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Black Clover Manga is on Hiatus (Chapter 332 Delayed Release Date)

Black Clover has been a fan favorite for quite some time, but with the latest hiatus ensuing the upcoming chapters of Black Clover, it seems just the right time to clarify what’s actually going on. Tabata Sensei is taking a long break to create the new and final arc of Black Clover. If you are interested in knowing the actual details, keep on reading.

So the final arc of Balck Clover is approaching, and it seems just the right time for Tabata Sensei to keep the fans guessing about what is going to happen in the next chapter. Tabata Sensei has taken an area three-month break, which will probably give him enough time to think and make the new arc even better. 

Black Clover Manga Delayed Release Date
Black Clover Manga official hiatus announcement
Credits: Mangaplus Shueisha official

In the latest Hiatus that was recently announced, Tabata Sensei has clarified that after consulting with the editorial team, he has decided to take this long break to recapitulate his thoughts and has also apologized to the fan for the delay. While it is still uncertain when the next arc will come out, it can be speculated that the next arc will probably be out around August first week.

Black Clover Chapter 332 Delayed Release Date-

After Tabata Sensei is done with his break, he is presumably expected to continue writing from the first week of August. The plot has come to a standstill in quite an interesting part where there has been the recent revelation that the time devil Astaroth or Lucius was all the time hidden inside the wizard king Julius and was manipulating his actions.

Black Clover 332 Delayed Release Date
Julius or Lucius Zogratis or Astaroth, the time magic devil (Black Clover)

Under such circumstances, the spade kingdom arc has taken a new turn, given that the devil king is one of the most powerful now that Lucifero has been defeated. Tabata Sensei probably took this time off to fill up all of the plotholes that had emerged and give the fans the best arc yet in Black Clover.

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About Black Clover-

Black Clover follows the story of the protagonist Asta, born without magic in a world where everyone had magic. To gain the respect he deserves, he decides to become the wizard king and, with that in mind, joins the black bulls magic knight squad.

Since then, he has had numerous adventures with his friends, with the very recent Spade Kingdom Arc.

The latest manga chapter gave a glimpse that Yuno’s mother was still alive. Asta and Liebe are found hanging out at the clock tower after defeating Lucifero. However, the recent Chapter 331 turns out extremely twisted as Julius realizes that he was the only person in history to use time magic, meaning he had Lucius within him.

The last panel shows Lucius taking control over Julius’s body.

The plot leaves off at a cliffhanger; however, this is the perfect time to catch up to all the Black Clover action before the final arc comes out. The manga is available on VIZ, and the anime is currently streaming on Netflix, so that you can check that out as well. And for all the latest news about Black Clover, keep following us.


Image Source: Mangaplus Shueisha

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