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Top 10 Best Finance Movies On Hulu, 2024

Out of all genres, the majority of the audience perceives finance as one of the less entertaining and intriguing genres. But little did they know, they gave off most knowledge and information regarding finance and other aspects of it.

You can also see other genres in these movies, like crime, thrillers, drama, etc. Try to give them a watch, not only the interested ones but also those curious about such films, as you have nothing to lose.

Top 10 Best Finance Movies On Hulu

10. Mad Money

IMDb Ratings5.9
Duration1 hour 44 minutes
ThemeComedy, crime, thriller


Callie Khouri directed the crime comedy Mad Money, which was released in January 2008. The film has taken inspiration from Hot Money, a 2001 British television movie. The story follows three female workers who work at the Federal Reserve.

Bridget, Nina, and Jackie make a strategy to pilfer damaged cash as it is being transported to the shredder.

9. Freakonomics

IMDb Ratings6.3
Duration1 hour 40 minutes


Six directors worked together to make Freakonomics: The Movie, an American documentary released in November 2010. It is an adaptation of a best-selling book titled Freakonomics: A Rogue Economist Explores the Hidden Side of Everything by Steven D. Levitt and Stephen J. Dubner.

The movie talks about a group of documentaries that employ the study of economics to delve into the dark side of human behavior, like bribery, the importance of phrases, and more.

8. Money Monster

IMDb Ratings6.5
Duration1 hour 38 minutes
ThemeCrime, thriller


The May 2016 film Money Monster was made under the direction of Jodie Foster. The crime thriller movie centers on the story of financial expert Lee Gates, who also hosts a television show called Money Monster.

He and the show’s producer, Patty, find themselves in a precarious predicament after being kidnapped by an enraged investor, Kyle. He has invested his entire money in an investing company and lost money on an investment in a Gates-backed startup.

7. Joy

IMDb Ratings6.6
Duration2 hours 4 minutes
ThemeBiographical comedy-drama


Directed by David O. Russell Joy is a biographical comedy-drama released in December 2015. It is based on an autobiography, Inventing Joy, written by Joy Mangano.

The film revolves around a divorced woman named Joy. She confronts several obstacles with a clear objective: to start her enterprise and make it successful. Joy triumphs over all the challenges and accomplishes her ultimate goal. She becomes a self-made millionaire in one of the world’s most powerful business empires.

6. Arbitrage

IMDb Ratings6.6
Duration1 hour 47 minutes


Arbitrage is a Nicholas Jarecki film that was released in September 2012. The crime drama movie focuses on a hedge fund tycoon named Robert Miller. He is approaching retirement, but before that, he makes a blunder.

Robert is racing against time to complete the sale of his trading empire when he commits a mistake and asks an unusual person for assistance. Robert is in a difficult situation.

5. The Queen of Versailles

IMDb Ratings7.1
Duration1 hour 43 minutes


Lauren Greenfield’s directed film, The Queen of Versailles, was released in July 2012. The movie follows the tale of a couple, David and Jackie Siegel, who are billionaires. The 2008 global economic concern they face is documented in this film.

The Florida-based couple started building a 90,000-square-foot house with a Versailles-inspired design. Their realm sputters throughout the next two years due to the economic crisis driven by the real mansion bubble and easy cash.

4. The China Hustle

IMDb Ratings7.1
Duration1 hour 22 minutes
ThemeFinance documentary


The China Hustle was released in September 2017 under the direction of Jed Rothstein. The finance documentary follows the story with a vast network of deception that raises distrust about everything else for investors looking for new, high-yield options; however, in China, they discover a gold mine. It shook the American market by disclosing years-long fraud by Chinese companies.

3. Margin Call

IMDb Ratings7.1
Duration1 hour 47 minutes


J. C. Chandor is behind the direction of the drama movie Margin Call, released in October 2011. This film shows what happened in the early phase of the 2007–2008 financial crisis in the investment bank of Wall Street during 24 hours.

It exhibits how, at that exact time, a management division head gets terminated who is working for a financial firm. His apprentice tries to find out the reason for their collapse while also completing the head’s research.

2. Too Big to Fail

IMDb Ratings7.3
Duration1 hour 39 minutes
ThemeBiographical drama


Too Big to Fail is an adaptation of the non-fiction book under the same name written by Andrew Ross Sorkin. The American biographical drama television movie is Curtis Hanson’s directed film, released in May 2011.

It deals with Henry Paulson, the secretary of the Treasury, who vacates his good position just to handle the concerns that have risen because of the 2008 global financial breakdown. He takes this problem into his own hands.

1. Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room

IMDb Ratings7.6
Duration1 hour 50 minutes
ThemeCrime, documentary


Alex Gibney helmed the film Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room, released in April 2005. It is based on a 2003 best-selling book under the same name.

The movie centers on the Enron Corporation, which comes out as having the most surprising corruption. The firm is totally corrupt and has ties with several criminal operations, including driving the energy crisis in California to raise utility costs at the expense of the typical American.

The Enron Corporation is ready to take any risk and go to any length to earn profit at all costs. The film also displays all their schemes and crooked business practices, leading to their ultimate downfall.


After watching these movies, we can learn something from them that we can apply to our lives. Plots are fascinating, with a sprinkle of entertainment and spiciness in them. There are a ton of movies, shows, series, and documentaries on finance that you can stream or watch on many platforms.

Even if you don’t have any interest in finances, these movies will take you on an exciting journey through the world and may spark your curiosity.

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