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Pickle vs. Yujiro Hanma: Who Will Win In A Fight? (Updated)

Most of you have already watched some of the legendary fights in the Baki franchise, such as Baki Hanma vs. Yujiro Hanma, Baki Hanma vs. Pickle, Baki Hanma vs. Jack Hanma, and so on. Now it’s time to discover Pickle vs. Yujiro, the most anticipated fight of the franchise that every fan wishes to watch.

However, Yujiro Hanma never had a fight with Pickle throughout the franchise, which is why we don’t get the opportunity to watch their epic battle. But do you still want to know what happens if they both fight each other, and who will win this match?

Then you have come to the right place. In today’s post, we will discuss the outcomes of Pickle vs. Yujiro, according to their physical strength, endurance, techniques, and experiences. So let’s get started!

Who is Pickle?

Source: Baki Hanma manga

Pickle is the main villain of the Pickle War Saga in the Baki franchise. He is the world’s only human who lived in the Jurassic era along with dinosaurs. After surviving the dinosaurs’ extinctions through meteorites, he was found in the modern era.

Due to living in a prehistoric era, he has superhuman physical characteristics such as a tall, muscular body, formidable raw strength, an unbreakable body, sharp claws, and canines.

Aside from his natural physical strength, he was also an extremely talented fighter and defeated several powerful yet professional fighters with ease.


  • Pickle’s monstrous strength is enough to take down several professional fighters with a single punch. Anyone who is entirely dependent on their techniques and moves will never defeat Pickle until and unless he has the same or slightly less physical strength as Pickle.
  • At the time he lived in the prehistoric era, he ate dinosaurs just using his sharp claws and canines, unlike others who used knives to cut meat. As a result, he developed very sharp claws and canines that ripped apart anything that came in his way.
  • Pickle has a super-endurable body that can’t be easily pierced by anything; even Musashi’s blades do not cause him any major injuries.
  • Despite being so huge and muscular, he does not lack speed, which is a very essential aspect of fighting. Furthermore, after being transformed, he gained supersonic speed and reflexes that no one ever expected from him.
  • Pickle has enhanced senses and developed an extraordinary instinct, just like animals, due to living around dinosaurs. As a result, he is capable of dodging any surprising attack from his opponents very precisely.


  • Pickle’s major weakness is his low intelligence level in comparison to other powerful fighters in the franchise. Due to being raised in a prehistoric era, he never witnessed the development of human society and was unaware of how the world functions.
  • He lacks fighting experience because he has never fought against a species that is professionally trained for fighting.
  • Pickle also does not have the wide range of powerful moves or styles that other fighters have mastered and developed over a long period of training. ‌

Who is Yujiro Hanma?

Yujiro Hanma

Yujiro Hanma is the main villain of the franchise and the toughest opponent Baki has ever faced. He is the father of Baki Hanma, the main character of the franchise, who is infamous for his deadliest fighting style and cruel nature.

His bold appearance and huge, muscular body are enough to scare his opponents. In his entire life, he never lost a fight except his fight against Baki Hanma, which he lost on purpose.


  • Yujiro Hanma shows his incredible potential in his teen years by annihilating the entire American military with his barefist.
  • He mastered almost all of the powerful forms of martial arts, including wrestling, karate, boxing, taekwondo, and so on. Moreover, he also mastered the most deadly and ancient form of karate, known as Udonde.
  • His muscles are so strong that no swords or knives have caused him major damage. Furthermore, he easily broke any swords and knives with his bare hand, which made him the real beast.
  • Aside from his formidable strength and techniques, his mental strength is on another level. The reason he is the strongest fighter in the world is not his physical strength but his beast mindset, which make the strongest character of the franchise.


  • Yujiro Hanma mastered everything and did not leave a single spot that could be considered a weakness. However, his arrogant nature and overconfidence are considered his only weaknesses.
  • No matter how strong Yujiro Hanma is, he doesn’t have to take his opponents lightly; no one knows what will happen just like he was defeated by his son, Baki.


Pickle vs. Yujiro Hanma
Source: Baki Manga

1) Based on Strength

In terms of strength, Pickle is equal to or maybe slightly stronger than Yujiro. This is because Yujiro trained his body purposefully to become strong through intense training and fighting experience.

On the other hand, Pickle’s body automatically trained and became invincible by living along with dinosaurs in the prehistoric era. If Pickle ever faces off against Yujiro with his raw strength and no one is allowed to use any professional fighting moves, Pickle will definitely defeat Yujiro. So, Pickle won this round of strength.

2) Based on Speed and Endurance

In terms of speed and endurance, Yujiro easily outmatched Pickle, as he defeated several professional fighters, including samurai who had supersonic speed. Moreover, he also shows his exceptional endurance by defeating powerful fighters in long-running fights.

On the other hand, Pickle also has great speed and endurance levels, but not as high as compared to Yujiro. So, Yujiro Hanma won this round of speed and endurance.

3) Based on Durability

There is no doubt Pickle has a more durable body than Yujiro. His super durable body not only withstands all types of major weapons such as bullets, knives, and katanas but also gets minimal damage from them compared to Yujiro.

Due to living along with dinosaurs and continually fighting them to survive, Pickle developed a super durable body. So, Pickle won this round of durability.

4) Based on Techniques

No one had a chance against Yujiro in terms of fighting techniques or moves, whether it be Pickle, Baki Hanma, or any other fighter.

After all, Yujiro had a wide range of powerful moves and techniques that he mastered on his own, such as the ace kick, death concentration, demon face, hand pocket, whip strike, and many more.

On the other hand, Pickle just knew a few simple moves such as bite, slap, rear naked choke, and tackle. So, Yujiro won this round of techniques.

5) Based on Experience

Even though Pickle is older than Yujiro, he lacks the experience that Yujiro had. Pickle spent most of his life fighting dinosaurs, the most powerful species on Earth.

However, the dinosaurs were far stronger physically than humans, but they were not professionally trained like human warriors such as swordsmen, samurai, boxers, martial artists, and so on.

On the other hand, Yujiro is currently the most skilled human fighter in the world, having defeated countless professionally trained fighters. Since his childhood, he has gone through intensive training filled with brutal exercises that have taken his body to its maximum extent.

As a result, Yujiro is without a doubt more experienced and skilled than Pickle in terms of fighting.

Pickle vs. Yujiro Hanma: Who Will Win In A Fight?

Pickle vs. Yujiro Hanma
Pickle vs. Yujiro Hanma

By seeing the comparison of major skills between Yujiro Hanma and Pickle, it is clear that Yujiro is stronger than Pickle. Out of six major fighting factors such as strength, speed, endurance, durability, technique, and experience, Yujiro defeated Pickle in four areas.

So, if ‌Pickle ever fights Yujiro in a one-on-one battle, he will definitely outmatch him in strength and durability because of his monstrous body. However, Yujiro has the upper hand in terms of experience, speed, and endurance.

Furthermore, he also has a wide range of powerful techniques that were enough to defeat Pickle in their deadliest battle. On the other hand, Yujiro Hanma defeated countless powerful opponents in a more deadly and brutal way than Pickle did. So there is no doubt that Yujiro is the winner of the Pickle vs. Yujiro battle.


That’s it for the post! We hope you found this post useful and know who will win in a fight: Pickle vs. Yujiro. Did you think this battle has the potential to break the record of Baki Hanma vs. Yujiro Hanma? Also tell us in the comment section below, who do you support in this epic battle, Yujiro, the beast, or Pickle, the monster?

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