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Dragon Ball Super Chapter 91 Spoilers-Prediction & Release Date (Hedo Is Captured)

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 91 now has even more hype surrounding it since Chapter 90 was released. Officer Kuririn is searching for Hedo’s Zombies.

He finds the Zombies and even finds Mai never a store. Kuririn catches the zombies, even when they try to slip away. The situation pans to Goten’s life, as we see him flying from his house in Mt. Paozu to the city to catch the bus.

He wants to keep the location of his house a secret, and so resorts to these kinds of things. We see Goten conversing normally with his friends and classmates as Beta 7 arrives and calls for Gohan.

Saiyaman X-2 then suddenly shows up to defeat Beta 7. His classmates get some sort of suspicion that Saiyaman X-2 arrives every time only after Goten disappears.

He easily defeats and trashes the opponent. Then we see the students getting ready for the party, and we see Mai inviting Trunks to it.

Dr. Hedo is spying on the students and wants to go to the party to meet Clean God. Mai understands enough about Dr. Hedo and knows that he will turn up to the party so Mai can nab him.

Mai is all geared up for the fight and is 100% sure about this. She successfully lays a plan to catch him and spots him while trapping him with some members of the Police force.

But Hedo has tricks up his sleeves and flawlessly escapes from the scene, stealing some things. Mai knows that Trunks is Saiyaman X-1 and wants him to chase Hedo.

She gives him extra motivation as she tells him that they can go on many dates if he catches Hedo. Officer Kuririn, Trunks, and Goten chase Hedo and give us more information about him.

Hedo releases the Dino-Droid 1 and thinks it can be powerful enough to crush all of them. The fight between Trunks, Goten, and the Android ensues, and it looks like a tough fight for both of them.

They successfully beat it using their combo move, and Dr. Hedo is arrested. He is thrown into prison after all his deeds, but Dr. Hedo still shows no signs of giving up.

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 91 Spoilers-Prediction

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 91 Predictions & Raw Scans

This chapter seems to close off Dr. Hedo and his evil deeds. But we still know that he has got something up his sleeve and still is in pursuit of creating the ultimate Android.

After this, we can safely assume that Mai and Trunks can be seen around going on dates. That was the main motive for Trunks, and it turned out to be a huge success for him.

Dr. Hedo is also Gero’s Grandson and the creator of Cell. This is a very troubling fact, as we do not know what kind of information is present on the disc.

But, Hedo says that he has already memorized the contents of the disc and says that he has no interest in Gero’s research. From the last panel, we can also see that he is already making plans to escape his short sentence.

His sentence was already reduced, but he does not even want to spend this time wasting in jail. We can expect to see him breaking out of jail using his wits and gadgets.

This will make the next chapter an interesting read, and we can get to see unique Androids. Creating the ultimate Android has been done all along, and this will probably be the next major villain.

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 91 Release Date

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 91 Release Date

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 91 is scheduled to release on March 19th. Since this is a weekly manga, we have to wait for a bit more time to get the next chapter.

The raw scans for the manga should generally release a week before the release of the chapter. We will also be updating the raw scans in the article once they get released.

With this, we shall conclude our article on Dragon Ball Super Chapter 91 Spoilers & Raw Scans. We always come up with new and interesting topics about your favorite manga, so make sure to check us out here.

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