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Top 15 Hottest Male Characters in One Punch Man (2023 Ranked)

Last updated on January 27th, 2023 at 21:30 pm

The ongoing superhero franchise One Punch Man is illustrated by Yusuke Murata and currently has 23 volumes in the collection. Previously it was a webcomic series created by the artist ONE. One Punch Man series, with its mind-blowing action, storyline, unique characters, and even comedy in dire situations, attracts fans of every age.

But that’s not all to the series; characters, be it female or male with attractive features, have also won many fans’ hearts. But in this article, we will feature 15 male characters with good looks, be it a hero or antagonist. The ranking has been done according to my assumptions and research. So, without further delay, meet the Top 15 Hottest Male Characters in One Punch Man!

Top 15 Hottest Male Characters in One Punch Man

15) Hellfire Flame

Hellfire Flame

Japanese Name業火のフレイム
Abilities / WeaponsSuperhuman Speed and Agility

Fire Manipulation


Hair ColorBrown
Eye ColorBlack

How can a guy who carries “fire” and “flame” in this name not be hot? And Hellfire Flame certainly is hot. He is a ninja belonging to the Ninja Village who joins the Monster Association along with his old friend, Gale Wind.

Hellfire Flame is a lean and muscular guy with a catchy hairstyle. His brown hair is spiky and falls over his forehead in several strands. He has a red vertical marking on his face, over his left eye. 

14) Max


Japanese Nameマックス
Abilities / WeaponsHyper Karate
Hair ColorBlond
Eye ColorBlue

Max aka Lightning Max is an A-Class hero at the Hero Association. His rank is no. 19. He is a skilled martial artist who practices a special martial art called Hyper Karate.

A fairly tall and fit guy, Max is pretty good to look at too. He has slicked back blond hair and bright blue eyes. Max has a distinct yellow lightning tattoo on his left cheek. He’s very muscular which becomes more prominent in his tank top.

13) Satoru (Mumen Rider)

Mumen Rider

Japanese Nameサトル
Abilities / WeaponsIndomitable Will
Hair ColorBrown
Eye ColorNA

Mumen Rider may not be physically strong but his courage and sense of justice is very admirable. He’s a C-Class hero, Rank 1 and tries to protect the citizens of Z City. His real name is Satoru.

Mumen Rider is mostly seen in his hero costume which consists of a black bodysuit under light brown armors and a green bike helmet along with goggles. As a citizen, he wears normal clothes and opaque glasses. Without the helmet, his hair is brown with a greenish tinge and chopped short.

12) Bang


Japanese Nameバング
Abilities / WeaponsSuperhuman Physical Prowess

Master Martial Artist

Hair ColorWhite (old)

Black (young)

Eye ColorLight blue

Bang is one of the greatest martial arts teachers in the world. He’s also a S-Class hero, popular as the Silver Fang. He’s invented a special martial arts technique called the Water Stream Rock Smashing Fist. In his youth, his nickname was the Wind of Blood.

Bang still maintains an extremely impressive form even in his old age, with cutting abs and lots of energy. But in his youth, he was a sight for sore eyes. His muscles were even more bulged and his face more chiseled. That’s why Bangs sits at the 12th spot on our list.

11) King


Japanese Nameキング
Abilities / WeaponsExtreme Luck

Master Gamer

Intimidating Aura

Hair ColorBlond
Eye ColorBlue

People revere King as The Strongest Man on Earth and The Heroes’ Hero but nothing could be further from the truth. He just somehow gets all the credit from Saitama’s powers and heroic actions. Because of this discredit, King is a S-Class Rank 7 hero at the Hero Association.

King might not be actually the strongest man on Earth but he sure looks the part. He has a serious face, marred by three claw-shaped scars over his left eye. Pairing those with his piercing blue eyes, King is one of the hottest male characters in One Punch Man.

10) Speed-o’-Sound Sonic


Japanese Name音速のソニック
Abilities / WeaponsSuperhuman Speed and Agility

Afterimage Creation

Electricity Manipulation

Hair ColorBlack
Eye ColorGray

Speed-o’-Sound Sonic is an occasional Anti-Hero in the series and more commonly is known as Sonic. He debuted in Chapter 12 and appeared as a bodyguard hired by Zeniru.

His long black hair tied up in a topknot, purple marks under his eyes, and tight black bodysuit highlighting his lean yet muscular physique increases his appeal.

Besides that, his delicate features balancing between feminine and masculine often draw our attention and are popular among female readers. Therefore, he earns his place in the 10th position.

9) Kamikaze


Japanese Nameカミカゼ
Abilities / WeaponsMaster swordsmanship
Hair ColorBlack
Eye ColorDark

Kamikaze is a swordsman and one of the most powerful heroes. He is better known as Atomic Samurai and is the S-Class Rank 4 professional hero of the Hero Association. 

Another one of the characters who are well known for their looks besides powers and abilities. He has a masculine aura with dark eyes and a defined jawline. Moreover, his small goatee, along with a ponytail which further increases his appeal, has placed him in the 9th rank.

8) Zombieman


Japanese Nameゾンビマン
Abilities / WeaponsRegeneration
Hair ColorBlack
Eye ColorRed

Zombieman is the S-Class Rank 8 professional hero of the Hero Association. He was first introduced in Chapter 29 and is one of the experiments done by the House of Evolution. His real name is not yet revealed. Despite being one of the eccentric characters in the series, he is actually quite favored and popular.

Besides being thoughtful and respectful than other S-Class Heroes, his attractive features with scruffy short black hair, red eyes, and pale skin, along with rough nature, also make him popular among female audiences. Hence, he is ranked above Kamikaze and in the 8th position.

7) Blast


Japanese Nameブラスト
Abilities / WeaponsSuperhuman Physical Prowess

Portal Creation

Gravity Manipulation

Hair ColorGray
Eye ColorWavy black irises

Blast, the mysterious and the Number 1 Hero is one of the hottest characters of the series also. He is a tall and muscular man who is admired by everyone. It is likely said when the God Level Threat appears; Blast will come to save.

In the series, we have only seen a glimpse of his figure till now. However, the recent chapter unveiled what he looks like. He has a light beard and good-looking hair. There is no doubt he has secured the 7th position on the list.

6) Suiryu


Japanese Nameスイリュー
Abilities / WeaponsVoid Fist
Hair ColorBlack
Eye ColorBlue

Suiryu, a martial artist and one of the hottest male characters in the series. He is a tall, muscular young man with a dark complexion. He challenged Saitama during the Martial Art match, where he showed his skills, power, and body. However, he ended up being his disciples. Also, his tall, dark hair adds further enhancement to his elegance.

5) Genos


Japanese Nameジェノス
Abilities / WeaponsFull Cyborg Weaponry


Fire Manipulation

Electricity Manipulation

Energy Projection

Self Destruction

Highly Skilled and Strategic Combatant

Hair ColorBlond
Eye ColorYellow irises with black sclera

Under the Hero Association, Genos is given the name Demon Cyborg, currently S-Class Rank 14, and is the deuteragonist of One-Punch Man. He fights for justice and is also a self-proclaimed disciple of Saitama.

His eyes with black sclera, spiky blond hair, pierced ears, and cyborg body makes him impressive, and fans consider him as handsome and hot. Genos is ranked 6 in popularity by the public and is in the Top 5 most handsome heroes. So, without a doubt, he deserves the 5th rank.

4) Flashy Flash

Flashy Flash

Japanese Name閃せん光こうのフラッシュ
Abilities / WeaponsSuperhuman Speed and Agility

Master Swordsman

Ninjutsu Master

Afterimage Creation

Skilled Hand-to-Hand Combatant

Air Manipulation

Hair ColorIce blond
Eye ColorBlue

Flashy Flash is a former member of the Ninja Village’s 44th Graduation Class, nicknamed “The End,” and is the S-Class Rank 13 professional hero of the Hero Association.

He is normally prideful and rude but is often overlooked due to his striking features. He is beautiful yet handsome, and his androgynous appearance with a muscular body has left quite an impression among the fans and easily earned a place among their hearts. So, we have placed in the 4th position.

3) Handsomely Masked Sweet Mask

Sweet Mask

Japanese Nameイケメン仮か面めんアマイマスク
Abilities / WeaponsSuperhuman Physical Prowess



Hair ColorLight blue
Eye ColorYellow

Sweet Mask or Amai Mask is a famous singer and model in the series. Apart from his idol career, he is the A-Class Rank 1 professional hero of the Hero Association.

On the one hand, he shows no mercy and wipes out anything he perceives as evil, and on another hand, he easily charms the readers with not only his looks but also charisma and inner qualities.

Moreover, his popularity was not dampened even after it was revealed that he is not quite a human but more of a monster. So, without a doubt, he places in the 3rd rank.

2) Garou


Japanese Nameガロウ
Abilities / WeaponsSuperhuman Physical Prowess

Supernatural Senses

Afterimage Creation

Accelerated Development

Indomitable Will

Technique Mimicry



Hair ColorSilver
Eye ColorYellow

Garou is a self-proclaimed Hero Hunter and a major antagonist in the series, and a former disciple of Bang. He is also viewed as a grave threat to the Hero Association.

Even though he is a major antagonist, he is actually popular among the fans as he has ranked 14th in the character popularity poll. His sharp features and muscular body, along with his martial art skills and sense of morality, draws everyone’s attention. Hence, we have positioned him in 2nd rank.

1) Saitama


Japanese Nameサイタマ
Abilities / WeaponsUnparalleled Physical Prowess

Supernatural Reflexes and Senses


Indomitable Will

Accelerated Development

Afterimage Creation

Shockwave Generation

Non-Physical Interaction

Technique Mimicry

Time Travel

Hair ColorBlack (former)
Eye ColorBrown

Saitama is the protagonist of the One Punch Man series and is currently ranked 7 in the B-Class and is the strongest character in the series.

Even though he has ordinary looks during combat, his features get sharp with a dangerous glint in the eyes. Also, his lean body, along with his bald head, attracts lots of attention, and even lots of fans consider him hot and good-looking. So, we have placed in the 1st position.

The One Punch series can be read on VIZ Media or any paid platform. The series currently has two seasons, and the manga has 133+ chapters. The story follows Saitama, who seeks to fight a worthy opponent after growing bored from lack of challenge.

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