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10 Most Powerful Zero Game Characters Ranked

Zero Game is an ongoing action, high-stakes game manhwa on LINE and Naver Webtoon. Created by Zelbaen, the series follows the story of Hanna Yoo as she takes part in a deathly, other-worldly game out of desperation to change her life after the death of her parents 10 years ago.

You lose, you die, but winning brings a big reward.

Rivals, friends, comrades, monsters, and even her deceased parents? Just what else will Hanna find from Zero Game? And what is waiting at the end of the tunnel?

Since the setting of the series is based around a survival RPG-like game, Zero Game has a clear ranking system for the players on the basis of the Life Points held by them.

But things get interesting if we also add the NPCs and the operators to the mix. Hence, we bring a list of the 10 Most Powerful Zero Game Characters, ranked in descending order.

The colorful cast of the series has different abilities, passives, and intelligence levels, which will all be taken into account in this list.

10 Most Powerful Zero Game Characters Ranked

10. Bonds


Bonds is an NPC who guards the fifth level in Zero Game. As the highest-level NPC the team faces as of yet, he is incredibly powerful. His level is notorious for being one of the hardest to clear.

Bonds can create green shockwaves and blast his power with his weapon. His shockwaves are so powerful that Alex’s whole team had to attack him according to his plan, and they still had trouble keeping up with him.

He used the Micaela doll as his secret weapon when he started getting overwhelmed by Alex’s strategies.

9. Kyle Jan

Kyle Jan

Kyle is one of the long-time friends of the main group and joined Elliot’s team and later White Hound as part of their alliance. He has a powerful S-class ability which allows him to freely manipulate his blood and change it into different forms and weapons.

One of the side effects of his abilities is that he experiences anemia if he uses too much of his blood for too long. Kyle’s passive ability is location tracking which allows him to track the location of any player.

Kyle knows how to use his ability well and doesn’t hesitate to follow Alex’s plan

8. Loveme


Currently 4th in the ranking and the former operator of Zero Game, Loveme is an incredibly powerful character who currently owns the ability shop. She was also Hanna’s mother when she was alive.

Her main ability as a player is her flame skill which she has good mastery over. She attacked Jade with the intention of dying together with him to help Hanna and others but was stopped by Zero in time.

Her passive is Foreseeing, and she is the only player who has the ability to look into the future.

7. Mr. X

Mr. X

Mr. X is the current game operator of Zero Game. He is Hanna’s father and died in the real world while saving the Baek brothers.

Although he is not shown to have any fighting abilities, as the game operator, he has one of the highest authority in the game. He has jurisdictional power to alter level challenges and issue new rules.

He was a photographer in the real world, and his skills came in handy to take data (pictures) of the dead NPCs and create their traces. This helped to revive them, preventing Noise from erasing himself and rebooting the game.

6. Noise/System


Initially introduced as the first-level NPC, Noise is the system of the game and monitors all its workings. He is the person who has the final say in the decisions and the one with the ability to appoint the operators.

His main ability is molecularization. He is able to control molecules and even transform his body using electricity.

Normal users have a difficult time attacking him, but even he acknowledges that the system is not invincible and had trouble going against Rosaline. Noise uses a scythe as his weapon.

5. Red Cloak/Rosaline Kim

Red Cloak/Rosaline Kim

Rosaline was one of the characters that was introduced as a member of Elliot’ team. However, it was later found out that she was using an identity-changing ticket and is the Red Cloak, one of the major antagonists of the series.

Rosaline’s main ability was light which she used to help create a shadow for Elliot. As Red Cloak, she has a powerful hidden ability called space construction which allows her to manipulate the space around her. She can easily stay afloat and attack from the air while using this ability.

Since she has Barry Arthur’s system, her powers are stronger than any normal player. Additionally, she has the ability to cancel out the system’s abilities.

4. Jay/Jade Lin posing as Gina Park

Jade Lin as Gina Park

Jade is the main antagonist of the series and is currently the 3rd ranked in the game. He is using an identity-changing ticket to pose as Gina Park. He was also the reason Alex started resenting Elliot.

Jade is ruthless and cruel. He has an extremely powerful SS class ability called Mind Control which allows him to manipulate anyone in the game three times. Most of the time, he needs to form an eye contact with the other person for this to happen.

He also possesses Nobel’s system, Noise’s former NPC assistant, system, and this has an additional ability – penetration and duplication. He can use his ability without making eye contact with his limit breaker, and his passive ability is lethal poisoning.

3. Alex Baek

Alex Baek

One of the protagonists of the series, Alex, was the one to first find Hanna when she entered the game. They established pair-sharing, and he comes to care a lot for Hanna as his partner.

Alex has an A-class ability called Electronic Master. This may seem lower than others, but this is a highly versatile ability, and Alex often uses his staff to manifest it.

The reason he is so strong and highly ranked on the list is due to his planning skills and intelligence. He is often the one to come up with the plans for the whole team and is extremely good at seeing his enemies’ weaknesses and making a plan quickly according to the situation.

Alex’s passive is Natural Recovery. Since Loveme used her system to revive him when he died, he also possesses her system and has the Restoration and Deletion skill.

2. Elliot Baek

Elliot Baek and him as Louis

Elliot is Alex’s twin brother and one of the other main characters of the series. He was initially introduced as somewhat of an antagonist wanting to kill Alex, but it was quickly found that he was putting on a facade on purpose.

Elliot has one of the strongest SSS class abilities in the game called shadow, which helps him to manipulate any shadow into a construct. He often uses this ability to form a black monster, but he can also form weapons and projectiles.

The only drawback of his ability is that he needs a powerful light source due to the nature of the shadows. Thus his ability is basically useless after dark unless there is a powerful light like Rosaline’s ability.

Elliot’s current passive is Mental Attack Cancellation. He was presumably killed by Alex under Jade’s ability influence but returned and is now posing as Louis using an identity-changing ticket.

1. Hanna Yoo

Hanna Yoo

Hanna is the main protagonist and the first-ranking player in Zero Game. She was lucky enough to be helped by Alex when she entered the game and is one of the people Alex trusts the most. She is also Mr. X and Loveme’s daughter.

Upon entering the game, Hannah was awarded 20000 LP, making her the first-ranked player, and thus was able to gain a strong ability. Her ability, Copier, allows him to copy any ability, including those of NPCs.

She can hold multiple abilities at once and often mix and uses them to her advantage. Her passive is mirroring.

Hanna is one of the people who showed the most growth in the series and has continued to get stronger since the beginning.

With this, our list of the Top 10 Powerful Zero Game Characters Ranked comes to an end. The long-running series introduces new and more powerful characters on every level, so stay tuned to keep yourself updated with any changes in the ranking.

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