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Fix: Crunchyroll oops something went wrong

Crunchyroll is an on-demand subscription service that is based on American Anime Video streaming. More than 30,000 anime episodes are being served by it. Over the years, Crunchyroll has been an astonishing distributor of amazing anime content streaming to its users.

Crunchyroll has gained popularity so fast due to its famous content and easy subscriptions. Even after serving the best quality services, the users sometimes face issues with the working of the service on the devices. Usually, Crunchyroll oops something went wrong, appears on PC and mobile.

Why I am getting Crunchyroll Oops something went wrong error on PC and mobile?

Whenever there is an issue along Crunchyroll, there is some usual and possible reason behind the occurrence. Thus, the streaming service might appear as an error message for a massive group of users. The reason for Crunchyroll errors can be:

  • A poor internet connection led to the server is down, and hence it is affecting the Crunchyroll account directly.
  • If someone is using a web browser for accessing Crunchyroll, then browsing data can be the reason.
  • There can be an issue with antivirus software due to which the website is getting blocked.
  • In the “play” queue, there can be too much content.

How to fix Crunchyroll oops something went wrong?

Crunchyroll error
Crunchyroll error

1) Clear cache and data

The cache files are being stored as readily and locally on the PC and mobile. This is done for the easier accessibility of the standard folders and files. However, such files comprise broken or corrupt codes that serve the users along with malfunctioned outcomes. Thus, the servers failed to be get connected.

One of the easiest and finest ways is to get the issue solved by deleting the temporary data and then restarting Crunchyroll.

  • Firstly, there is a need from the top to slide the notification and then hit on the cog icon.
  • Go for the apps and then the option of the application list. After that, hit “view all installed applications.”
  • As a next step, scroll through the list, look for the Crunchyroll app then hit it.
  • Hit on the storage option, then select the clear data and cache option.
  • Open the application and log in to the Crunchyroll account.

2) Disable the antivirus software

Crunchyroll might show such an error due to the antivirus presence. It is the one who may be blocking the website due to which users are going to get oops something went wrong.

On the flip side, there can be chances to still face such errors even after disabling the antivirus. It is better to opt to disable the antivirus program completely. Also, the users can switch to incognito mode without disabling extensions or antivirus programs.

To get access over the browser in the mode of incognito, just press CTRL+Shift+N through the keyboard. This is the best way for entering the incognito mode quickly and then anonymously browsing the website.

3) Internet connection

For running any application, there is a requirement for a stable internet connection. For streaming all-time favorite anime on Crunchyroll, there is a need to have a minimum 3Mbps internet speed.

  • One can improve the conditions by getting access to an Ethernet connection for the PC or mobile:
  • The router should be placed near the device. Usually, within 10 feet is preferred.
  • All the interruption sources connected to the internet are needed to be disconnected.
  • At last, try to use the Wifi repeater.

In the internet router, any error is a must to be get checked. Help can be taken from a simple power cycle of the router.

  • For doing so, turn off the router.
  • Further, unplug it or simply take the plug out of the router.
  • Now, at least for 30 seconds, just hold the power button.
  • Last, plug back the router, then turn it on.

4) Relog from Crunchyroll

Crunchyroll logo
Crunchyroll logo

Most of the users who experience such error issues suggest that re-logging from the service fixes this issue. Such a solution will apply to the user regardless of whether this problem is faced on the Crunchyroll website or application. For re-logging Crunchyroll, follow the below steps:

  • On the Crunchyroll source, hit the settings icon.
  • Select “Log out” and wait for a redirect to Crunchyroll’s login screen.
  • Re-input credentials into the password and username.
  • Hit the button, namely, login, and wait for signing back into the service.

5) Disable Browser Extension

Extensions can be the most significant cause, due to which Crunchyroll is prevented from opening in the browser. Suppose someone is accessing a third-party browser extension such as VPN, UBlock, Data Scrapper, Adblocker, etc.

In such cases, it is recommended the users for disabling the extensions temporarily. Then notice if the error issue is getting solved or not.

  • Hit on the menu button, then on tools.
  • After that click extensions, in this, an entire list of the installed extensions will appear.
  • Now, there is a need to use the toggle button for disabling them or just remove the button for deleting them permanently.

6) Clear Crunchyroll watch queue

An error might occur because of an overfilled watch queue and generates a bunch of caches. With the more generating of cache on Crunchyroll, there are chances of the service kicking the user out and crashing.

Clear from the app:

  • On the device, launch the Crunchyroll app and head over to “My Account.”
  • Hit “My Lists,” present on the bottom, then select the shows to get removed.
  • Lastly, hit “Remove from Watchlist.”

Clear from the browser:

  • Head over to Crunchyroll.com and log into the Crunchyroll account.
  • At the top-right corner, hit the menu icon.
  • Select “Queue” and head over to “My Queue.”
  • Finally, select all the shows and then delete them.


Crunchyroll has become the parcel and part of most anime fans. Encountering Crunchyroll, oops something went wrong, can give some stress. A such message should not discourage one from watching anime. However, an occasional message is acceptable as there are quality anime available on Crunchyroll.

There is no need to worry as with the above fixes it is quite simple to cope with it. In case, the above-mentioned methods failed to serve the desired outcomes then it is better to wait for some time. Because there can be any technical error chiefly generated from the headquarters.

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