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Top 14 Strongest Eleceed Female Characters Ranked

Eleceed is one of the most beloved ongoing action Manhwa. And why wouldn’t it be? After all, it’s written by Jeho Son, author of one of the top 3, Noblesse, and illustrated by Zhena, one of the creators of the popular series Girls of the Wild’s.

Eleceed has some of the best fight choreographies and power systems and has a ranking system even within the universe. Although, it’s not fully revealed yet.

Everyone knows about Kayden’s and Jiwoo’s strengths, but the series also features quite a few strong and interesting female characters.

Hence, we are ranking the 14 Strongest Eleceed Female Characters according to their battle prowess and abilities. It may be a little early to rank these characters since a few of them haven’t shown their abilities to the fullest. But, no worries since this list will be updated regularly.

14 Strongest Eleceed Female Characters Ranked

14. Jihye Lee

Jihye Lee

Jihye Lee is an unaffiliated awakened who met Jiwoo at the Awakened Academy. Her ability is psychokinesis, and she can lift people in the air. Her abilities are limited, and she got quickly defeated by Jiwoo’s speed.

Although Jihye was weaker in the beginning, the unaffiliated students learned a lot during their time at the academy, and there is no doubt that she is also improving her abilities.

13. Sooae Choo

Sooae Choo

Sooae Choi was introduced as the student representative of Halla at the Awakened Academy. She has psychic abilities and can condense her awakened power into spheres, which she then uses to attack.

Sooae defeated Taeyong rather easily during their fight. However, she is much weaker than Soobin or Jisuk.

12. Hyeonga Park

Hyeonga Park

Hyeonga Park is a member of Baekdu, and thus, her main ability is Gyrokinesis which allows her to manipulate gravity. This helps her during fights as she can crush her opponents by manipulating the gravity around them.

She is rather cruel and quickly defeats Jihye during their fight. She may be stronger than the unaffiliated awakened ones, but it seems that she is rather wary around Shinhwa members.

11. Jookyung Kim

Jookyung Kim

Jookyung Kim is one of the student representatives of Mir at the Awakened Academy. She has a psychic ability, Mind Control, which is a subset of Mir’s signature ability.

Jookyung can force illusions upon her enemies, rendering them useless and unable to do anything. She defeated Gangwoo without lifting a finger, so we haven’t seen the extent of her fighting abilities yet.

10. Boyoung Choi

Boyoung Choi

Childhood friend of Jaehyuk and a member of Shinhwa, Boyoung Choi, is first shown as cunning and sly, especially towards Jiwoo, but quickly grows to like him too.

She has not shown her abilities and fighting prowess yet, but it is safe to assume that she is on the same level as Jaehyuk as she was selected as a student representative by Shinhwa to attend the Awakened Academy. As part of Shinhwa, she probably possesses Aerokinesis.

9. Jessica


Jessica is a supporting character in Eleceed who made her appearance quite recently. She hasn’t showcased her abilities, yet she is one of the strongest, high-ranking students of the World Awakened Academy.

The only reason she is a bit down the list is that she is not part of the top 10 and is not at Soobin’s level.

8. Iseul Ju and Duri

Iseul Ju and Duri

One of the top student representatives of Mir, Iseul Ju is the grandaughter of Mir’s chairwoman. As part of Mir, her main ability is Animal Communion, and her main weapon of choice is her big white fluffy dog, Duri.

Iseul is able to control and communicate with animals, and she is one of the strongest with this ability. She is able to commune with almost all the animals but was fascinated when she wasn’t able to control Jiwoo’s cat since, of course, he is one of the strongest awakened.

She assumed Jiwoo also had the same ability and even invited him to join Mir. Iseul has a crush on Jiwoo, which Jisuk and Soobin tease her constantly about.

7. Laura Jensen

Laura Jensen

Laura Jensen is one of the top 10 in the World Awakened Academy and a successor to one of the most influential families, the Jensen family. She possesses the ability to manipulate the ground and is quite ruthless in her approach. She can manipulate the ground around her enemies, causing them massive damage.

During her fight with Sucheon, she started the fight by aiming straight toward his heart. Though, Sucheon himself is more or less her mortal enemy with his gravity manipulation, and the fight ended in a tie. Her ability’s biggest drawback is that she can’t do anything if she isn’t touching the ground.

6. Jean


Jean is one of the strongest rookies in the World Awakened Academy and is sponsored by Omega. Like the Klein brothers, she can manipulate fire. Her pyrokinesis is one of the best, and she is considered one of the best power controllers in WAA.

Jean appears to be quite close to Laura, though Laura seems to be scared of Jean at times. Her mastery over her power isn’t as good as Wooin, but she is extremely powerful nonetheless.

5. Lia Eresby

Lia Eresby

Next up is the student council president of the World Awakened Academy herself, Lia Eresby. She is also one of the top 10 of the academy. Her main ability is a barrier that she can freely manipulate to protect herself and others.

She is skilled enough to use her barrier to confine and restrict the movements of her opponents. Her shield can even deflect her enemies’ abilities back to them, making them self-destruct.

Lia is more or less on the same level as Soobin. The two faced each other to fight in WAA, but their match was interrupted by Frame. We can only wait and see how far her abilities can go against her.

4. Subin Lee

Subin Lee

One of the main characters of the series and granddaughter of the head of Awakened Union, Subin is one of the strongest awakened in her age group, not only in Korea but worldwide. Her abilities are on par with Jisuk, and the two are often bantering, trying to prove themselves stronger.

Subin’s main ability is cryokinesis. She can both defend herself with her ice walls and make ice knives for close combat. She has amazing reflexes and can defend herself against Jisuk and Wooin. Her melee attacks are quite powerful as she is able to keep up and attack Wooin during their spar.

In her fight against Duke, she got overpowered by him, though now she is strong enough to challenge the top 10 of WAA.

3. Miyoung Ko


First introduced as one of the instructors of affiliated awakened in the Awakened Academy, Miyoung Ko is part of Mir and an excellent animal communion.

Although she hasn’t shown her full abilities yet, her status as an instructor at the Awakened Academy undoubtedly means she is one of the strongest female characters in the universe.

She appears to be just and not as haughty as other affiliated high-rankers can get.

2. Hye-Yeong Kim

Hye-Yeong Kim

Hye-Yeong Kim is the head of the awakened organization Mir which specializes in animal communion. She is also Iseul’s grandmother. She hasn’t shown her abilities yet, but being a chairwoman of a well-known awakened organization means she is one of the strongest in Korea.

1. Jiyoung Yoo

Jiyoung Yoo

To no one’s surprise, we have Jiyoung Yoo at the very top of the list. Chairwoman of Shinhwa and currently ranked #1 in Korea, Jiyoung is an extremely powerful character.

She is Jisuk’s older sister, and even he is scared of her. Korea has tried to keep its real abilities hidden to prevent conflict, but Jiyoung is easily in the Rank 50s of the world.

Her main ability is Aerokinesis. She has excellent mastery over wind and is able to create powerful tornadoes. She is also one of the very few awakened who has special isolation. Her speed, durability, and strength are all enhanced and more powerful than a lot of other awakened.

She took over Shinhwa at a very young age after the death of her parents, so it is safe to assume that she has the mental capabilities to be the chairwoman for one of the most powerful awakened organizations in Korea.

With this, we conclude our list of the 15 Strongest Eleceed Female Characters Ranked. Eleceed has a huge cast of characters with different abilities. There are going to be older characters getting stronger and newer strong female characters in the future. Thus, we will keep our list updated according to the new episodes. Till then, happy reading!

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