell me? “What path should I choose now?”. Am I doing the right thing? Is this the right decision?

(1) Ragna


The main protagonist of the story wants to save the world and destroy the Dragon Monarch. Ragna’s parents were eaten by dragons when he was three years old, so his relatives took him, but they were eaten too.

He was sold to a wealthy family, but their mansion got burned down by dragons. He was a very weak dragon hunter who followed the hunter prodigy Leonica

(2) Crimson


Crimson in the series is shown as an anti-hero; he will slaughter innocents to make his plans work. He has also brainwashed allies; he is a dragon who betrayed the dragons and also tried to kill the dragon god later. He teamed up with Ragna because he wanted to slay all dragons and destroy the dragon

(3) Leonica


Leonica, aka Leo, the partner of Ragna and a prodigy, is a very talented dragon slayer. She has been hunting dragons ever since she was a tiny little girl. Even
the other big dragon slayers respect her.

(4) Ultimatia


Ultimatia was the Dragon Monarch of the last Winged Bloodline. She was previously known as a clone of the Solarians’ Dragon Scourge Carla. She looks like a young woman with pale hair. She is always joyous because she’s serving the Dragon God.

Even though she kills humans at the same time she feels sympathy towards them and tries to kill them most peacefully.

(5) Woltekamui


Woltekamui was the bloodline dragon holding the 2nd rank within the Winged Bloodline. He was the prodigy among the dragons, and even among the superior dragons, he was considered an anomaly in strength.

Where to watch?

You can watch Ragna Crimson on Crunchyroll and Hulu, the official anime sites. I won’t recommend you to watch Ragna Crimson on Pirated sites as the sites won’t give you the best quality and visual effects.


Ragna Crimson entered the anime industry with a new concept. A fantasy world full of dragons and humans where dragons rule the food chain. The Ragna
Crimson is often compared to a famous anime, Fairy Tail, as both animes are based on the main plot as dragons,

However, in Fairy Tail, the shadow dragon slayers were trained by dragons themselves and learned their magic through Dragon SlayerMagic.

Similarly, in Ragna Crimson, the Crimson Clan members were warriors trained by dragons to avoid food chain threats. Still, the dragons turned against humanity, leading the Crimson Clan to confront and battle these dragons to prevent further devastation.

Overall, it would be a good anime, and you will surely like the battle scenes when it is animated. I would say you should give this anime a try; the anime won’t break your expectations.

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