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9 Best Female Characters in Chainsaw Man Part 2 (2023)

Chainsaw Man took the world by storm with its bleak worldbuilding, gritty violence and complex characters. The characters of the series is wonderfully written, unlikeable yet undeniably complicated.

Especially the female characters, who are often given less character development in mainstream manga, are so expertly written that they leave a lasting impression, in both Part 1 and 2. Today, we’ll discussing the best female characters in Chainsaw Man Part 2.

9 Best Female Characters in Chainsaw Man Part 2

1) Asa Mitaka

Asa Mitaka

NameAsa Mitaka
SpeciesHuman (formerly)


AbilityWeapons Creation (both object and flesh-made)

We’ll begin the best female characters in Chainsaw Man Part 2 list with its protagonist, Asa Mitaka. Asa is a teenage girl who goes to Fourth East High School where she meets Denji. Having lost her mother in childhood, she’s been living in an orphanage.

Asa’s life turns upside down when she almost dies at the hands of her class president. In her dying moments, she’s given a bargain for her life by the War Devil in exchange for her body, and is reborn as the War Fiend. She also goes on a date with Denji, wanting to start a romantic relationship with him.

2) Yoru


NameWar Devil
SpeciesDevil (formerly)


AbilityWeapons Creation (both object and flesh-made)

Another important character in Chainsaw Man Part 2 is Yoru, the War Devil. She’s the embodiment of the fear of war, and one of the Four Horsemen. Yoru is also the sister of her fellow Horsemen, the Control Devil and the Famine Devil.

Her symbiosis with Asa starts when the latter is about to die and promises to give her body to the War Devil in exchange for her life. Since then, Yoru has been inhabiting Asa’s body, and has kept half of her brain intact.

3) Nayuta


NameControl Devil

Force Manipulation

Memory and Perception Alteration

After Makima’s death in Part 1, the Control Devil is reborn as a little girl named Nayuta. Kishibe gives her to Denji who raises her as his little sister so that she doesn’t go the same way as Makima. In Chainsaw Man Part 2, Nayuta lives with her adoptive brother Denji and goes to school like a normal kid.

Nayuta is very smart and kind of spoiled, always demanding attention and treats from Denji. She also genuinely cares for him, and is even protective to the extent that she disapproves of his relationship with Asa.

4) Fami


NameFamine Devil
AbilityEnhanced healing



Another member of the Four Horsemen, Fami is the Famine Devil, born from the fear of famine and starvation. She’s also the sister of Yoru and Makima, claiming to be the former’s “big sister”. Fami ingratiates herself into the human society by posing as an ordinary student at Fourth East High School, and joins the Devil Hunter Club.

Cool, collected and shrewd, Fami is not to be trusted easily. It’s difficult to guess what she’s planning since she keeps much information that she somehow gathers, and has little to no remorse in using others for her own agenda.

5) Falling Devil

Falling Devil

NameFalling Devil

Hell Connection

Gravity Manipulation

Energy Beam

Thought Manipulation

Body Control

Object Creation

The antagonist of the Falling Devil Arc is also one of the best female characters in Chainsaw Man Part 2. The Falling Devil represents the fear of falling, both physically and emotionally i.e., into depression.

Since she is a primal fear that has been with humanity since its creation, she has absolute immortality that makes it impossible to kill her.

The Falling Devil is currently being controlled by Fami who gives her the order to lock Asa in an aquarium to make her starve. She’s almost successful in her mission until the interruption from the Chainsaw Man, and later Nayuta.

6) Yuko


SpeciesHuman (formerly)


AbilityMind Reading

Devil Transformation

Chainsaw Man excels in the character department, introducing many twisted characters, both male and female, to the readers. Yuko from Part 2 is another of them. She’s a student at Fourth East High School, and is in the Devil Hunter Club along with Asa and Hirofumi Yoshida.

She initially acts as a kind friend towards Asa, but it’s later revealed that she’s made a contract with the Justice Devil, and is killing people who she believes to be evil.

Yuko, under her friendly and righteous personality, is a deranged girl with a twisted sense of justice. She lacks remorse and believes every action of hers is justified as long as she has her heart in the “right place”.

7) Class President

Class President

SpeciesHuman (formerly)


AbilityDevil Transformation

The person who is indirectly responsible for the contract between Asa and Yoru is the Class President of Asa’s class in the Fourth East High School. She initially appears as a supporting individual who wants to make Asa feel included, but her real self is revealed later when she tries to kill Asa.

In reality, the Class President is a narcissist and prone to jealousy. She is having an illicit relationship with their teacher, Mr. Tanaka, and makes a contract with the Justice Devil out of jealousy when she believes Asa is also sleeping with the teacher.

8) Asa Mitaka’s Caretaker

Asa Mitaka’s Caretaker


The sad reality of Asa’s life is that almost every person she comes in contact with turns out to be horrible human beings. A shocking addition to that is her caretaker at the orphanage she came to live at after the death of her mother.

The caretaker seemingly was very kind and nurturing, and tried to bond with Asa through their similar experience of losing a parent to the Typhoon Devil.

However, under her caring mask was a sociopath who hated Asa for whatever little happiness she gained from her cat Crambon, and didn’t hesitate twice before drowning an innocent animal. She later revealed her true face to Asa, crushing the little girl even more than she was.

9) Asa Mitaka’s Mother

Asa Mitaka’s Mother


The only person who had truly loved Asa was her mother. She cherished her daughter and comforted her when the girl was feeling down. When the Typhoon Devil attacked and destroyed their home, Asa was about to fall down while trying to save a cat. However, her mother pushed her out of the way to save her and sacrifice herself instead.

Her mother’s death affected Asa greatly, and she treasures her uniform as a keepsake from her mother.

Chainsaw Man Part 2 is still going on, and that means more characters, both male and female, are going to introduced further in the story. But as of yet, these 9 women, all of whom are memorable in their own rights, are the best female characters in Chainsaw Man Part 2.

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