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(Update 2023) Asta vs Yuno (Black Clover): Who will win in one-on-one battle

This article is updated based on the latest information.

Black Clover is more than just a simple village boy trying to become the wizard king. The protagonist Asta is born without magic, and his counterpart Yuno is probably the most gifted magician of his generation. 

While these two are invariable childhood friends orphaned at a young age, the question remains: Who would win in a fight between Asta vs. Yuno? Let’s find out.

The match will probably end in a draw. Asta, with his five-leaf grimoire and four swords, is one of the strongest out there regarding offense. There is no way to defeat Asta in his complete devil union form. Even Lucifero, the King of the Underworld, lost to him.

On the other hand, Yuno has his offensive powers, but that does not match his style since he is more of a passive fighter.

However, Yuno’s protection could be more robust when it comes to defense. With his star magic, he can teleport anywhere in his surroundings. Also, his speed and reflexes exponentially increase in his Saint Stage form

Therefore, in a nutshell, if Asta is invincible in his complete devil form, then Yuno is also a teleportation and long-range expert. All he needs is to avoid any significant attack from Asta until his complete devil form is over. 

Therefore, this post will analyze the character’s powers and abilities to conclude the more potent combatant. To know who is stronger in a fight of Asta vs. Yuno, stick on till the end.

Asta Devil Union: Power and Abilities Explained

Asta Devil Form
Asta Devil Form

Asta’s Devil Union is the ace in the hole during combat. He rarely takes on a complete transformation with Liebe, given that he can sustain it for a minimal time; however, when combined with his anti-magic abilities, he turns into a true menace.

Even without his devil powers, Asta constantly trains himself and has reached the point where his strength and stamina can easily match those in the upper ranks of Magic knights. He is swift and agile, can dodge attacks quickly, and is highly durable.

His power and strength made him one of the top five strongest characters in the series. As if this wasn’t enough, he had to become more powerful to defeat Lucius. Asta now has even more powerful abilities to prove his strength.

Asta also has his four swords, which he can pull out of his five leaved grimoire

  • Demon slayer sword
  • Demon destroyer Sword
  • Demon Dweller Sword
  • Demon Slasher Katana

With the help of these four swords, Asta can nullify any form of magical attack thrown at him, making him an extremely formidable opponent. In his United state, he can even nullify attacks like devil singularity.

He even has his Zetten move, which completely cancels out any magic attack. It was also stated to be the perfect counter to all forms of magic. He can now negate his opponent’s magic with his single concentrated anti-magic strike called Zetten.

He had defeated Sister Lily and Damnatio and even beheaded the Five-Headed Dragon with his single Zetten strike.

Anti-Magic Devil Union Abilities

1) Partial transformation

Asta’s right hand is coated with anti-magic while undergoing partial Union. He can use his anti-magic powers with more control and even provide directed attacks at opponents. After entering into an equality contract with his devil Liebe, Asta can use his black form for 5 minutes.

The cross on his chest is indicative of the time that is left in the Union. After 5 mins, Asta feels extreme pain and has to face a cooldown timer of 30 minutes before he can use his black form again.

2) Complete Union

Asta Complete Devil Union
Asta Complete Devil Union (Black Clover)

Complete Union lasts only 5 seconds; however, that is enough for a devil to defeat an opponent. Asta projects and turns into a devil in his complete union form, sprouting horns and tail and carrying his anti-magic sword almost as an extension of his body.

In those 5 seconds, Asta is invincible, guarded by the devil’s powers, and increased offensive output. Since understanding Liebe’s backstory, both the characters have the primary motivation of expanding the extent and time limit of the Union to an even greater extent.

3) Zetten 


Although this doesn’t relate much to Asta’s devil forms, his unique ability is worth mentioning. Previously, Asta could utilize Ki and read his opponent’s moves in advance.

He could also react to any of his blind-spot attacks, making him almost unstoppable in battle. Later, we learn that this is an extraordinary technique from the Land of Sun, and there is also an extension for this ability called Zetten.

Asta can now manipulate the Ki in his body to build up the concentration of Anti Magic throughout his whole body. He then concentrates all of this anti-magic force on his hands and sends all of this force in a single swift strike.

It is the perfect counter to any form of Magic and can defeat anyone in just one strike. He displayed the tremendous power of his Zetten on Sister Lily and Damnatio in the recent chapters.

4) Sharing Anti-Magic

Sharing Anti-Magic

Asta can also share his anti-magic properties now, thanks to his training. He could transfer his anti-magic properties to the whole Black Bulls squad before leaving for the Clover Kingdom’s final battle.

Although it’s still unknown how it works, this should be explained in the next chapter of Black Clover, released in December. However, Ryuya had said that granting anti-magic depends on Asta’s time and bond with the other individual.

Yuno Star Magic & Wind Magic: Power and Abilities Explained

The Golden Dawn picked up Yuno in the magic knight trials, which should say enough about his powers and abilities. Yuno is a wind manipulator; most of his attacks and defenses are based around using wind, and he is a primary elemental user.

However, with the celestial spirit, Yuno’s powers are far more exclusive than any comparative understanding and, in defense, are neigh impenetrable.

With gradually increasing his light powers, Yuno has also gained extensive control over his Star Magic. The star magic allows Yuno to create and use the stars for many light-based attacks, making him one of the few wizards able to simultaneously manipulate two different types of magic.

In the recent arc, William appointed him as the Captain of the Golden Dawn. Other captains and even Lucius were surprised by the growth and strength that Yuno had shown.

1) Yuno Wind Magic Abilities

Yuno Saint Stage Form
Yuno Saint Stage Form (Black Clover)

Despite receiving his grimoire, Yuno was a highly competent elemental wind magic user. However, with proper training and guidance in the Golden Dawn, Yuno awakened a newer, more focused side and greater control over his wind powers.

Yuno can summon a celestial wind spirit that accompanies him everywhere and grants him combat abilities. Yuno can summon Sylph anytime in battle, and after he combines 100 percent with Sylph, he is able to enter into Saint Stage.

He has many powerful spells and abilities over here. Yuno can create weapons ranging from bows and arrows to shields and spears. These are potent weapons that have been highly useful in all his battles so far.

2) Yuno Star Magic Abilities

Yuno Star Magic
Yuno Star Magic Black Clover

Yuno’s star magic is unprecedented since this is the first time anyone else has previously been shown to wield two different types of magic. Using this form takes an immense toll on Yuno’s mana, so he only uses it sometimes.

However, Yuno can successfully summon and use light magic through the stars using this form of magic. He can shoot light beams, and combined with his defensive wind magic, he has an almost perfect blend of attack and defense.

Yuno can teleport with his stars or even use them as a shield and use many powerful energy-based attacks with his star magic. Due to his unique ability to have two different magic attributes, he quickly became one of the series’s top 5 most vital characters.

In the recent chapters, he also unleashed a multi-star shield, which covered the whole Clover Kingdom from the combined attack of the legless angels.

3) Never-Never Land

Never-Never Land

Coming to Yuno’s most potent spell, this is a combination of his wind and star magic. Yuno creates a dome-like space during this spell, with his stars rotating around the dome.

Sylph also makes smaller clones of herself and spreads herself all over the area. On top of this, Sylph can also control the flow of time in this area, effectively weakening and negating Lucius’s spells.

She can also control the flow of magic in this space, strengthening their allies’ spells and weakening their opponent’s spells. Time stands still in this enclosed area, so Lucius’s time spells are useless.

This spell proved to be a highly effective tool in the battle of Clover Kingdom against Lucius and the Paladins. If not for Yuno’s spell, the magic knights wouldn’t have been able to defeat the legless angels.

But the only downside is that this specific spell takes up a lot of mana, and Yuno would also get exhausted very soon.

Asta vs. Yuno (Black Clover) 

Here, we will compare Asta vs. Yuno in detail while comparing their primary strengths and using many other parameters.

1) Based on Strength

Asta possesses an insane level of physical strength. He can do a thousand push-ups and swing heavy swords single-handedly. He can also swing his blades with a brute force that sends enemies crashing into rocks. 

In addition to this, the Witch Queen further enhances his arm strength using Blood Magic. And ever since, Asta had been training nonstop to increase his physical attributes and raw power. 

Yuno, on the other hand, was a gifted magician since birth and had always relied on his magical abilities rather than brute strength to fight against more challenging opponents than him. 

Based on this, Asta will easily win in a raw strength battle of Asta vs. Yuno. 

2) Based on Magic

Yuno Saint Stage
Yuno Saint Stage with Bell

Asta possesses no mana and, therefore, can’t use any magic. Although this feels like a massive weakness, it enables Asta to wield Anti Magic without suffering any weakening effects since he has no magic to drain. 

This also makes him untraceable by mana sensors and immune to the life-draining substance of the underworld.

On the other hand, Yuno possesses tremendous magic power, being the rightful heir to the throne of the Spade Kingdom. This allows him to cast two different spells at the same time easily.

After being possessed by Sylph, his magic powers increased even further. Despite all these, Asta is a direct counter to him since he can use his Anti-Magic to nullify Yuno’s Wind Magic

However, with the advancement of the Mana Zone and the capability to manipulate the natural element, i.e., wind, Yuno has the upper hand here. But Asta had also reached the level of Yuno with his anti-magic spells in the recent chapters. 

His control of anti-magic got a lot better, and he can negate any magic attribute now. He would also be able to reject Yuno’s Never-Never land, but this is still unknown for now. 

So, Yuno still has the upper hand in the battle of magic when we consider a contest of raw magic attributes between Asta and Yuno. 

3) Based on Speed

Asta possesses enhanced speed, being the host of the devil, Liebe. He can move at above-average speed without the help of his Anti-Magic. It grants him the mobility and flexibility to attack his enemies using his Swords faster, making them unable to dodge his attacks.

Yuno can use his Wind Magic and manipulate wind to grant his tremendous mobility during a battle. He can use whirlwinds to lift and propel himself through the air. This already gives him a huge advantage when comparing him to Asta in terms of speed. 

It gives him a definite advantage over Asta since he can modify his attacks and develop various ways to increase his speed. Also, Star Magic allows him to teleport from one place to another. Therefore, no doubt, Yuno has the upper hand based on rate.

Even if Asta had trained a lot to increase his raw stats, his base speed remains almost unchanged. His reflexes have improved, but his rate is far from Yuno’s teleportation speed. 

4) Based on Techniques

Asta has a variety of techniques in his arsenal related to Anti-Magic. These include Bull Thrust, Black Meteorite, Black Hurricane, and Demon-Slayer Sword: Black Divider and Black Slash

In addition to this, he can combine his Anti-Magic with Mirror Magic to use Mirrors Slash and Mirrors Meteorite. He also possesses Ki, which allows him to use a sixth sense and react to unseen attacks and people.

And now, Asta also has Zetten to defeat any of his opponents in almost a single mighty strike. But he still needs to be stronger than Yuno when we compare their techniques alone.

Yuno has many techniques and abilities and can easily set up potent offense and defense spells. Thanks to his dual magic attributes, Yuno has many more spells now.

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Meanwhile, Yuno is also just a little ahead in this department. He can use a variety of magic, the strongest among them being his Wind Magic. Using his Wind Magic, he can use Towering Tornado, Crescent Kamaitachi, Tornado Fang, Gale White Bow, and Trident Spell

In addition, he can use his Creation Magic to produce powerful moves like Swift White Hawk, Wind Blades Shower, and Heavenly Wind Ark. 

Moreover, with the help of Sylph, he can use Sylph’s Breath, Spirit Dive, Spirit System, Spirit’s Hushed Dance, Spirit of Zephyr, Liable Tempest, and Spirit of Boreas

In addition to the Star Magic, he can utilize more powerful offensive and defensive attacks like Quartile Scutum, Conjunction, Quartile Hasta, and Quartile Flagellum. Thus, in terms of techniques, Yuno has the upper hand.

5) Based on Previous Battles

Asta has taken on some mighty enemies in this series and has been victorious against them. In the recent chapters, when Zenon Zogratis unleashed one of the demons on the Clover Kingdom, Asta united with Liebe and sliced apart the demon using his Black Divider. 

Previously, he has also managed to defeat Undine, the spirit of water. He used his Anti-Magic and Ki sensing to scout Lolopechka and broke down the water barrier surrounding her.

Yuno has also gone against some formidable opponents and managed to dominate them. Recently, he went head to head against Zenon Zogratis with his Spirit of Boreas and managed to overwhelm him. 

Even in the past, he has defeated the likes of Foyal Migusteau and Gaderois Godroc. But, the situation had significantly changed now, with Asta fighting many more opponents than Yuno in the recent arc. 

Asta had defeated Sister Lily, the Five-Headed Legendary Dragon, and even Damnatio. Although Yuno put up a great fight against Lucius, he didn’t have to fight any other powerful Paladins. 

And Asta is also going to fight against Lucius in the upcoming chapters. So, Asta takes the win in this attribute when compared to Yuno.

6) Based on Spirit

Asta is connected to the devil Liebe, who possesses Anti-Magic. This allows him to access this energy and further enhances his anti-Magic power. This increase in power enables him to nullify a Gravity Singularity and coat weapons with Anti-Magic. 

After Asta learned to unite with Liebe, his Anti-Magic became more ferocious, allowing him to dominate enemies easily.

On the other hand, the wind spirit Sylph resides in Yuno. Yuno can use Spirit Magic to summon Sylph to assist him in battle. Being the spirit of the same element, Sylph makes Yuno’s Wind Magic all the more powerful, making him a dominant fighting figure. 

However, compared to Sylph, Liebe is far more powerful and dangerous with his anti-magic and gives Asta the edge in this regard.

7) Based on Host- Devil/Spirit Host

Asta Devil Union Black Clover
Asta Devil Union Black Clover

In terms of host abilities, Asta is the host of Liebe, while Yuno can summon Sylph and, at 100% resonance, can reach the saint stage. So, whose transformation is more powerful?

Yuno gets excessive control over his abilities in the combined state and can use wind magic more efficiently. However, in the five seconds, Asta combines with Liebe, that would be all it takes to defeat Yuno in the saint stage.

Yuno can only take on a long fight since Asta is on a ticking clock; however, to take them at their best, Asta has an edge in this round.

Asta vs Yuno: Who will win?

Asta can suck up Yuno’s Wind Magic during a one-on-one battle with his demon dweller sword. Even though Yuno uses powerful spells like Mana Zone and Spirit of Boreass, Asta can make them practically powerless by uniting with Liebe, who is also far more substantial than Sylph. 

Yuno is very powerful in the end, but he doesn’t stand a chance against Asta due to his anti-Magic.

Yuno gets excessive control over his abilities in the combined state and can use wind magic more efficiently. However, in the five seconds, Asta combines with Liebe, that would be all it takes to defeat Yuno in Saint Stage. 

But Yuno has another option, too, i.e., his star magic, in which he can avoid Asta as much as he wants and attack him at a long distance. This attack might have worked against Asta before he unlocked Zetten. 

Now, Asta could easily cancel out Yuno’s magic with his Zetten. And he also has better control and usage of his anti-magic in battle now. However, Yuno doesn’t lose to Asta in this aspect. 

At the start of the Asta vs. Yuno battle, Yuno will likely try to use his Never-Never Land spell. This spell might be tricky for Asta to get through, as we cannot say if anti-magic can cancel this particular spell. 

Even if it does, Asta will take a lot of effort, and their energy would almost be completed in the first strike alone. Therefore, the battle of Asta vs. Yuno will likely be a draw. 


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