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(Isagi’s Scores) Blue Lock Chapter 212 Spoilers & Raw Scans

Last updated on March 27th, 2023 at 05:26 pm

Blue Lock Chapter 212 Spoilers & Raw Scans have been dropped, and we can say for sure that this match will be a very interesting ride.

Coupled with many of our favorite characters, Isagi is set to devour them again after ruining the Barou and Lorenzo combo. Isagi had predicted this moment with his meta-vision and is going to score now.

Blue Lock Chapter 212 Spoilers & Raw Scans

Blue Lock Chapter 212 Spoilers & Raw Scans

From the previous chapter, we saw Lorenzo’s potential and how he is the core of the team. He can manage offense as well as defense easily, making him a powerhouse.

The casual moves he displayed were enough to speak about his strengths as a player. We can understand the reason behind him being in the Gen 11 players.

  • With his sharpened senses and vision, Isagi destroyed Uber’s attack in a single move. 
  • He knew where to strike perfectly when his team was losing to Loreno’s dribbling skills. 
  • Isagi stole the pass to Barou with a perfect accuracy cut
  • He passes to Kurona, who has been yelling counter since Isagi intercepted the pass. 
  • Yukimuya takes a backseat and observes all Uber players. 
  • He keeps simulating in his head that this was what Isagi aimed for all along. 
  • When the formation is at its weakest, and Lorenzo is on the offense, this was the best point to strike back
  • He further imagines Kurona and Isagi doing their planetary hotline till the penalty, and then Yukimuya will steal the ball.
  • Yukimuya goes forward with the intent of stealing the ball from Isagi. 
  • But, it seems that there is an Ubers player in front of them, so Isagi manages to keep possession of the ball. 
  • Yukimuya understood that Isagi had set this situation all along to use him as a decoy. 
  • Isagi now has his godly sense of meta-vision and physical ability to put those plays in motion. 
  • Yukimuya is also aiming for this perfect synchronization of his body and mind. 
  • Kaiser also looks to steal the ball from Isagi, but he is continuously being marked by Lorenzo. 
  • Lorenzo is hell-bent on not letting Kaiser past him and stopping his plans entirely. 
  • Niko, Aryu, and Aiku are still the defenders left, and they are trying for a fortress formation. 
  • This will make sure that the opponent’s speed plays are drastically reduced and give their team more time to defend. 
  • Isagi still rushes forward without a care in the world. 
  • He is trying to increase the pace of the game along with Kurona and gets past Aiku and Niko.
  • Aiku understands that Isagi’s plays and footwork have greatly improved since their last encounter. 
  • Ness comes in to distort Isagi’s plays so that Kaiser can take the lead. 
  • He knows that Isagi’s weapon is his direct shot, and blocking his course from his right leg will be enough.
  • Ness thinks that this will be the end of Isagi, and then Kaiser can take his spot. 
  • But, Isagi surprises everyone by shooting with his left leg
  • Isagi’s first goal of the Neo Egoist league has been registered with his new weapon.
  • Ness is surprised and asks him what he has done to his body. 

Blue Lock Chapter 212 Release Date

The chapter is all set for a release date of March 28th. Since the raw scans are already released, the official, as well as unofficial translations should be up in a couple of days.

The next chapter is also titled E-4, and yet again, we are unable to understand what it means. It might focus on Isagi’s development and how he managed to accomplish this.

With this, we can close the curtain off on Blue Lock Chapter 212 Spoilers & Raw Scans. Blue Lock has now completed airing, and we will come up with new posts when there are new updates, so make sure to check us out here.

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