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Bucky (The Chicken Devil) in Chainsaw Man Part 2 | Power, Abilities & Plot

Chainsaw Man Part 2 features several new characters, including new devils as well. In today’s post, we will talk about Bucky in Chainsaw Man, including his powers, abilities, and role in the series.

There are plenty of new devils appearing in Chainsaw Man Part 2 who are blessed with formidable abilities and strong presences. Bucky is not as powerful as other devils, nor does he have a strong presence like them. However, he still grabs fans’ attention and holds a special place in their hearts.

So let’s get straight to this informative post and know everything about Bucky in Chainsaw Man.

Who is Bucky in Chainsaw Man?

Who is Bucky In Chainsaw Man Part 2

Bucky is one of the popular devils in Chainsaw Man Part 2. He gets very limited role time by appearing and being killed in the same chapter. He is mostly known by his devil name, “Chicken Devil,” and was created out of the fear of chickens in the world.

While talking about his appearance, Bucky is an ordinary chicken who wears a bow tie. The only difference between a normal chicken and a chicken devil is that he has no head. While living with Asa Mitaka’s class, he is always seen having fun and cracking funny jokes with everyone.

Due to his cheerful personality, Bucky succeeds in winning the hearts of the entire class and develops a strong bond with them.


Power of Bucky

Being a devil, Bucky had all devil-like abilities, but in a smaller portion. The only reason behind his low power is the fear of chickens among people. He also does not have any special abilities that come in handy in battle for him. Moreover, he is also physically quite weak, which is why he is easily killed by a mistake.

On the other hand, Bucky had average human intelligence that set him apart from other weak devils, such as the pig devil and fish devils. While using his intelligence, he succeeds in making human friends with ease and develops strong friendship bonds with them.

As a result, everyone in the class became emotionally attached to Bucky and felt very sad after getting news of his death.

Abilities of Bucky in Chainsaw Man:

  • Human Language: The main ability of Bucky in Chainsaw Man is his ability to speak human language. He is not just able to talk with humans but is also capable of understanding their emotions very well. As a result, Bucky forms special bonds with the entire class of Asa Mitaka through his human-level intelligence and friendly nature.
  • Fear Empowerment: Just like all devils, Bucky was created out of fear among humans. Being a chicken devil, he created the fear of chickens among humans. Similar to our real world, humans are not so frightened by chickens, which makes Bucky an average devil. As a result, his every normal devil ability is quite weak, whether it be regeneration ability or blood consumption ability.
  • Blood Consumption: Bucky is also capable of healing his injuries by consuming other people’s blood. However, his healing skills are not so strong compared to those of other devils.
  • Reincarnation: As we all know, devils are immortal; when they die on Earth, they reincarnate in hell. Similarly, when they die in hell, they will reincarnate on Earth. In Chainsaw Man Part 2, Bucky is currently dead at the hands of the class president and was reincarnated in Hell. However, he is still not reincarnated on Earth, which indicates that he is still living in hell.


Bucky's Role

Bucky makes his debut in chapter 98, “Bird and War,” of Justice Devil Arc in Chainsaw Man Part 2. He is brought by Mr. Tanaka to Asa Mitaka’s class in order to teach them a valuable lesson. At first, he announced to the entire class that Bucky just had 3 months to live, after which the class would kill and eat him.

Since that day, everyone has begun spending quality time with Bucky to learn more about him. After three months of regular interactions with Bucky, everyone in the class developed a strong bond with him.

As they reach Bucky’s last day at school, everyone wishes for some miracle so that Bucky will not die at their hands. Now that the day finally arrives, Mr. Tanaka changed his initial decision to kill Bucky because he just wanted to give a valuable lesson to his class.

The lesson is to value the preciousness of life, whether it be the life of humans or devils. Even though he survived the last day, Bucky unfortunately died at the hands of the class president. However, all the blame falls on Asa Mitaka, one of the best female characters in Chainsaw Man Part 2 which makes everyone against her.


That’s it for today’s post! We hope you found this post useful and know everything about Bucky in Chainsaw Man Part 2. His innocent look, friendly nature, and heartfelt role grab everyone’s attention.

As a result, Bucky left a special impression on fans’ hearts despite playing a limited role (just appearing in a single chapter). Stay tuned with us for more valuable anime posts and wonderful anime recommendations.

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