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(2023) How strong is Lucifero in Black Clover | Power Explained

Last updated on January 4th, 2023 at 12:38 am

Yuki Tabata’s Black Clover has caught up the recent markets in a whirl. With the cliffhanger in the current manga release, readers have one question in their mind, “How strong is Luifero in Black Clover?” as to predict the upcoming storyline.

The answer to this is quite simple. Lucifero is the strongest devil of the Underworld, and there exists no one to fight against him on equal groundsHe, also known as the King of all Devils, is one of the highest-ranking devils and one of the three rulers of the Underworld. As the King of Devils, there exists no other capable enough to challenge him, thus earning him the status of the Strongest Devil.

The Devils serve to be the primary antagonist in the anime. Having a world completely of their own, a strict hierarchy exists that divides these Devils into various levels based on their strengths. 

Later in this post, we have brought forth all of Lucifero’s powers to present before the fans a clear picture of The Devil King’s strength. The recent manga has left all of us with a cliffhanger, whether the combined efforts of the Magic Knights could defeat Lucifero.

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How Strong is Lucifero in Black Clover?

Lucifero vs the Magic Knights

Lucifero has the title of the Underworld King. His power level is such sky-soaring high that now only Julius in his Prime form may challenge him.

Lucifero holds several connections to Asta and the Black Bulls. He was the one who extinguished Asta’s mother and also fought head-on with the Black Bulls and the Captains when they offered resistance to his efforts in bringing forth the Tree of Qlipoth

Using Dante Zogratis of the Spade Kingdom as his host, he wishes to create havoc, take complete control of the mortal world and offer a free space for devils to manifest themselves.

Lucifero Black Clover Power-

Lucifero from Black Clover manga
Image source: Black Clover fandom wiki

As the King of the Devils, Lucifero possesses immense magical strength. His strongest ability is his Gravity Magic. Using this, he can freely manipulate the gravity with just a flick of his finger, causing even the strongest to collapse.

Lucifero Power Level-

“How strong is Lucifero and what are his power levels” are some frequently asked questions. Lucifero’s power level is immense that can easily overwhelm even the captains combined, which exceeds even that of the Wizard King’s.

He is strong enough to stop Asta’s anti-magic slash with his single hand. Lucifero even caught a power-packed punch from Mereoleona Vermillion and even managed to break the bones of her arm. He combated the combined Magic Knight Captains with the least effort.


  • 1) Wide reserve of Magic Power –

He is one of the three rulers of the Underworld and possesses immense magical powers. Being connected to the Tree of Qlipoth, he sustains the power to destroy the whole world within himself. Despite being in an incomplete form, he can easily fight seven boosted Magic Knight Captains.

  • 2) Immense Strength –
Lucifero stopping Asta's sword
Image source: Shonen Daily

As stated earlier, Lucifero was not able to gain his complete form in the human realm. Even in his incomplete form, he wiped out all the Magic Knight captains without any effort. Although the captains were in their prime form, still, they wouldn’t hold a candle against him. 

His power to control gravity simply adds up a golden feather to his strength.

  • 3) High durability –

As the King of Devils, Lucifero’s boy is highly durable. He would be hit by Captain Yami’s Slash magic that can slice through anything and remain unaffected.

Even the combined Fire Magic of the strongest Magic Knights, Mereleona, and Fuegoleon was rendered harmless in front of Lucifero.

The combined magic of the seven Captains was easily sustained by him, even though he was in his incomplete form.

  • 4) Control over Devils –

Lucifero possesses the power to control the low-ranking devils and even manifest them as per his will. When Lucifero, through the body of Moris, manages to open the second gate of the Underworld, multiple devils emerge out into the human realm.

Lucifero takes control of all of them and unites them into a single gigantic mass, which he can manifest himself. Using it, he even captures the two Captains, Yami and William.

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Where to Read and Watch Black Clover?

Black Clover, the anime, is available on various popular streaming platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Funimation. However, there is a catch to it. The availability depends significantly on the country in which the user is based.

For example, Black Clover is available on Prime Video only in the USA, while it’s available on Netflix in India. Worried, right? Well, as we know, every problem comes with a solution. You can just look up as to which country the anime is available and then use a VPN to set the location accordingly.

When it comes to using a VPN, we recommend using PIA VPN. You can use this link to avail heavy discounts.

Coming to manga, Viz Media announced their decision to publish the manga in the weekly Shounen Jump, and the manga is available on their website for free. Apart from that, multiple other websites pop up which provide the manga series of Black Clover.

One of the most talked-about anime manga series, Black Clover, primarily focuses on two orphan kids, Asta and Yuno. Raised as twins despite being from different mothers, they share a common thread.

Both of them aim to become the Wizard King of the Clover Kingdom: Asta, a child with no magic at all against Yuno, who possesses a Four-leaf Grimoire like the Wizard King. The plot revolves around them overcoming various hurdles that bring them a step closer to their dream.

With this, we come to the end of this article. Hope it left you with a smile of satisfaction. For further information about Black Clover and other popular anime and manga series, tune in to this website.

Frequently Asked Questions- 

Q1. Is Lucifero the most powerful devil?

Ans Yes, as the King of Devils, Lucifero is the most powerful devil of the Underworld.

Q2. Is Liebe more powerful than Lucifero?

Ans No, Lucifero is far stronger than Liebe.

Q3. Who is stronger than Lucifero?

Ans As of now, no one can match up to Lucifero.

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