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10 Sexiest Bald Black Actors With Beards (2023)

There is something wonderful about men embracing their baldness and turning it into confidence instead. Baldness is often seen as a curse by many, especially men, but these actors have proved that you don’t need to have a full head of hair to rock a style.

Black actors, in particular, are often seen rocking either a buzzed or classic bald + beard look. And they have no less of people lining up for them, proving the key lies in the right style and confidence.

Today, we will be taking a look at the 10 Sexiest Bald Black Actors With Beards. These actors take pride in their appearance and skills, and we can definitely see why. So keep reading if you, too, are a fan of this style!

Let’s begin.

10 Sexiest Bald Black Actors With Beards

10. Avery Brooks

NameAvery Franklin Brooks
Popular Movies/SeriesStar Trek, Spenser

An actor, singer, director, narrator, and educator. Avery Brooks is who we nostalgically remember as Captain Benjamin Sisko in Star Trek and Hawk in Spenser: For Hire. He is also a theatre veteran and has been bestowed with the William Shakespeare Award for Classical Theatre by the Shakespeare Theatre Company.

Avery has had a long-standing career and has received a lot of acclaim. He pairs up his style with a goatee.

9. Shemar Moore


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Name Shemar Franklin Moore
Popular Movies/SeriesCriminal Minds, S.W.A.T.

Shemar Moore is an American actor most well known for his roles in TV series like The Young and the Restless, in which he played Malcolm Winters, and Criminal Minds, in which he played the talented FBI agent Derek Morgan. He also hosted Soul Trains from 1999 to 2003.

Shemr is an Emmy Award winner and has achieved several NAACP Image Awards as well.

8. Damon Wayans

Name Damon Kyle Wayans Sr.
Popular Movies/SeriesSaturday Night Live, The Last Boy Scout

Damon Wayans is a living icon on Saturday Night Live. Actor, stand-up comedian, writer, and producer… Damon’s name is well-known among the Wayans family of artists.

His family history and natural abilities have earned him several iconic humorous roles in movies like The Last Boy Scout, and Major Payne and television programs such as Lethal Weapon.

Damon has kept his hair closely buzzed for most of his acting and comedy career. He now maintains this style with a small beard to complete the look.

7. Lonnie Rashid Lynn (Common)

Name Lonnie Rashid Lynn
Other Popular Movies/SeriesJohn Wick, Silo

Is there anyone who doesn’t know of the great Common the Rapper? Also known by his stage name Common Sense, Lonnie Rashid Lynn is a rapper, actor, and activist. His achievements speak of his skills on their own. He is a Grammy, Primetime Emmy, and Golden Globe Awards holder.

Lonnie has acted in films like Smokin Aces, American Gangster, and John Wick, among many others. His amazing body perfectly complements his features and style.

6. Morris Lamont Chestnut

NameMorris Lamont Chestnut
Popular Movies/SeriesBoyz n the Hood, The Enemy Within

An American actor who started gaining prominence in the 90s, Morris Lamont Chestnut first rose to prominence with his role as Ricky Baker in Boyz n the Hood. In Rosewood, Chestnut portrayed pathologist Dr. Beaumont Rosewood Jr.

Morris was rated one of the Sexiest Men Alive by People Magazine in 2015, and we can understand why. His buzzed stubble looks great with his bald style. The dude understands how to keep himself elegant and classy at all times.

5. Mike Colter

Name Mike Randal Colter
Age 46
Popular Movies/SeriesMCU, The Good Wife

We don’t think anyone can forget the hot and strong former convict turned-superhero Luke Cage from the MCU. And we can say for sure that Mike Colter was the perfect casting for him. He has also worked in series like Good Wife, Good Fight, Ringer, and Halo.

Perfect body, buttery voice, amazing talents, and superb appearance. Mike Colter has all of them. Many people like and applaud his calm and intelligent attitude.

4. Tyson Beckford

NameTyson Beckford
Other Popular Movies/SeriesHotel California, Addicted

Best known as a Ralph Lauren Polo model who also worked as an actor on T.V., Tyson Beckford definitely deserves a spot on our list. He hosted the American reality TV series Make Me a Supermodel and also participated in Fox’s dating show game The Choice.

He is charming and confident. Tyson has admitted that he was MEANT to be a model, and we can’t disagree. His sexy appearance is sharpened with his bald look with full stubble, which fully displays his perfect facial structure.

3. Tyrese Gibson

Name Tyrese Darnell Gibson
Popular Movies/SeriesFast and Furious, Transformers

Born in L.A., US, Tyrese Darnell Gibson is an American actor and singer. His track “How You Gonna Act Like That” debuted at the top of the charts and has over 200 million views on YouTube. His first acting role came through in John Singleton’s coming-of-age movie Baby Boy in 2001.

He is also behind iconic roles like Roman Pearce in Fast and Furious and Robert Epps in Transformers. He also recently appeared in Morbius last year. Tyrese goes back and forth between a clean-shaven look and trimmed facial hair, both of which are amazing on him.

2. Samuel L. Jackson

Name Samuel Leroy Jackson
Popular Movies/SeriesMCU, Star Wars, Glass

Admit it. You knew his name was coming. One of the biggest stars in Hollywood, Samuel L. Jackson, is an incredibly talented actor and producer. He is undoubtedly one of the most widely recognized actors of our generation.

His role as Nick Fury in the MCU is nothing short of iconic. He has also worked in blockbusters like Pulp Fiction, XXX, and Incredibles. Not to forget his incredible voice performance in the anime Afro Samurai.

Mr. Sam used to keep a clean-shaven face most of the time, but lately, he maintains a trimmed beard with it.

1. Terry Crews


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Name Terry Alan Crews
Other Popular Movies/SeriesEverybody Hates Chris, Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Yes. His Old Spice commercials ARE the reason he is on top of the list. Terry Crews is incredibly talented as not only is he an actor and host, he was a former professional basketball player.

He is best known for his role as Terry Jeffords in the American Comedy series Brooklyn Nine-Nine and Julius Rock in Everybody Hates Chris. Crews has also been hosting America’s Got Talent in the current years.

Everyone knows of his incredible physique. And it does help being paired with his handsome features. His gentle and cheerful personality is the cherry on top which makes us believe that the man is without any flaws.

And with that, we have reached the end. Thank you for reading!

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