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Blue Lock Chapter 206 Spoilers & Raw Scans (Hiori’s Past)

Last updated on February 13th, 2023 at 07:11 pm

Blue Lock Chapter 206 is focused more on Hiori’s past. The Chapter’s name is Expectation, and it shows us the past of Hiori as well as the reason he started playing soccer.

Hiori had always been a good player who led the Blue Lock team to victory in the Japan U-20 match. He had sensible ball control and precise passeskeen intellect, and a cool-headed nature which always made him select the best option.

But, there are still a lot of things we are yet to know about his past and his reason for playing soccer. He always likes comparing the situations he sees to games and solves them accordingly.

Blue Lock Chapter 206 Spoilers & Raw Scans

Blue Lock Chapter 206 Spoilers & Raw Scans

Just like we saw Hiori consumed deep in thinking from Chapter 205, we get a continuation of that now. There are two series of incidents in Hiori’s past we get to see to understand him a lot better.

He always acts emotionless and unfazed by everything, no matter what is thrown against him. Even when facing Itoshi Sae and Oliver Aiku, he kept his cool and played at his best.

  • Hiori’s Dad is a silver medalist in Judo, and his Mother is Second best High Jumper in Japan. They could not achieve the top position, so they pushed their expectations onto Hiori.
  • Hiori was then trained to become the best striker in Japan. His mother handled his diet, and his father took care of Soccer tactics and training.
  • He wanted to play more with his friends, but they left early, and he still had to keep practicing. But he still keeps playing for the sake of his Parents and to make them happy.
  • But one day, his Parents argue and decide to divorce if Hiori is not successful. Hiori hears this and is hurt while he tries to sneak back.
  • At this moment, he understood that his Parents had only cared for his ability and not him as a person. This scarred him, and he only ever played soccer nonchalantly.
  • From then, he started to think about Life in terms of games. A few years later, he meets Karasu, who whole-heartedly compliments his natural abilities like intellect, ball touch, and his left leg shoot.
  • This is not the whole story, as Karasu understands Hiori’s hidden motives and tells him that he will never beat Karasu. This is only because Hiori has a mediocre resolve.
  • Karasu says that he is an analyzer and he can understand beyond surface-level emotions. And he finishes off by saying that Hiori needs to fight on his own will and set expectations for himself rather than those set by others.
  • There is another time skip, as this time, we see Hiori getting an invitation into Blue Lock. He finally decides to go to this program, as it would be better than his situation at his home.
  • Lastly, we see Isagi inviting Hiori for a practice session, and Hiori complies. At this moment, we see that Hiori has finally found his resolve, and he has something worth enough fighting for.

You can read about the Blue Lock players’ abilities and interesting facts’ from here. 

Blue Lock Chapter 206 Release Date

Blue Lock Chapter 206 Release Date

Blue Lock Chapter 206 should be released on February 14th. The Chapter is available to read on the official website as well as many other sites.

We will be updating the article whenever the Chapter gets released, so make sure to follow our updates regularly. We also follow other manga series, and you can check some of our other articles here.

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