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Blue Lock Chapter 216 Spoilers-Prediction & Release Date (Barou’s Answer)

Last updated on April 26th, 2023 at 05:35 pm

Blue Lock Chapter 216 should be more focused on Barou, looking at how things are now. Gagamaru is unable to predict who will go for the goal and assumes it might be Barou.

He is still focused on Barou, even when they are trading passes and Yukimuya is going to intercept Barou’s course. But, Barou passes to Niko, who quickly sends the ball to Sendou.

Birkenstock, Kurona, and Menser are on the defense, but neither of them has successfully intercepted the ball. This also results in Gagamaru’s visions being blocked as he does not understand who has the ball now.

Before he could even notice, the ball goes flying towards the goal. The scene cuts back to Italy Stratum, where Barou does not accept Snuffy’s philosophy and says that it was very weak.

Snuffy appears later when Barou is training and says that he is most suited to be a striker and asks Barou to at least act as if he cares about this work philosophy.

Barou refuses and retorts back, but Snuffy is fast on his feet as he steals the ball from Barou. He challenges Barou and further says that before everyone is a football player, they are a person.

He further says that talent was only handed down due to parents, and he should understand that before anything. Barou still repels his ideas and says that he will become the world’s most ungrateful striker.

Snuffy talks about his past with his friend. They had won the World Cup and vowed to become the King of Soccer. He says because of his previous ideology, both of them had got arrogant and even got dropped out of the playing 11.

Just then, Barou tackles Snuffy to steal the ball but fails. Snuffy further says that it only takes an instant for a man to fall. His best friend lost all hope and also killed himself.

He asks Barou whether he could still love himself even if he had no talent. Snuffy asks him to value his life and also asks him if Barou would want to become his successor and become the King of Ubers.

Blue Lock Chapter 216 Spoilers-Prediction

Blue Lock Chapter 216 Spoilers-Predictions

Barou should be easily able to score a goal now, given his shot trajectory and how no one noticed his shot. Isagi might be able to view this, but he might not be able to stop this.

Don Lorenzo might be marking both Kaiser and Isagi so that they will be unable to stop this goal. This will equal things for both teams, as we can expect more strategies and counter-strategies to come into play now.

We also might expect to see Noel Noa or Snuffy join the field soon. The side which scores a goal now would have a higher advantage in terms of finishing the game.

Judging Snuffy from what we know, he might not join the field even if Noa uses his time. He would have some backup plans to counter Noa.

Snuffy might only join when all of his other tactics have failed. Since he told them that it would be his responsibility if their tactics failed. But this would be possible only if Isagi and Kaiser break through all of their strategies.

Snuffy should have everything carefully planned out, but there still might be unknown factors like Isagi, Raichi, and Kunigami who can change the tide of the game.

So if we see Uber’s tactics failing in the future chapters, we can finally get to see Snuffy and how he improvises on the field. We understood that he has a high intellect and intuition, and this might be a high wall for BM to cross.

Blue Lock Chapter 216 Release Date

Blue Lock Chapter 216 Release Date

Blue Lock Chapter 216 should release on 23rd April. The title of the next chapter is Stealth Killer, and it might focus on how Barou managed to move undetected and unmarked across the field.

The spoilers and raw scans generally get updated each Friday. We will be updating the full spoilers in the article when they are updated, so make sure to stay tuned.

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