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(Arthur & Lightning) Blue Exorcist Chapter 136 Spoilers & Release Date

Last updated on November 11th, 2022 at 04:03 pm

After a month-long break, we finally got to see Shiemi, although it was a short glimpse. On the other hand, Satan unleashes his new form and destructive powers. A lot of things progressed in the chapter, so now we can look forward to Blue Exorcist Chapter 136 spoilers to tell us more. Meanwhile, let’s summarize everything that the chapter revealed.

The chapter finally shows Shiemi’s progress with the Ritual of Saio. We see her returning to possibly, Enpeira. Upon her arrival, they insist she changes into Saio Garb when she asks them their waiting time. They reveal it to be 19 hours and nine minutes. Therefore, she refuses to hurry and says that it’s not the time yet.

The scene immediately shifts to Satan, suddenly emerging from the ground. This causes the ground to shatter. Therefore, the exorcists present at the scene fall into the large crevices in the ground. In this form, Satan is massive in size and has long roots growing out of his torso.

On the other hand, the exwires who were traveling towards the main battlefield experience the same. They back each other up from losing their direction and falling to the ground. As Yukio commands them to take the position, he also notices that the heart of the fighting may have shifted since the whole area is shattering.

The exwires prepare to exorcise the demons coming out from the ground and successfully do so. Everyone praises Konekomaru for his splendid knowledge of sutras. Amidst this, Yukio notices Mr. Neuhuas preparing to fire the shot and immediately shouts out for him to stop.


Yukio grows impatient and lunges at him, knocking the both of them to the ground. But it turns out that Mr. Neuhuas had no such intentions; he was, in fact, waiting for others to get to him and let Yukio take the shot. After hilariously laughing at Yukio for jumping to conclusions, everyone prepared to take the shot.

Yukio informs Lightning of their status, and he announces it to everyone. They wake up Mephisto, who’s sleeping above the battlefield without care. Rin takes a sigh of relief after knowing that Yukio’s unit made it. The Grigori Sedes are ready too.

Despite the difficulty locating Satan between the debris, Yukio locks his aim. However, as he requests the exorcist to help clear the path of the fire, a grotesque demon-like being suddenly kidnaps Lightning, leaving Arthur on the battlefield. Arthur deduces him to be one of the Illuminati’s experiments.

On the other hand, Beelzebub freaks out due to upon witnessing Satan’s new form. He whines that he was right to think that they could never defeat his dad. As he blindly flies around, he ends up running into flying debris. As this short comedic relief ends, Yukio mentions that no one can get close to Satan. But he spots Rin closing in on him right after.

Now here comes the best part, Rin questions Satan about why he is doing all of this. He argues that he loved their mother, who was a human, so why such hatred and destruction? Satan simply says that “this vessel” (Shiratori) suits him well. He laughs at Rin’s question about his mother. After some pondering, he remembers “that woman.” He says that he got rid of her since he couldn’t bear the ugliness and stench.

He then goes ahead and insults Rin by saying that he reeks of the same stench as her mother. And if that wasn’t a twist enough, he unleashed his powers on Rin ripping his limbs off. As Rin falls to the ground, Yukio and his team gasp in shock and struggle even more to aim at Satan.

However, what we see next is even more unexpected. Rin unleashes some kind of new power within himself. He gets up and claps back at Satan. He says that it’s good enough for him and the human being to live.

The last panel shows Rin bursting his blue flames as his limbs slowly heal themselves. The chapter ends at this cliffhanger.

Blue Exorcist Chapter 136 spoilers

As we wait for the chapter to release, let’s discuss some fans’ theories and future predictions.

There are a few shocking moments that took place in the current chapter. Firstly, we finally got an update on Sheimi’s status. Now that she has finished the ritual, she might just be the key to winning the battle against Satan. However, there’s still more to it since she decided to wait before she wears the Saio Garb.


Secondly, Yukio’s team successfully made it even if they didn’t take the shot yet. With all the obstacles, Yukio’s shot is even more vital. We don’t know what role Mephisto will play since Lightning woke him up.

As for Lightning, we still have the fight to enjoy. We will again see Arthur and Lightning fight the mysterious being that kidnapped Lightning. This means that we still haven’t reached the finale of this battle. There are a lot more events for us to see.

Lastly, the way Satan reacted when Rin brought up Yuri is rather shocking. He didn’t even remember or perhaps pretended that he didn’t. He changed everything that the series told us so far about his relationship with Yuri.

Satan casually mentions that he got rid of her when he couldn’t bear it and that she disgusted him. This means that he didn’t care about Yuri and was merely using her to form a connection with Asiah. This would also explain why he would want half-human and half-demon children. However, there’s definitely more to this story. We don’t know if he’s simply lying to throw off Rin.

The chapter brought things to a key point that would determine the outcome of the battle. With Rin unlocking some more powers of himself, we are about to see an epic fight between him and Satan. We will also find out the vital role the shooter would play in this battle.

Therefore, we have a lot to look forward to in Chapter 136.

Blue Exorcist Chapter 136 Release Date

Chapter 136 will be out on September 3rd, 2022, as per the Blue Exorcist fans. Although the manga has been following a monthly schedule, the release date is not fixed. Therefore, keep an eye out for the chapter around the expected release date. It seems we have quite some time before we get answers about Rin’s awakening.

Where to watch Blue Exorcist Chapter 136

Blue Exorcist is officially available on Viz Media and Shueisha. Therefore, you needn’t look for manga elsewhere. Both these official sites offer you to read the three latest chapters of the manga. So, you can always read the latest releases as long as you follow the manga there.

And that’s why it is best to create an account and add the manga to your reading list so that you don’t miss out. These official sites also maintain a schedule calendar that announces the release dates of the next chapter of the manga. So, for now, rush to either of these sites and enjoy the latest chapter of Blue Exorcist if you haven’t already.

So, now that we have covered everything regarding Blue Exorcist Chapter 136 spoilers, release date and etc. We shall conclude this article. We will follow up on the next chapter when it’s put; until then, browse through and check out some more articles below.

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