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Whis vs Saitama Can Saitama (OPM) Defeat Whis from Dragon Ball?

Dragon Ball Super and One Punch Man are both known for their ridiculously strong characters and huge fights. Both these series have started fighting on a universal grade. Saitama, as the one-punch man, defies physics, and Whis sits comfortably at the top of the power ranking as the mysterious angel. But if a Whis vs. Saitama fight was to happen, who would win?

Answering this question is going to be difficult because both of them hold almost infinite power. Saitama, on the one hand, can destroy planets with just a sneeze. Whis can do the same in a blink of an eye. He teaches the god of destruction, who can destroy galaxies if he wants. But Saitama has unlimited potential as an individual without a limiter.

In this fight of divine proportions, Saitama would only win by a small margin.

Who is Whis?

Whis vs Saitama Can Saitama (OPM) Defeat Whis from Dragon Ball- Whis
Whis Dragon Ball Super

Whis is a supporting character from the dragon ball super franchise who serves as the attendant to Beerus. As an angel, he serves as a guide and a teacher to the god of destruction. He holds a high status in the multiverse as the child of the Grand Minister.

Due to his role as the Guide Angel of the God of Destruction, he is also responsible for keeping Beerus in check. He is usually calm but becomes eccentric when it comes to food. The only time he loses his composure is when Beerus goes too far or when Zeno wants to meet Goku.

His true power has never been shown in the series, but he has been shown to easily subdue Beerus with a single hit or stop Goku and Vegeta’s punches  with his fingertips. So a Whis vs. Saitama fight would be one to witness.


  • Flight: Whis can Manipulate Ki to fly.
  • Ultra Instinct: Whis can react to attacks faster than his opponents’ synapses send signals to the brain.
  • Immortality: He can’t be killed but only eradicated if he breaks the laws of angels.
  • Image Projection: He can use his staff to relay images or communicate.
  • Warp: He can warp between dimensions.
  • Divination: Allows him to observe far-away events.
  • High-Speed Travel: Whis can travel throughout the universe at speed faster than light.
  • Temporal Do-Over: This ability allows Whis to travel three minutes back in time.
  • Resurrection: Whis can revive any entity.

Who is Saitama?

Whis vs Saitama Can Saitama (OPM) Defeat Whis from Dragon Ball- Saitama
Saitama One Punch Man

Saitama serves as the primary protagonist for One Punch Man. He stands at the top of all the heroes as the strongest character in the series. His strength is only noted by a few, like Genos, King, and Silver Fang.

Plagued by unlimited strength, Saitama finishes his enemies in a single punch. This has led him to detest fights as he wins too easily. Dr. Kuseno  attributed Saitama’s strength to him removing his limiter.

This lack of a limiter has given him limitless potential that helps him grow infinitely. This allowed him to zoom to A Class rank 39, earning the hero name “Caped Baldy.” His unbound potential and ability to grow against stronger opponents would pose a serious challenge to Whis. This would make Whis vs Saitama an extremely close battle.

  • Technique Mimicry: He can mimic any move he sees. Allowing him to use them freely.
  • Spatial Interaction:  Saitama can grab hold of spatial portals like they’re toys.
  • Inhuman Speed and Reflexes: Saitama can move at unimaginable speed.
  • Afterimage: He can create afterimages using his speed.
  • Invulnerability: Saitama remains unfazed by any attack. He had come out unscathed when rammed into the moon.
  • Strength: Due to a lack of a limiter, Saitama has limitless strength.

Whis vs. Saitama: Who Would Win?

The fight between Whis and Saitama would be of epic proportions. Whis stands strong throughout the multiverse. At the same time, Saitama hasn’t fought an enemy beyond planet earth. The Initial phase of the fight would have Whis dominating it with Ultra Instinct allowing him t evade whatever Saitama throws at him.

Whis vs. Saitama
Whis vs. Saitama

This would cause Saitama to stop pulling his punches and finally use a serious series of attacks. Whis would be able to deflect them by barely using his fingers.

But the fight won’t just end there. We have seen how quickly Saitama grows while fighting a strong enemy. He grows a hundredfold in his fight against awakened Garou. As the fight progresses, Saitama grows with every punch he throws.

After being smashed by Whis for a while, he will slowly gains the upper hand. Like Beerus, Saitama also destroyed a planet with his sneeze. This would place him close to the god of destruction

Saitama’s ability to mimic his opponent’s moves would also come into play. This would allow him to use the same moves that Whis uses as a Martial Artist. His lack of limiter will help him gain divine strength that will slowly and steadily allow him to fight Whis on an equal footing.

But this won’t be an easy victory, as Whis will put up a formidable fight. Allowing Saitama to barely win against him.

Comparison: Whis vs Saitama

Based on Strength: 

Whis would initially win in a contest of strength, with Saitama giving him a close fight. Whis stands among the strongest in Universe 7. His attacks would carry immense power causing Saitama to struggle initially .But Saitama’s lack of limiter would help him bridge the gap that exists between them.

Based on Durability:

Saitama is almost invulnerable. He is yet to come against something that has grievously injured him. He came out unscathed after being thrown into the moon, even surviving the vacuum of space. He took an awakened Gyarou cosmic attacks head-on and still prevailed. However, Whis might injure him with his divine power that can subdue a god of destruction with a single strike.

Based on Speed:

Whis would easily win based on his speed. He can react faster than an organism’s synapses send signals to their brain. Ultra Instinct allows him to move at unimaginable speeds. This would make Saitama look even slow. Since Whis doesn’t even need to think to move, his judgements will be snappier and faster.

Based on Abilities:

Whis has more abilities than Saitama. He can use long-range attacks and he’s proficient in Martial Arts. But Saitama’s ability to copy Whis’s moves would only help him grow his arsenal. He will soon begin to use Whis’s moves against him.


Whis vs Saitama would be the battle of the century. It would lead to destruction at a universal level, with planets and galaxies being collateral damage. It surely would be a fight between infinite potential.

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