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Yoru in Chainsaw Man: Past, Relation With Asa, & Power Level

Yoru in Chainsaw Man manga has been trending ever since the return of Chainsaw Man Part 2 Manga. She is one of the major characters & devils of the series, introduced to us so far.

We also know that she is one of the strongest devils, out of everyone we know so far. But, there is still a lot to be known about Yoru in Chainsaw Man. Why did she specifically pick Asa? What is her past?

There are many unanswered questions about Yoru in Chainsaw Man. Exactly for that reason, we will be answering all your queries in this article. There will be spoilers ahead for Chainsaw Man Part 2 manga, so make sure that you are caught up with the manga.

Yoru in Chainsaw Man: Wiki

Yoru in Chainsaw Man: Wiki

Japanese Nameヨル
Hair ColorN/A
Eye ColorN/A
AliasesWar Fiend, War Devil
AbilitiesEnhanced Speed, strength, durability, Flesh Weapon Creation, Object Weapon Creation

Yoru is more commonly called the War Devil or War Fiend of the Four Horsemen. She is now using Asa Mitaka’s body so that she can fulfill her goal of killing Chainsaw Man.

She is also one of the main villains of the Part 2 Manga, and we can expect to see much of her, later on in the series. Initially, we saw her with a bird body, before she made a contract with Asa.

But, this still isn’t her true form, as it is only her near-death form. As for her Fiend form, she has a few changes from Asa’s appearance. Yoru has scars all over her face, and her eyes also have multiple rings. Yoru’s hair is also worn loose, compared to Asa’s typical hairstyle.

Past of Yoru in Chainsaw Man

Past of Yoru in Chainsaw Man

Yoru was one of the most feared War Devils, and a member of the Four Horsemen, which Makima is also a part of. But, she was reduced to her near-death state, after the battle of Four Horsemen and Weapon Devils against Pochita.

However, Pochita had mysteriously vanished in this battle and wasn’t found no matter how much the other Devils searched. It was most probably in this battle when she was injured by Pochita.

Pochita had eaten away at most of her body, and this is why she had to transform into a bird. After transforming into a bird, she came to Earth, who then later formed a contract with Asa.

One of her goals is to avoid her sister, Famine Devil. But, her main goal is to utilize Pochita to throw up the Nuclear Weapon Devil, and finally to resurrect this devil. We do not know her exact plans, and what she wants to do with the Devil afterwards.

Power Level of Yoru in Chainsaw Man

Power Level of Yoru in Chainsaw Man

The Four Horsemen members are said to be on par or albeit a bit weaker than the Primal Fears. Makima and the Famine Devil, Fami have also displayed similar feats, which makes us believe this.

Coming to Yoru, we also know that she is pretty strong, based on her abilities alone. Yoru can transform anything and even anyone she wants, into a weapon that she likes.

She showed this power to us numerous times, and the only time we saw it wasn’t worked, was against Denji. And also, she said that the longer and more attachment Asa has for any object, the more powerful a weapon will turn into.

Even if Asa isn’t attracted to the object or person much, Yoru will still be able to create a strong weapon. She just needs to utter the name of the object or the person’s body part, and the weapon she requires, to create any powerful weapon.

This power alone shows why she is worthy of the title of War Devil. Apart from this, we can also consider that her power is also more or less on the same level as Makima, maybe a bit tougher than her.

Abilities of Yoru in Chainsaw Man

Abilities of Yoru in Chainsaw Man

  • Enhanced speed, strength, and durability are just some of her bonus abilities, due to being a Devil.
  • If she owns any specific individual, she can use their body parts, to create any Flesh weapon.
  • She also showed that she could create weapons even from objects which belonged to her.
  • Yoru is also a skilled swordsman when Tanaka’s Spinal Cord Sword is used to kill the Class President.
  • She also has good proficiency with the Spear, during her battle with the Eternity Devil.
  • Yoru is a skilled strategist and had proved her abilities several times.

Yoru’s Relation with Asa

Yoru's Relation with Asa

Yoru is in a contract with Asa, and she was also responsible for resurrecting Asa back. They both live in a single body, and Yoru initially used to threaten Asa, so that she can get her dirty jobs done.

However, she soon learnt how important Asa is to her mission. She also chose not to destroy or control the left-over brain of Asa. Yoru has created a different image of Asa entirely.

Asa had made exceptionally strong weapons, which would be of great help, to Yoru’s missions. Now, both of them even have small chats at times, which shows how their relationship had changed.

But still, Yoru is a bit cruel to Asa, only at times she senses grave danger and needed to control her body. At times, she still tries to manipulate Asa, to do certain things. Despite Yoru showing a bit of concern for Asa, she still cares about her goals.

Q. How Did Asa Help Yoru?

How Did Asa Help Yoru?

Asa was actually of great help to Yoru, knowingly or unknowingly. Even if both of them argue a lot, Asa is still an indispensable tool for Yoru. First of all, the contract with Asa let her use Asa’s body and move freely.

Furthermore, she can also use Asa, to know the situation on Earth. On top of this, Asa also has a great affinity for creating strong weapons. This was Asa’s most useful trait, for Yoru.

Since Yoru had weakened a lot, Asa being able to make strong weapons instantly makes her the best tool for Yoru’s mission. These powerful weapons will be of much use to Yoru, later on in the series.

This was why Yoru had also left Asa’s consciousness and her remaining brain intact. Yoru could have taken control of her brain anytime, but this would destroy Asa fully, as well as the strong weapons she could create.

With this, we have concluded everything we know about Yoru in Chainsaw Man so far. We are bound to receive more information on her since she is one of the antagonists, so stay tuned for more.

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