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Does Fubuki Like Saitama? Crush on Saitama in One Punch Man

Though Saitama is the strongest man in the universe, he’s a decidedly single guy. But that doesn’t mean he doesn’t have his fair share of female attention. Fubuki, the younger of the Psychic Sisters, has shown a distinct interest in the bald-headed guy ever since she saw him defeat Sonic. And since then, her interest has only grown stronger. Now the question is: does Fubuki like Saitama?

In this article, we’re going to discuss exactly that. We’ll look into the interaction between the two famous characters of One Punch Man and see if Fubuki’s interest in Saitama is strictly platonic or if there is a romantic undercurrent to it. There’s also the question of if Saitama feels the same way about her. So, without further delay, let’s see what’s cooking between Fubuki and Saitama.

Does Fubuki Like Saitama?

Fubuki & Saitama
Fubuki & Saitama

There’s no clear evidence of any romance between Fubuki and Saitama, but the latest chapters of One Punch Man have several hints that Fubuki likes him. Fubuki clearly has taken an interest in Saitama, and while Saitama acts indifferent, he also cares for her, evident when he stops Tatsumaki from hurting Fubuki’s supporters. 

From this, it can be possible that the care and friendship between Saitama and Fubuki blossom into something more. It should also be noted that while the manga drawn by Yusuke Murata doesn’t show any romance angle between the two, the original creator, ONE, has given several hints of Fubuki liking Saitama.

Whatever may be the case, Fubuki is undoubtedly the most plausible romantic interest for Saitama.

Fubuki and Saitama Relationship

Saitama saves Fubuki
Saitama saves Fubuki

As everyone knows, Saitama is the protagonist of One Punch Man and the strongest being in the universe, even though he doesn’t look the part. And Fubuki is the younger sister of Tatsumaki and is also a psychic like her sister. She is the B-Class Rank 1 hero known as the Blizzard of Hell.

Both Saitama and Fubuki are very popular in the fandom, and fans have started to ship them as Saibuki. This shipping started when Fubuki began to show curiosity and interest toward the bald hero. There have been some instances in the manga and recently in the Psychic Sisters Arc where her behavior indicates that Fubuki likes Saitama.

For example, In Chapter 175, Fubuki tries to recruit Saitama into her group even though the man is clearly uninterested. She’s also worried about him when he falls into the Monster Level at the Tsukuyomi facility and then when he stands up to an enraged Tatsumaki.

In Chapter 178, Fubuki is also prominently disappointed when Saitama says that they’re only acquaintances of Tatsumaki. All of these, coupled with her expressions, strongly hints that Fubuki has feelings for him, even though it doesn’t appear mutual yet.

Tatsumaki and Saitama Ship

Tatsumaki and Saitama Ship
Tatsumaki and Saitama Ship

Though Tatsumaki and Saitama are completely uninterested in each other, romantic or otherwise, they are two of the strongest and most popular characters of One Punch Man and thus have sparked a discussion about their potential romance. Their ship is called SaiTatsu in the fandom, though it is less popular than the Saibuki ship.

Crush on Saitama in One Punch Man

Though Saitama has never expressed any romantic interest in any of the female characters in the story yet, there have been a few women who may end up being a potential romantic interest for the strongest man.

Other than the Blizzard of Hell, some of these female characters who might have a crush on Saitama or fall in love with him in One Punch Man are:

  • Tatsumaki
  • Psykos, because he accidentally saved her from Tatsumaki

With this, we’ll conclude our discussion of whether Fubuki likes Saitama. Let’s wait and see what happens in the story between these two. Fans can read the latest chapters of One Punch Man on VIZ Media and MANGA Plus. Until then, browse our website for more fun anime content.

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