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Ylva in Vinland Saga: Husband, Story & Struggles

As we all know, the Vinland Saga features a very limited number of female characters. Out of them, Ylva is one of the few female characters who emerged as the face of female representation and played an impactful role in the series.

Moreover, she is also the daughter of Thor and the older sister of Throfinn, one of the series’ main characters. So, it is not wrong to say that Ylva is one of the best female characters in the Vinland Saga.

As a result, fans are very eager to know everything about Ylva in Vinland Saga, such as who she is, what she is currently doing, whom she married, and what struggles she faced in her life. So let’s get straight to this informative post and find out everything about Ylva in Vinland Saga.

Ylva in Vinland Saga

I. Identity

Ylva Identity

Ylva is the daughter of Thor and the older sister of Thorfinn, the main character of the Vinland Saga series. She is a tall and beautiful girl and shares the same facial features as her younger brother.

Even though her face is not feminist type, her attractive and slender body gives her a proper feminist look. Moreover, her beautiful long and wavy blonde hair makes her look so beautiful.

Aside from her attractive looks, Ylva is a very strong-willed woman and has a very tough personality. Since her younger years, she has done all types of work for her family, whether it was tough for women or not.

Despite her father’s death and her younger brother leaving the village, she still handles her mother and herself very well. Even though she lived a very tough life, she never complained to anyone and lived a good life.

II. Current Story

Ylva current story

After marrying Ari, Ylva lived a very happy married life with him. She also gave birth to four children, including three sons and one daughter. However, she only named one son, which is Mar, and the other three don’t have any names.

Recently, she finally met her younger brother, Thorfinn, after a very long period of time. At first, she reacts very harshly and questions him about why he abandoned his own family and how someone decided to take revenge on her father instead of supporting her mother and sister.

Even though she questioned him out of anger, she never held him responsible for all the struggles she went through. But her anger gradually melts away with her brother’s love, and she feels very happy for Thorfinn’s arrival.

Ylva also introduced her four children to Thorfinn and shared some good times with him. Due to living with all of her family members, including her mother, brother, husband, and children, Ylva has become quite happy and feels blessed in her life for the first time.

III. Ylva’s Husband

Ylva's husband

Ari is the husband of Ylva and makes his debut in chapter 2 of its manga counterpart. He lived in the same village in Iceland as Thorfinn and his family.

His long black hair, which he binds in a ponytail, looks quite attractive on him. On the other hand, Ari is a good-hearted guy and has no malice for anyone except the one who cuts his brother’s legs.

Since marrying Ylva, he has greatly cared for her and his four children’s well-being and is always ready to do anything for them. Aside from being a good husband and father, Ari is also a highly dedicated warrior who is ready to sacrifice his own life to protect his village.

Even though he is a warrior, Ari does not fight any major battles or face any powerful enemies in a one-on-one fight. On the other hand, other warriors like Thorfinn, Thor, and Askeladd fought multiple battles and defeated countless powerful enemies.

IV. Struggles in Life

Ylva Struggle

Ylva is born into Thor’s family, but she still does not have any major fighting skills, unlike her father and brother, who are powerful warriors. However, her tough life experiences and the pressure of household work make her quite strong.

Being the older child of her family, Ylva went through several challenges in her life. She is already doing every possible thing for her family and provides great support to her mother, Helga.

She not only did all men’s work, such as fishing, for her family but also did all types of women’s work, such as cooking, washing, etc. Her life gradually turned tragic when her father, Thor, died and her younger brother, Thorfinn, abandoned the family.

However, she still has not given up and tries her best to take care of her mother on her own. Moreover, she also decides to marry and spread her family with Ari, who lives in the same village.


That’s it for the post! We hope you found this informative post about Ylva in Vinland Saga useful and enjoyed it. After knowing about Ylva’s life struggles, you will definitely find yourself very connected with her character.

Due to her attractive looks, captivating personality, and toughest life struggles, she left an indelible impression on fans hearts and became so popular. If you want to know more about the Vinland Saga and its amazing characters, don’t forget to check out our posts below.

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