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Who is Lee Joohee in Solo Leveling? Power, Abilities & Future Plot

Solo Leveling is a Korean webtoon series written by Chu-Gong and illustrated by Jang Su-Rak and Gi Si-Ryeong. A world full of goblins, monsters, dungeons, and hunters.

A hunter named Lee Joohee plays a vital role in the early life of Sung Jin-Woo, the protagonist of Solo Leveling. Joohee is a Korean B-Rank hunter specializing in healing magic and was one of Jinwoo’s old friends as an E-Rank hunter. As a B-Rank, Joohee is a skilled healer and could heal Jinwoo on multiple occasions with little trouble.

Who is Lee Joohee in Solo Leveling?


Joohee is a pretty young woman with long, bright orange hair, blue eyes, and pale skin. In her first appearance, she wore a simple brown fur coat. She was shown to have a slim body and was very attractive.

Lee Joohee

She has a toned body and sharp eyes and has always paid attention to her health. Her character was not explored much and remains one of the most anticipated potentials in the stories.


Jeehoo specializes in the fields of healing, buffing, haste, and burn boosters. She can heal other individuals as well as buff their stats. Jeehoo healed Sung Jin-Woo countless times in the early part of the story.


When he was just a weak E-Rank hunter, she frequently accompanied him on raids to ensure he didn’t get killed, and she even got mad at him at one point for how often he got injured.

Joohee’s proficiency extended to the use of buff magic, as showcased when she bestowed a haste buff upon Jinwoo during his battle against Kang Taeshik. Joohee’s powers are primarily focused on support and healing, contributing to the group’s overall success in battles.


Her personality resonates with her abilities, and that is helping others. She has always been a supportive friend of Sung Jin Woo and has always stood up for him, even in adverse conditions.


She always gives her best as a healer and does not want anyone to be killed. She is very kind but is quite shy around new people and doesn’t talk much unless she is familiar with them. Lee Joohee is also a very soft-spoken person, and her voice is quite low, doesn’t stand out much in the crowd, and usually fails to put her words across.

-> Dungeon And Prisoners Arc

Joohee continues to go on raids after the double dungeon incident, but she is very scarred from the trauma she had. Joohee and many other hunters who were all present are called for another raid, where she meets Jin-Woo, who is completely changed both physically and mentally because of the system, which allows him to upgrade his stats and become stronger as a hunter.

Taeshik, a B-Rank assassin and an inspector, was called on duty to help clear a C-Rank dungeon and was tasked with monitoring a group of prisoners who were being allowed to participate in the raid in exchange for reducing their sentences.

Unknown to anyone in the raiding party and his superiors back at the Association, however, Taeshik had been paid 3 billion won (about 2.6 million USD) the night before to kill the prisoners by the father of one of their victims.


After the monsters inside the dungeon were killed, Taeshik got to work and killed two prisoners on the spot. Before he could kill the third prisoner, he was interrupted by Kim Sangshik, who had happened to stumble into the room at that specific moment.

As he couldn’t let bystanders live, Taeshik swiftly killed Kim and attempted to kill Joohee as well, but was blocked and attacked by Jinwoo in retaliation. Realizing that Jinwoo had been hiding his true skill, Taeshik decided to kill him first but was countered again and again by Jinwoo’s arsenal of abilities as the fight dragged on.

Seeking to end the battle and do what he was paid to do, Taeshik unleashed his full power and charged Jinwoo with his stealth skill activated, but Joohee buffed Jin-Woo, which helped him fight more efficiently. Taeshik fell prey to Jinwoo’s bloodlust skill, leaving him wide open long enough for Jinwoo to stab him in the chest fatally.


Joohee eventually retired altogether when she could not recover from her traumatizing experience in the Double Dungeon. This comes from the fact that despite being a B-rank healer, she always chose low-rank dungeons.

After retirement, Joohee went on to become a civilian, a normal civilian with a normal 9-to-5 job, which very much suited her and her personality.

The trauma she suffered from the Double Dungeon scarred her for life; hence, this decision was a better one because if she had continued to go on raids, Joohee would have risked her life as well as the lives of the others around her, as she is a healer, and this would have put everyone’s life at stake.


Now, Joohee lives far away from the battles of monsters and hunters alike, where she doesn’t have to put her life at stake. However, because of an incident circling the Jeju Island Raid, Joohee willingly participated alongside Song Chi-Yul in defending the shores of Busan in case the ants invaded the city.

When a large swarm of ants eventually arrived, Joohee nervously prepared to fight them but was caught by surprise when Beru suddenly came out of nowhere and effortlessly slaughtered them all.

In the end, after the Rulers used the Cup of Reincarnation one last time at Jinwoo’s request, Joohee lost all her memories of the original timeline. Towards the end of solo leveling, there are no hunters, monsters, or dungeons, and the threat to mankind posed by them is also completely nonexistent.


Joohee’s character in “Solo Leveling” evolves as the story progresses. Initially, she is portrayed as a caring friend, adapting to the challenges and revelations of Sung Jin-Woo’s journey. Joohee’s personality matures, reflecting resilience and understanding in the face of the supernatural events surrounding Jin-Woo.

Her role becomes important, showcasing the human side in a world filled with danger and magic and contributing to the emotional depth and narration of Solo Leveling.

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