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(2024) Top 35 Strongest Characters in Kaiju No. 8 Ranked

Last updated on February 22nd, 2024 at 05:04 am

Kaiju No. 8 has recently completed 70+ chapters of its manga series. It is the best time to take a quick look at 35 of the strongest characters in Kaiju No. 8. They will be ranked based on their power and the abilities they have shown in battles.

We also expect this list to get altered as newer characters are added. Especially in terms of the monsters, we have got an indication that far more terrifying Kaiju are yet to appear.

Top 35 Strongest Characters in Kaiju No. 8 Ranked

35) Fungal Type Kaiju

Fungal Type Kaiju in Kaiju No 8

These Kajius normally appear in groups and are multi-headed beings. They are generally classified as Youjo, and they can collectively defeat Kafka at a 1% release state.

On top of being powerful, these Kaijus are also annoying and come in groups, which makes dealing with them very hard. It is also far stronger than its Youjo variants too.

34) Pterosaur Monster

Pterosaur Monster Kaiju No 8

The Pterosaurs had attacked the Tachikawa Base under the command of Monster #10 and were a formidable group of monsters. They lived in a herd and never operated solo. As a result, they had excellent teamwork and combined with their ability to fly, they wreaked havoc in the Tachikawa Base.

All the members of the Third Unit combined had difficulty in taking them out. They also seemed intelligent as they knew how to cover their blind spots and did not give a single opening to the Defense Force members.

33) Hakua Igarashi

Hakua Igarashi

A tall, imposing young woman whose loud but lively personality makes it easy for her to make friends, Hakua Igarshi is an officer in the Third Division of Defense Force. She is Captain Jura Igarashi’s younger sister.

Hakua is good with a blade and has been praised by others for her skills. During a kendo training session at the Tachikaa Base, journalists from Metro TV were impressed by her skills and had nothing but good things to say about her.

32) Haruichi Izumo

Haruichi Izumo Kaiju No 8

A former Defense force member in the Third Division who was later transferred to the Second Division, Haruichi Izumo has a decent amount of power and abilities to back up his place in Strongest Kaiju No 8 Characters.

He can release 36% of his combat power seamlessly after he has undergone thorough training. Haruichi had also fought against several different Kaiju and Youjo in many situations.

31) Aoi Kaguragi

Aoi Kaguragi Kaiju No 8

Aoi is also another one of the strongest characters in Kaiju No. 8, who works in the third unit of the Defense Force. He is a serious kind of guy whose only aim is to reach the top by becoming stronger.

He is a man of higher ambitions, as he had applied to the JGSDF before joining the Defense Force. In just his first try, he could draw out 15% of his suit’s power, highlighting his inner potential to become a top-class member in the future.

30) Iharu Furuhashi

Iharu Furuhashi Kaiju No 8

Iharu works under the third division of the Defense Force and has an arrogant attitude. It also motivates him to be always ahead of the curve and never lose to anyone.

We have seen him in action a couple of times during the Sagamihara Subjugation Operation Arc. He partnered up with Leno and showed great courage in facing Monster #9 head-on.

29) Ikatura


Ikatura is a platoon leader in the Third Division. Introduced with the other platoon leaders during the Tachikawa Base Raid, he is one of the seniors who was wildly impressed by the newbies’ skills.

Ikatura is serious and efficient. He was able to deliver quick aid during the raid, successfully securing the storehouse area in the process. He can command and guide his men with determination.

28) Takao

Takao Kaiju

The platoon leader of the Third Division, Takao’s skill set is recognized far and wide, and is well known for having a strong platoon. He was also a big help to Kafka during the battle with the Wyvern Kaijus when he brought out his Sniper platoon.

He is an extremely proficient marksman and is known for his talent. Takao generally carries around a Sniper, as he is very versatile with it. Even his platoon is highly trained with Sniper rifles.

27) Ryo Ikaruga

Ryo Ikaruga Kaiju No 8

Being a platoon leader in the third unit of the Defense Force, Ikaruga naturally deserves a place higher than the regular members. Ryo is a stern man with a determined look in his eyes that says he is ready to crush any monster in front of him. 

He arrived at the Tachikawa base at the right moment to defend everyone from the attack of Monster #10. He also has a humble nature as he gave full importance to Kafka’s plan even though he was lower in the hierarchy than him.

26) Tao Nakanoshima

Tao Nakanoshima

Another platoon leader of the Third Division, Tae Nakanoshima has been nicknamed the “man-eater” by her colleagues. She is a huge sucker for good looks. During the raid, the newbies’ first mission, she was impressed by not only their fighting abilities but also their looks.

Nakanoshima is a precious and outstanding officer of the Force. She is capable of taking on several monsters at once and confidently leading her men into battle.

25) Ebina


One of the platoon leaders in the Third Division, Ebina is a top-notch officer of the Defence Force. He may be short-tempered and harsh, not minding being brutally honest while confronting others, he is able to recognize and acknowledge others’ skills.

Ebina is capable of perfectly leading his troops into the battle. He is quick on his feet while in battle and swiftly commands his men to perform attacks and secure victory as fast and efficiently as they can.

24) Tachibana


A platoon leader in the First Division, Tachibana is one of the strongest officers in the force, along with Shinonome. The two trained together and rose up to the ranks of platoon leaders at the same time.

Tachibn is a skilled and strong officer with authority to back up. He used a shotgun in the battle and is just as strong as Shinonome. Narumi considers the two to have enough potential to move up to the rank of Captain in the future.

Like the others in his division, he deeply respects Narumi and dyed his hair (like others) to match him.

23) Rin Shinonome

Rin Shinonome Kaiju No 8

She is the platoon leader of the First Division of the Defense Force and is a formidable officer. She is a serious and calm individual who always follows her commands and sticks close to her values.

Rin is very graceful with her marksmanship skills and can take countless Kaiju on her own. Shinonome has a deep admiration for Narumi and works hard to be recognized by him.

22) Kaiju #2

Monster 2 Kaiju No 8

Kaiju #2 was a ferocious monster that had rampaged through the cities of Japan long back in the past. It was a huge monster possessing devastating explosive power and could shoot laser-like beams through his mouth.

Although we haven’t seen it in action, the equipment made from it highlights the deadly threat it possessed. It had a thick skin, granting it heavy durability and allowing it to charge through anything without the least bit of worry.

21) Kaiju #1

Monster #1

One of the most powerful Kaiju, which has a deadly power, it ultimately met its demise after the Defense force members killed it and weaponized its power.

Its power is the future vision, which is very deadly on its own. This power is what Gen Narumi utilizes and what grants him power high enough to become one of the strongest Captains and Defense Force members.

20) Eiji Hasegawa

Eiji Hasegawa Kaiju No 8

Eiji Hasegawa is the Vice-Captain of the First Division, and although we haven’t seen exactly what he is capable of, there is no doubt that he deserves a high place on this list. 

He is a man who is extremely professional and acts as a mentor for the younger members. Naturally, we can predict that he is also highly experienced from all his battles against monsters over the years.

19) Kaiju #10

Monster 10 Kaiju No 8

The fact that it could command an entire army of Pterosaurs, who don’t usually listen to anyone, made Kaiju #10 extremely threatening. It was also skilled in fighting and was highly intelligent.

We saw how it had left behind an explosive after-beast, even at its dying moments. Not only that, but it was also able to overpower Soshiro Hoshona, who is one of the most talented members of the Defense Force.

Impressed by Hoshina’s talents, he himself requested to be made into a numbers weapon to be used by him.

18) Kaiju #14

Monster 14 Kaiju No 8

Another recent addition in this arc was another one of the five Kaijus that appeared, with a magnitude scale of 9.0. It had already appeared a bit previously when it creepily smiled at passengers on a train before disappearing.

It is also known that this monster can freely levitate, which gives it a further advantage in battle. We still do not know whom this monster is faring off against after it appeared.

17) Kaiju #15

Monster #15

The doppelganger of Kikoru Shinomiya, who also kind of uses the same power as she does, this Kaiju is not one to be reckoned with. It had already displayed its strength in its battle with Kikoru, where she thrashed 84% of release Kikoru.

She even reciprocated the axe weapon of Kikoru, making it more deadly and powerful, also increasing its range. It also eliminated a lot of the foot soldiers and mocked them.

Some of its powers are levitation, shape-shifting, metamorphosis, elongation, and releasing huge energy blasts. One of these blasts was enough to clear away a whole array of soldiers marching to defeat her.

16) Kaiju #11

Monster #11

This Kaiju’s magnitude is also rated at 9.0, and it had already displayed one of its powers when it appeared before. It sucked all the fish from the Chigasaki beach without even coming ashore.

This means that Hydrokinesis is one of its powers, looking at how it easily manipulated the water and fish on the beach. We also know that it will be facing off against Gen Narumi, and he got his hands tied fighting this Kaiju and cannot help his disciple. This would be an interesting battle to look for.

15) Kaiju #12

Monster #12

Kaiju #12 is one of the most recent Kaiju that was spotted, which was supposed to be of magnitude 9.0. It closely resembles Kajiu No. 10 and was born from Kaiju No. 9.

It is also known that it has come to face off against Soshiro Hoshina in Oizumi during the Kaiju attacks. Since this is one of the most recent Kaijus, we do not know about its power, but we can say that it is very powerful based on its magnitude alone.

14) Kikoru Shinomiya

Kikoru Shinomiya

Kikoru Shinomiya is the daughter of the strongest member of the Defense Force, Isao Shinomiya. Naturally, she has a lot of expectations riding on her shoulders, and safe to say that she has lived up to them. Her brute, offensive nature in battles is something to watch as she can tear down her enemies. 

As a new member of the Defense Force, she was the first one to receive her equipment, which speaks a lot about her talent. With her battle ax and unwavering personality, she makes up for a formidable Defense Force member. She now wields the Kaiju #4 Numbers Weapon, the same one her mother used to in the past. 

13) Leno Ichikawa

Leno Ichikawa Kaiju No 8

Although at first glance, Leno Ichikawwa seems like any other side character, his talent has been recognized by the esteemed vice-captain of the third unit, Soshiro Hoshona. 

He believes that Leno can make a proper captain in the future and possess all the qualities to do so. Similar to Iharu, Leno showed his power by taking on Kaiju #9 valiantly and co-operated perfectly with his compatriot.

He is now able to wield Kaiju #6’s Numbers weapon, which was deemed extremely difficult to control, and is now stronger than ever. Though his emotions can go out of order during battle, Iharu can bring him back to his senses. This makes them a perfect duo on the battlefield.

12) Kaiju #13

Monster 13 Kaiju No 8

Yet another Kaiju of magnitude 9.0 and a daikaiju created by No. 9, is also a very powerful opponent. This Kaiju also had a prior appearance when it raced with cars on the highway for 12 Km before disappearing.

With this, we can assume that Kaiju’s power is super speed as it can reach very high speeds. And its fortitude level is enough to say how powerful it is on its own.

11) Soshiro Hoshina

Soshiro Hoshina

The vice-captain of the Third Unit makes his way to the 8th spot on this list. Soshiro Hoshona is not a conventional fighter like the other members of the Defense Force.

He relies on his mobility and blade-cutting techniques to pierce through any monster. What he lacks in offense, he makes up for it with his speed. His main job is to make a way for his captain to apply the finishing touch by making a path for her with his blades.

Since Hoshino now holds the Kaiju #10 Numbers weapon, he is a beast on the field and defeated Kaiju #12, who was supposed to be the complete version of Kaiju # 10.

10) Hikari Shinomiya

Shinomiya Hikari

The former Captain of the Second Division, as well as the Vice-Captain of the First Division, she was always bright and cheerful, denoted by her name.

Hikari was also the wife of Isao Shinomiya and the mother of Kikoru Shinomiya and was a strong person. She died when she sacrificed herself to stop Kaiju No.6 from its attacks

9) Soichiro Hoshina

Soichiro Hoshina Kaiju No 8

The Captain of the Sixth Division, and a relative of Soshiro Hoshina, he is also one of the most powerful Captains. He has pretty good thinking ability, and senses which help him a lot in battle.

Just like Soshiro, he is also an expert in fighting with swords, because of his clan name. Just seeing that he is Captain level, makes us understand how far better Soshiro is at, sword fighting techniques.

8) Jura Igarashi

Jura Igarashi Kaiju No 8

He is the Captain of the Second Division in the Defense Force and is pretty strong as he is kept at captain level. Jura is a very serious and short-tempered man, which also goes to shows how powerful he is.

It was also implied numerous times that he is very powerful and is a master combatant.  We have yet to see him in action, but he is amongst the strongest in the force.

7) Jugo Ogata

Jugo Ogata Kaiju No 8

One of the members who fought alongside Hikari, Jugo was considered to be pretty strong by his friends and peers. He is the Captain of the Fourth Division, and this is enough to guess how powerful he is.

Due to his past with Hikari, he never wants to see the same happen to his comrades again and keeps protecting them. He also has a lot of knowledge about weapons and is good in combat.

6) Gen Narumi

Gen Narumi Kaiju No 8

When it comes to prodigies, Gen Narumi is up there with the very best. Captain of the First Division, he is one of the newest characters introduced in the series but has already shown what he is capable of.

Although he is not professional, he is highly talented and only cares about skills and results. He also can match his words as he took down a huge monster that appeared near the first unit base with very little effort.

5) Mina Ashiro

Mina Ashiro

In comes number 12, the talented and beautiful captain of the third unit Mina Ashiro. She is often considered a prodigy who has done an excellent job in leading the third unit and reducing the number of casualties caused by monsters in the city.

She is often compared to the level of Gen Narumi and that is enough to highlight her talent. Similar to Kikoru, she is a brute offensive long-range fighter who can blast open any monster with her cannon.

4) Isao Shinomiya

Isao Shinomiya

It is quite natural that the Director-General of the Defense Force is one of the top ten members of the strongest characters in Kaiju No. 8. He has an efficient combination of both superhuman power and lightning-fast speed that can even surpass that of Soshiro Hoshona.

The number of battle scars on his face is a testament to his experience gained on the battlefield. He is only the only person capable of using equipment built from Monster #10’s core.

3) Kaiju #6

Monster 6

Kaiju No. 6 is the second most powerful Kaji, with a magnitude of 9.6. Only Kafka’s kaiju form is stronger than this, that too, very closely.

This monster had gone on a rampage and killed almost 200 members and 3 captains of the Defence force. Now that it is weaponized, its power is being utilized by Leon Ichikawa.

Its power is known to be cryokinesis, and it is also known as the King of the Kaiju. The cataclysm it unleashed was considered the worst and most disastrous ever seen in Defense Force history.

2) Kaiju #9

Monster #9

Kaiju #9 is a humanoid monster that has possessed the most threat till now. Its best ability is the power to transform into humans and hide in between them, which makes it incredibly hard to detect.

It can also revive dead monsters and create after-beasts capable of mass destruction. The only character that could stand up to him was Kaiju #8 himself.

1) Kafka Hibino/Kaiju #8

Top 10 Monsters in Kaiju No. 8 (Ranked)

Although Kafka Hibino doesn’t possess any powers of his own after transforming into Kaiju #8, he has grown to be the strongest character in Kaiju No. 8 without a doubt. 

We have seen the destructive abilities he possesses on multiple occasions, especially against the fight with Kaiju #10 and Isao Shinomiya. Moreover, in the fight against Isao Shinomiya, we could see that he was still not utilizing his full power and could take things up a notch. 

Kaiju No. 8 is still in its initial stages, and we can expect to get introduced to a lot more characters in the future. Now, we just have to wait and see if anyone can do so in the future.

Fans can read Kaiju No. 8 officially from the Mangaplus Shueisha website. Here, we conclude our article.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1- Who is the MC of Kaiju No. 8?

Ans- Kafka Hibino is the MC of Kaiju No. 8.

Q2- Is there a Kaiju No. 8 anime?

Ans- Yes, there was a Kaiju No. 8 anime announced, by Production I.G. to be aired in 2024.

Q3- How many Kaiju No. 8 chapters are there?

Ans- There are 78 chapters for Kaiju No. 8 at this point.

Q4- Where can we read Kaiju No. 8 manga?

Ans- Kaiju No. 8 manga can be read from Mangaplus Shueisha or Viz Media. 

Q5- Is Mangaplus legal?

Ans- Yes, Mangaplus is legal.

Q6- Name Kaiju No. 8 main characters.

Ans- Kafka Hibino, Mina Ashiro, Leno Ichikawa, Kikoru Shinomiya, Soshiro Hoshona, Kaiju No. 9  

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