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Chainsaw Man Part 2: Wiki, Characters, & Story Review

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Chainsaw Man Part 1 was a huge success, creating waves in the anime community when its adaptation was announced. Part 1 of the manga was one of the best-selling manga series of the year.

Denji is the series’ main character and one of the most fan-favorite anime and manga characters. The anime community loves him due to his funny behavior and dreams, with which every boy can connect.

Even before the series’ anime adaptation was announced, it was already competing with every prominent manga and was consistently topping the charts due to its unique storyline.

Tatsuki Fujimoto writes Chainsaw Man, which is ongoing, has 120+ chapters and is very popular among the masses—the series, Part 1, ended in Chapter 97.

Denji only has one dream in his life, and that is to get a girlfriend and have lots of s*x. Ever since becoming a devil hunter, he has been on the losing side, but now he wishes to live an everyday and peaceful life.

Chainsaw Man Part 2 Wiki

Name:Chainsaw Man
Writer:Tatsuki Fujimoto
First Serialization:2020
Genre:Action, Drama, Adventure


Part 2 of the popular manga series begins with Kishibe meeting with Denji to discover what happened to Makima; Denji reveals that he killed and ate her up.

While discussing what to do next, Denji noticed a little girl trying to chop off his finger. However, her smell reminded her of Makima. Surprised by it, he asks for an explanation of why she smells like her.

Kishibe explains to him that the girl is possessed by the abomination devil, the same one who was in contact with Makima, and he stole her from China, who was going to execute her.

He asks Denji to take her off until all the issues die and he can decide what to do with Nayuta. At first, Denji is reluctant, but after seeing her play with dogs, he agrees.


Nayuta begins living with Denji and all the dogs that Makima owns, and Denji begins his life as an average high school student. At first, he thought that she was a pain in the ass.

However, after spending some time with her, he developed a sibling bond with her, and they both became comfortable in each other’s company. On the other hand, Denji sought ways to reveal his identity to get girls.

Yoshida, a former member of the Devil Hunter, also joined the same school to keep an eye on Denji so that he does not reveal his identity and make life hell for him again.

Upon meeting Denji, he lets him know that if he continues like this, he will be forced to resort to violence to keep his identity hidden, which is the best scenario for everyone.


One silver lining was that he was introducing Denji to a girl who was desperately looking for a boyfriend. However, that was not the actual case. The girl was none other than Mitaka, who was a loner in the class.

She always kept herself company, stayed quiet most of the time, and did not have a single friend. One day, she decided to get out of her shell and make friends with everyone.

In their class, they had a chicken named Bucky, who was everyone’s favorite, and she decided to play with him but ended up tripping and falling over the chicken, which flattened him and killed it.

The professor apologized to everyone on her behalf, and everyone moved on except one girl from her class; she was the class president. Still, she had a physical relationship with the professor, but the professor was in love with Mitaka.

The class president contacted the justice devil and killed Nayuta, but luckily, the war devil was looking for a host, entered her body, took 50% control of it, and began her master plan of killing Chainsaw Man.


Chainsaw Man Part 2 Characters

1) Nayuta


Nayuta is the new host of the abdominal devils; although a strong devil possesses her, she continues to be like her old self, who is funny, fond of dogs, likes to eat a lot of food, and does not want to share her loved ones with anyone. At first, she hated Denji but later became very fond of him and started treating him like a big brother.

2) Denji


Denji is the main character of the series and one of the most addictive anime characters. Everyone loves him due to his personality and sense of humor.

He suffered a lot when he was a devil hunter. The person he loved ended up being a psychopath and even killed Power and Aki, taking away the only family he ever had who truly loved him.

3) Kobeni


Kobeni is one of the few people who survived the slaughter done by Makima. Kishibe and Denji saved her from getting killed in the crossfire; due to her personality, she always used to be very scared and throw up a lot when faced with a strong enemy.

But during the fight between Makima and Denji, she was about to get killed when Denji protected her, which made her change her thinking somewhat.

4) Kishibe 

Kishibe Kishibe is the strongest devil hunter and is widely known and respected by everyone, including some high-ranking devils.

This is due to his fantastic ability to adapt to the surroundings, keep an eye on danger, and get there before it even arrives. He was the first to know Makima was lying and informed Denji about her accurate plans.

5) Mitaka


Mitaka is one of the main characters of Part 2 and is possessed by the war devil. The war devil is currently on the hunt for chainsaw man; due to Denji’s existence, wars are not taking place, and the war devil cannot get stronger without the fear of war.

Mitaka is a loner and usually the quietest person in the class. A devil killed her parents, but that did not affect her much.

6) War Devil

War Devil

The war devil is the main antagonist in Part 2 and wishes to start a vast world war between all humans and devils to establish his power and rule over every living being.

However, due to the existence of Chainsaw Man, her plans are constantly delayed as Denji keeps on getting stronger and more loved by people, and the fear of devils is getting lesser and lesser.

7) Yoshida


Yoshida is a former member of the anti-devil squad and played a crucial role in the fight against Santa Claus when they were entangled in hell.

Due to his sharp instincts, he survived the battle between Makima and Denji and joined an organization yet to be revealed. However, now he focuses on keeping an eye on Denji so that he does not make any stupid moves.

Chainsaw Man Part 2 Plot Review:

Chainsaw Man part 2 picks up the story after Denji killed Makima, as we know that Aki and Power both died in part 1, with Aki dying one of the saddest deaths in the entire series. Part 2 focuses on Denji trying to live peacefully and alone.

The plot revolves around Asa, also known as Mitaka, whose body has been taken over by the war devil whose primary purpose is to start World War Three, see the end of humans and devils, and rule on top of them.

On the other hand, Denji is trying to leak his identity to get a girlfriend who constantly makes out to him and loves him. Despite Denji almost being killed numerous times, his desire to have sex is still good and roaring.

Chainsaw Man Part 2 Worth Reading?

Chainsaw Man part 1 outsold many long-running and famous series, even without manga adaptations. Many fans have termed the series the closest to the big 3 in terms of story and characters.

The fights in the series are excellent; the characters are also fascinating. The plot grows on your over time. One of the unique parts of the story is the plot twist; they arrive at every unexpected movement.

One of the best things is that the characters introduced to us always die very quickly, but they leave a profound mark on you as a reader.


The series is built with very perception, which can be seen in the story as the characters are very well made, and the development allotted to them is unique and not repetitive. There are no forced events in the series, and the fights of the main character are impressive. The side characters are given their fair share of time to shine.

New characters are introduced regularly, and each one plays an essential role in the story and plays a vital role in the development of Jin. It is one of the most underrated series ongoing right now.

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