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Top 10 Sexiest Dragon Ball Z Female Characters (2023)

Dragon Ball Z is one of the best and longest-running shounen, which has been a fan favorite. The Dragon Ball Z female characters are on a different dimension, with their characters as well as personalities.

In this post, we are gonna take a look at the top 10 most beautiful and sexiest Dragon Ball Z characters. Without further ado, we will be looking at the top 10 characters list we have prepared.

Top 10 Sexiest Dragon Ball Z Female Characters

10) Fasha


One of the strongest female characters in the anime, she has a muscular build which further proves the result of her training. On top of this, she is also one of the most powerful characters who achieved Saiyan transformation.

Further, she can also be called a total beauty because of her appearance. Fasha is very skilled in battle, along with possessing a strong demeanor in battle.

9) Videl


Videl is one of the most beautiful characters in Dragon Ball Z and has a very pretty and cute appearance. She has a very great figure and is a perfect character to include in this list of sexiest Dragon Ball Z female characters.

She is a very fair and flawless beauty, which made many viewers fall head over heels for her. Also, possessing a strong personality along with her looks, she is pretty much qualified to be on this list.

8) Chi-Chi


Yet another one of the strong Dragon Ball Z female characters with beauty too. Chi-Chi managed to even win over Goku with her beauty, who later married her.

She has a very sensual body, one fitting her princess vibe and background. Chi-Chi further grew stronger over the time she fell for Goku and managed to win his heart in the end.

7) Miss Piiza

Miss Piiza

Possessing a very beautiful demeanor, Piiza is a memorable character, even if she only had a few appearances. She briefly appeared in Cell saga as a commentator and talked about the matches.

She has a curvaceous body and a very slim figure that makes her a must in the list of the sexiest Dragon Ball Z female characters. Even her later appearances flaunt her beauty and her pretty figure.

6) Ranfan


Ranfan has a unique shade of hair in the series, as well as an interesting personality. She is very sweet and acts all flirty around the male cast.

On top of this, she also has a unique hairstyle that enhances her overall look. This makes her all the more appealing to watch, considering how she is also one of the sexiest characters.

5) Bikini


blonde and flawless beauty, she is also Bulma’s mother. She maintains the same look throughout the years and looks like she does not even age.

Bikini is also one of the tallest Dragon Ball Z female characters. She has a very slender and sensual body that makes places her in the 5th position on this list.

4) Launch


Launch is one of the most memorable Dragon Ball Z female characters due to her split personality. She also changes her personality whenever she changes her personality also.

She is also a strong female character with multiple appearances throughout the series. Her appearance further serves the purpose of flaunting her beauty to the viewers and the anime characters.

3) Bulma


One of the main cast in Dragon Ball Z went on to become Vegeta’s wife. She had various appearances throughout the series, and all of them look equally hot and beautiful.

It is, without a doubt, that she is one of the sexiest Dragon Ball Z female characters. Her teal hair and outfit selection work much in her favor as she manages to flaunt her charm.

Along with possessing her beauty, she is still a strong character in the series. Bulma was also one of Goku’s first friends and supported him a lot over the years.

2) Maron


Maron was one of Krillin’s girlfriends for some time and had a very sensual and seductive body. Sometimes, it is still not clear how Krillin managed to land on someone this beautiful and sexy.

She is truly deserving of the number two spot in the sexiest Dragon Ball Z female characters of all time. One look at her is enough to understand why she is considered one of the best.

Maron does not think about revealing more of her skin in her usual attire. Her bikini outfit is one of her best outfits, showing us why she is considered one of the sexiest characters by fans as well as the cast.

1) Android 18

Android 18

Without a doubt, we can say that one of the antagonists of the series is the best choice for position 1. Android 18 is one of the strongest characters in the series, as well as a beautiful blonde woman.

On top of possessing the skills to protect her as well as defeat powerful foes, she is also the sexiest character in the series. Android 18, is also the strongest female character in the Dragon Ball Z series.

All of these character and personality traits are enough to see why she is indeed the top character in this list. Only Maron comes close to her in terms of beauty, but Android 18 wins this contest with some of her other traits.

With this, we shall conclude our article on the sexiest Dragon Ball Z female characters of all time. We will be coming back with more topics like these as well as newer ones, so check us out in your free time.

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