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5 Fighters Who Can Defeat Pickle In Baki (List)

You already know how strong Pickle is in the Baki franchise and how he defeated some of the strongest fighters in the franchise with ease. It is very hard to find fighters who can defeat Pickle and challenged his monstrous strength and endurance.

But as you know, every villain in the Baki franchise first emerges as an undefeatable warrior, but later they will also be defeated by someone. However, you will be shocked to know that the franchise has five incredibly powerful fighters who can defeat Pickle.

Moreover, two of them have already defeated Pickle in one-on-one fights. While the rest of the three did not fight him, they would definitely beat him if Pickle fought him. So let’s move forward and meet our powerful fighters who can defeat Pickle.


Five Fighters Who Can Defeat Pickle

5. Musashi Miyamoto

Musashi Miyamoto
Musashi Miyamoto

Musashi Miyamoto is the greatest samurai of all time, blessed with exceptional swordsmanship skills and hand-to-hand combat skills. In his fight against Pickle, he slashes some of his vital parts but still can’t do any major damage to him.

Moreover, you will be shocked to know that Musashi is the only one who defeats Pickle in a fair fight. However, the reason for Pickle’s defeat is not either his swordsmanship or combat skills.

Pickle just ran away from the battle ground because of imagining Musashi as a wasp, but a win is still a win.

4. Kaku Kaiou

Kaku Kaiou
Kaku Kaiou

Kaku Kaiou is the greatest Chinese martial artist and had extensive knowledge about different forms of martial arts. Even though he does not fight Pickle, he is considered one of the worthy opponents who can defeat Pickle.

After all, he goes toe to toe against Yujiro Hanma, the most fearsome fighter in the franchise, and is even about to defeat him. As a result, he does need to be scared of Pickle’s monstrous body; he already has some of the finest techniques to counter him.

3. Doppo Orochi

Doppo Orochi
Doppo Orochi

Doppo Orochi is the greatest karate champion of all time and also won the underground tournament. He not only mastered his karate skills but also has great knowledge about other forms of martial arts, even Yujiro’s technique.

The only reason for including him in the list of fighters who can defeat Pickle is his unforgettable battle with Yujiro Hanma. Moreover, his wide range of powerful fighting moves and long years of fighting experience give him an upper hand against Pickle, who lacks experience and martial arts techniques.

2. Baki Hanma

Baki Hanma
Baki Hanma

Baki Hanma is the second character who defeated Pickle in a one-on-one battle. However, his win is not the proper one that Baki gets by defeating his previous opponents. In this fight, Baki landed some of his most powerful fighting moves, such as whip strikes and the Triceratops Fist on Pickle.

On the other hand, Pickle also landed his own moves, such as Aki and Stomp on Baki. However, Pickle used a prohibited move against him and, by default, lost the battle against him.

1. Yujiro Hanma

Yujiro Hanma
Yujiro Hanma

Yujiro Hanma is the most invincible character in the franchise, whom no one has ever faced without any fear. He is such a beast, blessed with formidable raw strength and a super endurance body just like Pickle’s.

However, if he ever faced Pickle head-on, he would easily outmatch him with his fighting experience and techniques. If you want to know in detail about Yujiro Hanma vs. Pickle and are eager to know who will win this battle, then you should check out our previous post.


That’s it for the post! We hope you find this post useful and meet the incredibly powerful fighter of the Baki franchise who can defeat Pickle.

Well, there is no need to be surprised at how they can defeat Pickle, who has monstrous strength, and defeat dinosaurs with ease.

Even though Pickle has strength, he lacks fighting experience and professional guidance, which the other five fighters had.

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