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Vinland Saga Chapter 200 Spoilers-Prediction and Release Date (Hild’s Move)

Vinland Saga Chapter 200 will now be the most awaited chapter because of the plot that has been going around for the past few chapters.

The outer wall of Arnheid’s village is completed, and everyone is getting ready to take on their share of the construction work. Thorfinn is still confident that a war will not take place and that nothing bad will happen to the village.

We understand how much Thorfinn loves this village and the whole peaceful vibe around the village. Looking back, it had been tough for Thorfinn, too, with his past and his attachments.

Thorfinn wants to prevent war from breaking out in any way possible. He is searching for Miskwekepu’j with Plmk and Niskawaji’J. Thorfinn still wants to believe that dialogue is an option and both of them can reach a mutual agreement.

Miskwekepu’j will have to go back on his words a bit if both parties want to go on a mutual compromise. Even Thorfinn and the villagers would not be able to clear more land for the sake of this agreement.

We get to see Thorfinn’s point of view as to how the Lnu will concede to the agreement and how dialogue might be the best option. After this, we get to know that even Hild has the same point of view, albeit with a bit more scary face.

It seems that Hild might be directly aiming to defeat the cause of the war and end it. Meanwhile, Ivar and his group are doing some reconnaissance for their good.

A good amount of discussion takes place, as Stryk reveals that even Lnu wants peace. The group gets caught in Hild’s traps, and it seems Hild will not be coming to take Ivar’s life.

Vinland Saga Chapter 200 Spoilers-Prediction

Vinland Saga Chapter 200 Predictions

It seems that the next chapter might not be smooth sailing for anyone, as war might break out. Hild is rapidly approaching to finish off Ivar and his group.

It is known that this war was just a facade to let Ivar take the lead instead of Thorfinn. Ivar had always disagreed with Thorfinn’s point of view and his ideology.

Ivar wanted to settle things, even if it meant war and violence. But this was heavily condemned by Thorfinn and the majority of the people.

Hild had realized this a few steps earlier, that the true cause of the war was not Miskwekepu’j but rather Ivar. Thorfinn still had not yet come upon this tiny loophole, as he was still thinking.

This might have adverse effects on the next few chapters, as killing off Ivar might mean war. The internal conflict would be a very bad thing during these things, and Thorfinn would mostly like to avoid that.

This sets a huge predicament for Thorfinn and the villagers. We all know that Hild is the best at her trade, and killing Ivar might be an easy job for her.

She is also stubborn and known to complete things in her way after giving much thought to the consequences. She believes that this war situation would not have even come up if not for Ivar and his brother.

We would likely get to see Thorfinn understand this situation and race to save Ivar’s life. Time is running out, as Hild has already started her hunt and knows where Ivar is.

Vinland Saga Chapter 200 Release Date 

Vinland Saga Chapter 200 Release Date 

Vinland Saga is a monthly manga, and Vinland Saga Chapter 200 will be released on February 25th. We will be following all updates regarding this manga from now on, so make sure to keep checking our articles.

Vinland Saga Season 2 is also airing now, which is animated by Mappa. You can check the anime since it has been going smoothly for the adaptation of the second arc.

We will be concluding our article here about Vinland Saga Chapter 200 Predictions and Release Date. We also follow a lot of other manga series with their release schedule, so make sure to check some of our other articles.

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