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Blue Lock Chapter 213 Spoilers-Prediction & Release Date (Isagi’s Lefty Shoot)

Last updated on April 1st, 2023 at 05:58 pm

Blue Lock Chapter 213 should now increase the stakes of the match, given the incidents in this match. Immediately from the previous chapter, we see Isagi in control of the pass meant for Barou.

He cuts off Uber’s attack easily and goes for a counter. Kurona also understands this and starts following Isagi to counter effectively and score a goal.

Yukimuya analyzes his plays and understands this is the best time to attack. When Lorenzo is on the offense and the defense of Ubers is down, this is the best time to launch a counter.

He also knows Isagi and Kurona’s planetary hotline can easily get past the remaining defenders. Yukimuya now comes to steal the ball from Isagi to score his own goal.

But, a DF is coming in front of them, and Isagi manages to get away quickly. Yukimuya understands that Isagi had already thought of this scenario and manipulated Yukimuya to get past that DF.

Now, Kaiser is also gradually catching up to Isagi, but his view is obstructed by Lorenzo who is marking him. Lorenzo still thinks kaiser is the most dangerous player if let go.

Niko, Aryu, and Aiku as DF are only thinking about slowing down their attack rather than stopping the ball. They take a formation, which will slow down the game’s pace in their favor.

But, Isagi had yet again read this defensive play, and charged in with a battle of speed. Kurona manages to easily pass the ball to Isagi to finish off his attack.

Lastly, Ness comes beside Isagi as he took the role of stopping Isagi if Kaiser is unable to move. Ness manages to get Isagi off balance so that Isagi will be unable to use his direct shoot weapon with his right leg.

But, Isagi has now unveiled his new weapon, Lefty shoot. He managed to surprise everyone by scoring a tremendous goal with his Left leg direct shoot.

Blue Lock Chapter 213 Spoilers-Prediction

Blue Lock Chapter 213 Spoilers-Predictions

Isagi had showcased his new weapon, with which he managed to successfully goal. Now, Lorenzo will also know to change his views and go for Isagi.

He understood that Isagi’s worth is not 50 million after his defense and his goal. This would be interesting to watch, how Isagi would now manage to get past Lorenzo.

Also, we have yet to see the true face of the Ubers attack still, as Lorenzo is not playing at full potential. He is still only playing casually, and this might give him more reason to get serious.

And, Snuffy should have also had this scenario planned in mind because he is a master strategist. Aside from this, he should also have a great level of skills, to polish talents like Don Lorenzo.

Snuffy would be fully aware of this and would have a countermeasure set in place. Starting now, it will be Ubers turn to attack and now they know that they will not be able to move so easily.

Lorenzo should probably change his priorities and change his game plan fully. This is necessary if Ubers want to defeat Isagi and his attacks.

Isagi’s meta vision is already a challenge, and now they have another problem to face off against. They should shut off Isagi completely if they want a winning chance.

Blue Lock Chapter 213 Release Date

Blue Lock Chapter 213 Release Date

Blue Lock Chapter 213 will release on March 2nd. The next chapter is titled E-4, meaning Egoist 4. There seem to be no breaks as of now, and the match will continue in full flow.

The raw scans for the chapter generally get released on Saturday. We shall be updating the full spoilers and raw scans after they are released.

Blue Lock Season 2 and Nagi move have already been announced recently, which is good news for fans. With this, we shall conclude our article on Blue Lock Chapter 213 Spoilers & Predictions, for more interesting content, check us out here.

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